CuLittle2 – Ninenya


Here’s another commission that I’ve been asked to torrent. It’s a Final Fantasy 9 doujin. That’s right, 9. Not 7, not 10, not 12. 9!!!!. I always found the global hatred over this particular iteration in the FF series a little disturbing considering I enjoyed it far more than 7 or 8 and it reminded me the most of FF6, which is arguably still my favorite in the series. And it’s mind-boggling that there are so few doujins related to FF9. I still remember that scene at the end of FF9′s first disk when Kuja makes his first appearance and the natural thing to say is “damn, she’s hot”. Then you swap in disk 2 and they’re saying “he”, “he”, “he”, and you’re going “WTF, Kuja’s a guy!!?”.

 In any case, this doujin involves General Beatrix, Freya and an Alexandrian guard. As far as content is concerned, expect some lesbian action followed by some futa. If you don’t like futa, run away. Otherwise, grab it here:

 On another note, the raw for Kodomo no Jikan Chapter 30 is apparently still not scanned. I’ve no idea what’s taking this long considering it’s been out in Japan for over a week, but without a scan, there’s not a whole lot I can do in terms of translating it, so you’ll all need to remain patient a little while longer.

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Cyclone – Rogue Spear 3


This is the new release over at D-W for those who want to go pick it up. The content is a little on the rough side of things. It contains a fair amount of bondage and whatnot. Some people will probably find it a little rough/gross for their tastes, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. The story itself is separate from the first 2 rogue spears. In other words, it’s as if the first 2 had never happened and this one just goes ahead with a different story.

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Sleeping Hormone – Kunoichi Chivalry


And yet another commission goes up publicly for you guys. This one’s a Naruto futanari(dickgirl) doujin between Tsunade and Shizune. And before someone starts complaining, it’s available in the free section, so don’t complain for nothing. You can grab it from here:

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Saigado – Yuri & Friends FullColor 9


Here’s the commission I mentioned before. I was about 6.2 seconds away from handing it to Numbus when the commissioner told me he wanted it. I was going to post it last night, but datorrents was down for some reason. The content is pretty standard stuff, so I don’t need to give any warnings about tentacles and other weird stuff this time. There’s another commission I finished last night which might come out publicly in the near future, so you can probably look forward to that one. Some more good news is that I have a new unlimited net connection now, so I’ll be able to continue torrenting in the future without any trouble and all will be right with the world. For now, you can grab this doujin here:

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D-W Release List Updated

Okay. I just finished #290 in the list. Seeing as Numbus asked for 10-20 doujins, I went ahead and did 20 for him. When he wants more, I’ll knock out a few more for him. I haven’t typed up story descriptions for releases #221-290 yet(mainly because I’m too lazy). I don’t know when I’ll get around to typing descriptions, although I’m not sure how many of you actually bother reading them in the first place. Considering it would probably take me a few hours just to type up descriptions for 70 doujins(most of which probably won’t see the light of day before 2015), I’m not totally sure if I’ll bother with it. Numbus seems to have finally found an editor to handle the edits on releases #221-290(That’s right, I didn’t edit those myself), so you can probably expect different looking edits in many of the future releases. I’m not sure whether that means they’ll be better or worse, though. It’s apparently a big secret who the editor is, but Numbus says the guy has worked on edits before, so I’ll take his word for it. His biggest concern with finding an editor was to find somebody he could trust to edit the doujins and then keep them locked away for 3 years before he eventually decides to release them to the public. For those who still don’t know, the D-W release list is here:

In any case, now I can get back to the commissions. I’ve got 1 completed and about 3 of them fully cleaned right now, so I just need to run through and translate those. Looks like you can expect one commission to go public either tomorrow or the day after, so you can look forward to that one.

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Random Announcements.

Seeing as things have been slow on this blog and I don’t want people to think nothing’s going on, here’s a status update on what the hell I’m actually doing.

For starters, I’ve just finished 16 new doujins for Numbus. It would have been 17, but one of them got commissioned just as I was about to hand it to Numbus. I’ll probably knock out about 4 more before I update the D-W release list(should be done before the end of this week). Currently, the list consists of Negima, Zero no Tsukaima, Gurren Lagaan, Code Geass, Black Lagoon, Eureka Seven, Kenichi, Queen’s Blade, Final Fantasy 7, Blue Dragon(not the Xbox one), Nanoha Strikers, Claymore. So, it’s a pretty healthy mix of stuff. The next four will probably consist of one haruhi, a Code Geass and some Gurren Lagaan. After that, we’ll see.

