Another release at D-W. The Metroids are sucking my blood!

Yet another doujin has been released over at D-W and Numbus has kept his promise for once in a very blue moon. I think he had help from gremlins or something, because that’s just not supposed to happen. Anyways… This time, it’s an Eyeshield 21 doujin. It’s an okay doujin, I guess. I don’t know jack shit about Eyeshield, though. And I don’t think I need to tell you guys that doujins are 1000 times better when it has characters you recognize. Or maybe I do… I’d be more interested to know if you guys actually like this artist in general, because I could potentially translate any of his other doujins(of which there are many). So, if you want moar, you can drop a line. If you think the artist is crap, you can also drop a line. Numbus asked me to give him a few more doujins in the near future, so I could slip in a few by this artist depending on what the lynch mob decrees.

 In any case, things have been slow for me the past few days(ie: I’ve been lazy). I got a few small commissions done. You can probably expect some of them to go public in the not too distant future, so I’ll keep you posted if that ever happens. Aside from that, I’ve still got a pretty heavy stack of stuff to translate, so I’ll need to glue myself to my chair for the next week or so.

 In other news, I picked up Metroid Prime 3, chose to play at veteran difficulty and now my hands hurt like crap because I’ve had to replay some boss fights 40 times in a row. Holding that Wii-mote for hours at a time eventually hurts like hell. Some of the bosses are real whores, too. I haven’t felt like throwing a remote into my tv this much since the good old nes/snes days. The game itself is a breeze until you reach some bastard boss. Currently fighting the big golem boss. He wouldn’t be so hard if you didn’t have to waste your damn energy tanks just to kill him with phazon.

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4 new releases over at D-W

For those interested, Numbus released 4 more doujins at D-W. He only listed 3 on the website, though. He apparently forgot to mention the “Genshiken” doujin *cough cough*. He also released the Pretty Sammy ultra-loli doujin, which I finished for him in January of 2006. I think that’s one of the last few loli doujins you’ll ever see at D-W since Numbus absolutely despises that stuff. I think there’s still a .hack//dusk loli doujin that he has yet to release, though. The other 2 releases are a Pretty Cure doujin by Katsudon and a Bleach doujin.

Also, Numbus is making promises he’ll probably never keep once again, and my eyes were rolling so far into the back of my head, I thought I was having a seizure. Apparently, after he gets 200 comments, he will wait another month to release a new doujin. Huh? You mean that’s not what it says on the site? Maybe you need to read between the lines.

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Kodomo no Jikan Chapter 29 and facepalm

A new Kodomo no Jikan chapter should be available soon(presumably the start of volume 5). I’ve sent the completed translation to the commissioners and it should be available from the mangaupdates link sometime soon:

Aside from that, I’ve completed a few more commissions, but they are all exclusive. You can keep a eye on the commission list here:

You can probably expect a few more to go public in about a week.

In other news, Numbus has apparently listed one of the newer DW releases as a Genshiken doujin instead of a Busou Renkin doujin. Apparently, It’s easy to mistake “Genshiken”, a story about nerdy university Otaku, with “Busou Renkin”, a story about high-schoolers fighting demons. Go figure. I laughed, I cried, and then I wondered why the hell he doesn’t just check my damn list, which has all of the series, artist, and title info for everything I’ve translated for him: 

 I normally label everything I send him in my usual “Artist – Title” fasion, but he’s always renamed them to a “Series – Title” fasion instead. Oh, and by the way, there’s a few more doujins on the bots than what’s listed on the site in case you want to check it out.

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Start of SaHa’s Weblog and Final Chapter of “Take on Me”

After some consideration, I’ve decided to start a weblog to let people get in touch with SaHa, or more specifically Sayo(me). This is primarily a way for people who want to keep up to date on what I’m working on, what I’ve recently completed, provide feedback on stuff that’s already been done, commission something for translation, etc…

I’ll be adding a link to this site with all future translations that I work on so that people will know where to find me seeing as this seems to be a long-standing complaint about the group in general. Besides, it should provide a convenient way for people to remain up to date on whatever SaHa’s doing. The very first release to contain such a link is the final chapter of “Take on Me” by Takemura Sesshu. If you’ve arrived here, you probably already know about that.

 I’ve also registered a domain, so I’ll probably be moving this site over there in the future as soon as I find the time to actually get something done(which probably won’t be for a while). Hopefully it won’t look quite as plain as this blog once I’m done, but who the hell knows. Either way, this is a quick and easy alternative until that happens and when/if the move does happen, I’ll specify that through this blog.

For those looking to pick up some translated doujin/manga that I’ve worked on, they can go to these and search for anything that contains a torrent link or other stuff. I’ll be updating this blog whenever I add a link to either of these pages: 

For those who absolutely must contact me privately for whatever reason, the best/quickest way(for now) is perhaps through a private message here:

For those who want something translated, they can inform themselves with this FAQ before they attempt to contact me with questions I’ve already answered:

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