Update 2017

For those of you wondering if I’ve been dead the last year, the answer is no. What I’ve mostly been doing is working and taking care of some personal matters. I’ve linked some of the books I’ve done above.

A year back, I thought I might be able to squeeze in random small commissions here and there, but I’ve just been too swamped with everything going on in my life. Some of which is quite personal and I’d rather not get into it because it enrages me just thinking about it.

I’ve received all the e-mails coming into my address, but I just haven’t had the time to reply, and even if I did reply, I wouldn’t have been able to accept the commission. As things stand currently, it’s looking just as unlikely as last year that I’ll ever get back to doing commissions, so I’ll have to cut it off completely. You can still reach me at the same e-mail address, but I won’t be replying to commission requests.

For those who aren’t aware, Ganassa did finally finish the Zoey comic I had commissioned with him a few years back. You can find the whole thing on his HF account here.

Lastly, for those of you wondering about a certain kickstarter project, I’ll only say that my part in the project ended April 14th with the delivery of the final doc file for the last volume of the series. Beyond that, I have no idea where the project sits.