 D-W stuff aside, I’ve got a few commissions coming up, at least 5 of which will probably be released publicly, so you can keep your eyes peeled here in the reasonably near future for those. Among them will be Kodomo no Jikan Chapter 30. I’ve yet to get my hands on the raw, but it was supposed to have been released in Japan a couple of days ago, so a scan of it will probably be available reasonably soon. You can probably expect the translation to be available sometime this week.

 On another note, one of my commissioners has informed me that he’s torrented a few of his old commissions, so I updated the status in the commission release list. I know that one of them has actually been available for quite some time, though he only recently gave me the torrent link for it. As for the other one, I’m not entirely sure how long it’s been available for. Both stories are by “Horihone Saizou”. If you’re familiar with his blend of hentai, you pretty much know what to expect from these. For anyone who’s never heard of him before, he’s often associated with the term “Guro”, although these particular stories don’t qualify as “guro” by my personal definition of the term, which is to say women being ripped to shreds. That said, they still have Saizou’s unique blend of weird. The material is very /d/ so if you can’t stomach most of the stuff in there, you might want to tread lightly around Saizou’s work. Don’t say I didn’t give fair warning.

Horihone Saizou – Body Gardening

Horihone Saizou – Igou Jikken

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BowRei – Secret Flower Garden Ch.10

 I didn’t bother posting a cover since there technically is no such thing for it, yet. For those who are unfamiliar with the first 9 chapters, this series involves little loli schoolgirls getting raped by tentacle monsters and eventually enjoying it. A warning that the series contains loli, tentacles, preg, and birthing(to name a few). If those are not your thing, back away. If it is, have at it. Cemex has uploaded it for those of you who are interested. The commission list should have a link to a torrent for chapters 4-9. I’m not totally sure if 1-3 were included. I didn’t actually do the first 3 chapters, but rapidsearch should yield some results if the torrent doesn’t already have them included.

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2 more releases at D-W


Seijirou Kagechika – Yoruichi to Soi-Fong no Hon (Bleach)

Katsudon – .Hack//Extra (.Hack)

 These are the new releases Numbus will be putting up at doujin-world in the very near future. So, you’ll probably be able to go pick them up by the time you read this. The first is a futa doujin, the second is a loli doujin. If you still don’t know how to grab D-W releases, click on the “Commission” link at the right and go to the bottom link for a fairly good guide to downloading them.

Also, Numbus has been having fun reading my blog and he has decided to clarify a certain point regarding his anti-loli stance. Apparently, he is no longer anti-loli, so I can start doing stuff with little girls again! Hurray! Anyways… From what I’ve been able to understand about Numbus’ tastes over the past 2 and a half years, he doesn’t like tentacles, loli, or anal(among other things), and when the whole H-Key anti-loli bullshit happened, I believe the idea was “no more loli through doujin-world – PERIOD”. Apparently, he is now saying that’s no longer the case. Now he says that the one and only thing he doesn’t want is guro and toddlercon. I’m not sure why he’s had this sudden change of stance, but it works just fine for me, and it basically doubles the number of doujins I can pick from for DW. That said, I would now have to go all the way back through my discs looking for the good loli ones I skipped over the first time… God damn it…

In other news, I’ve got three new doujins ready for Numbus so far, but I’ll update the list later on(ie: when I have a bunch ready) so that I can just do it in one shot. Numbus seems to be trying to assure me that D-W will be back to it’s old release speed in the coming weeks or so. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt this time and wait patiently to see if this dramatic revival actually occurs.

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Kisaragi Gunma – Girigiri Sisters


After speaking to the commissioner, he’s asked me to torrent this along with the other gunma chapters he had done with me. So, you’ll be able to get the full volume of “Girigiri Sisters” as well as chapter 10 of “Love Selection” and finally, the chapter mentioned in the previous post. They’re all available through the torrent below:

I’m currently shopping around for a new net connection because my gay isp is going to be capping the bandwidth at 100 gigs a month (up/down shared). Seeing as I can sometimes go through that much bandwidth in a single day, it’s obviously completely unacceptable. So, I’ll probably wind up with a slower connection(probably dsl) come October.

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Back to Numbus’ pile.

Just finished off the last of the commissions and the list is now updated, so I’ll be getting back to Numbus’ pile of doujins over the weekend. If any of the commissions are eventually shared, I’ll let you guys know. I’m hoping to get an initial batch of doujins ready for Numbus within the next week or so. Once those are done, I’ll update the D-W release list.

 Edit: Thanks to Marco for pointing out that a couple of my earlier commissions were released publicly. The commissioner hadn’t actually pointed it out to me, so I assumed that he hadn’t released them, yet.


I also did the last 2 pages of “Favorite Menu” in case you want to grab that one. The first 20-something pages were done by someone else, though.

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Inaba Box Final


Just a heads up to let you guys know that Cemex has released Inaba Box Final in case you want to get your hands on that one. Just a note that it contains futa, and tentacles. You can grab it here:

I’m probably going to have the hmanga done by tomorrow night or possibly the day after. I think the commissioner intends to share it publicly, but I’m not absolutely certain. If he does, I’ll let you guys know.

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A few more commissions, once again.

Once again, I have gone through a few commissions, except this time, you guys are fortunate enough to have some generous people.


First off, a Bleach doujin by Tsurikich Doumei, which you can get at:


Second, there’s a Soul Calibur futanari doujin, which will be available by torrent in the fairly near future, and I’ll update you once that happens.


Third, there’s the final Inaba Box, which I technically haven’t gotten started on yet, but I decided to add it to the list anyways seeing as it’ll be done within the next 2 days(I think)

 Lastly, I’ve gotten through the first of the new doujins for Numbus, and I’ve picked out a couple hundred doujins that are good candidates for translation(No, it’s not likely that they will ALL be translated). I’ve even managed to find a few Lucky Star doujins that could slip by Numbus’ unforgiving anti-loli gaze, so I’ll see about slipping those into the new batch of stuff. I’ll probably just update the release list with all the new stuff once I have about 30 of them ready to go, which shouldn’t take too long unless I wind up with a million new commissions overnight. For now, I have Inaba Box and an hmanga left to work on and I’ll try to knock out a few of Numbus’ doujins every week or something.

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A New D-W release. A Few More Commissions.

As of this writing, Numbus is apparently uploading it, so I guess it should be done by the time you read this. It appears that he’ll be putting the final “Sterness” doujin(#3) up for download, so you’ll be able to grab that one in a bit. It’s honestly one of the shortest and arguably one of the dumbest doujins I’ve done in a while, but it completes the series, so I decided to do it anyways. At least Numbus appears to be updating again. I don’t know what prompted this sudden burst of releases, and I haven’t the slightest clue how long it will last.

 In any case, I’ve finished Metroid and in doing so managed to yank myself away from my wii long enough to finish a few more commissions(All of which are exclusive, again). I have a few small commissions left to go through and at least one large one. On the side, I’m going through a list of a few thousand doujins to pick up some new stuff for Numbus because he apparently doesn’t have enough with only 100 unreleased doujins *ahem*. In any case, you can probably expect the doujin-world release list to get a healthy boost before the end of the month. Probably going to fill it up with Gurren Lagann(which is a lame show with decent fan-service) and Code Geass(which is an awesome show with not enough fan-service). I’d do Lucky Star stuff(A show I’ve never watched) to cater to the screeching fanboys, but 99% of the doujins are loli and Numbus will not approve. And you don’t need to tell me that the girls are 17 or whatever. I’ve heard that all before and I’m sure Numbus doesn’t give a flying fuck because most of the girls are flat as a board and by Numbus’ definition, that’s loli.

Other stuff that’ll probably slide into the list will be your usual suspects, such as Bleach, Naruto, Final Fantasy, Dead or Alive, etc… And some more original stuff will probably consist of Kenichi, Utawarerumono, Death Note, Queen’s Blade, To Heart 2, Zero no Tsukaima, Haruhi(Ugh… Might as well, right? There’s only about 600000000 doujins of it). There’s probably other stuff in there I’m not thinking about, but whatever… Also, any doujins currently in the list that I would need to scan are probably going to get dropped off. For the sake of avoiding any arguments, I’ll keep my reasons for that particular decision to myself…

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