Updated Batch Torrent


I’ve updated the batch torrent, so those who were trying to download the old one, re-download the new file and it should recognize any ones that were already 100% complete. The same goes for any seeders who want to help out. It’ll recognize your 100% completed files and it’ll download the ones you don’t already have.

The torrent contains all of the ones that have been posted on this blog since the last batch torrent, and it also contains some minor fixes with a few of the older files, so it’ll make you re-download those.

The covers you see above are the new content added to rhe torrent. Artist/titles are as follows:

Blue Syndrome – Ninja Dependence 1 (DarkFayt folder)

Crimson Comics – Strong-willed Woman (Paulster folder)

Shinnihon Pepsitou – Chorodashi Requiem (Murat folder) Note: Only the first 2 stories were commissioned. The rest has been left untranslated.

Lastly, there is a new doujin that will be coming out over at doujin-moe in the near future(probably before I get back from the trip), so those who want to keep an eye out over there, you can. Just a warning that the first half of the doujin is pretty damn rough.

You can find the batch torrent here:


Note that I will be deleting the old batch torrent in about a week.

Minor Announcement

Just a small announcement primarily directed at anyone who’s trying to commission something with me. The holidays have been sucking a shitload of time out of my schedule, so you can expect some delays on the starting times for your commissions. The real kick in the teeth is actually going to result from my brother dragging me along on some 3-day ski trip because he suddenly decided he wanted to go skiing after a 10-year hiatus. In any case, that will delay commissions even further, obviously. Right now, I’m tapping away at the keyboard like a madman trying to get as many translations as I can done before the trip(set to begin on the 30th). I’m unsure at this point if I’ll get the updated batch torrent ready before the trip, but I’ll try. If anything, I can at least set the bandwidth to maximum while I’m away for 3 days.

Also, for those who still haven’t even contacted me for a commission, but are planning to do so, expect a delay of at least 2 weeks before I can even get started on your commission. The list has become huge in the past month. That said, if you want me to slot you in so that the delay is 2 weeks and not 6 weeks, it may be best to get in touch with me before the list grows any further.

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Merry Christmas


Santa’s bringing 3 full hmangas to all the naughty boys and girls this year. You’ll be able to grab them from the torrent file below. The covers are in the following order:

Sena Youtarou – Hallow Hallow (Hollow49 & Poin folder)

Saburou Dakouin – Kan (Anonymous folder)

Nitta Jun – Prefectural Centre For Sexual Guidance (Anonymous folder)

Next: It looks like Numbus did decide to put on a red hat, after all. You’ll be able to grab the following doujins at D-W:

Yura Shinano – Fuwa Fuwa

Human High-Light Film – Yuna FFX

The torrent for the Hmangas is here:


Waita Uziga – In a Quagmire


Santa sent Rudolph to go hand out an early Christmas present, it seems. I wasn’t exactly expecting this to come out today, but there you go. For those who associate this artist with guro(I know I do), you can rest at ease. This one’s not actually guro, although the last chapter does involve some bondage/beating that I wasn’t too crazy about doing, and the before-last chapter has some stuff involving “piercings”, which may rub some people the wrong way. Now that the warnings have been given, you can grab it here:


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Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Just a heads up that you can stay tuned for Christmas day. I’ve gotten word Santa Claus is bringing porn to all the naughty boys and girls. Lots and lots of porn.

It’s also unconfirmed whether or not Numbus is going to put on a red hat, but it appears as though the 200 “get well soon” cards failed to get the job done. Doctors have begun operating, but only time will tell if little Timmy pulls through.

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Kodomo no Jikan Ch.33

Here it is:



This chapter’s starting to build up to quite a big confrontation in 34, but you’ll need to wait until February 22nd for the next chapter. No Kodomo no Jikan chapters for January.

Random Announcements

Just to give a heads up. Kojika chapter 33 is ready to go, so I’ll be sending it along to the commissioners soon. It might only come out tomorrow, though. We’ll see what happens.

Also, expect some hmanga(s) to come out within the next few days.

Behind Moon – Dulce Report 4


And here’s the one I mentioned earlier that people have been waiting years for. Unless you don’t like futanari, in which case, you haven’t been waiting for it at all. I haven’t translated Dulce Report 1-3, so you’ll need to hunt those down with rapidsearch or whatever other method you want to try. Obviously, if you haven’t read 1-3, you’ll probably find this volume a little confusing. You can grab it from Cemex’s blog here:


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Suck Drop Bambies – Kuchiki Rukia Bondage


Here’s another commission that’s gone out recently. Obviously, it involves some bondage. You’ll be able get it below:


Next, there should be another doujin coming out soon. It’s a doujin that I know a lot of people have been waiting years for. I’ll let you know when it’s been made available.

Also, one of my commissioners has released a tiny naruto doujin recently on 4chan(and possibly elsewhere). It’s only 6 pages, so it doesn’t seem as though he bothered to rapidshare it. I’ll include it with the updated batch torrent(which should be out sometime between Christmas and New Year’s day).

Lastly, I’m making decent progress with the hmanga I mentioned before, so I think it should be ready within the next few days. Probably Sunday at the very latest. And there could be a couple more commissions coming out around the same time.

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Minor Announcement

As requested, the commission release list has been updated for those of you who want to see what I’ve completed in the past month or so. Also, the commissioner of the two hmangas I mentioned has decided to keep them exclusive, so those sitting around drooling for them to come out should probably wipe their mouths. Instead, you can drool over the other hmanga, which should “hopefully” be out by Christmas.

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2 More Releases at D-W


After almost a month, Numbus has finally released 2 more doujins. About a month ago, I thought Numbus was finally bringing D-W back from the dead, but it looks like it’s still in rehab fixing a broken leg. Numbus is apparently asking for 200 “get well soon” cards.

The releases are:

Kika=Zaru – Eureka Heaven (Eureka Seven)

Shimoyake Dou – Purple Grape (Fate/Stay Night)

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Neko no Shippo – Space-Time Administration Bureau Sex Slave Division


I was just supplied with the link to this commission, which was apparently shared a while back. For those who want to grab it, you can check the link below. It’s a Nanoha doujin involving the loli versions of Nanoha and Fate. There’s a brief appearance by the grown-up versions at the very end, but the doujin is pretty much entirely with the loli characters. It’s also quite heavy on the dirty talk and the abuse, so those who don’t like doujins where the girl is treated like dirt might want to shy away from this one. You’ve been warned. For the others, it should be right up your alley.


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Acid-Head – Nami SP4


Here’s another commission that’s gone public. This one’s a one piece doujin involving a slutty Nami in a gangbang. If you want to grab it, you’ll be able to find it below:


I’ve also found out that one of my commissioners is being sadistic and teasing people with a certain Naruto doujin. I don’t know if he intends to share it eventually or not, but if he does, I’ll let you guys know. For now, I’m working on yet another hmanga and a few smaller commissions. This is just after finishing 2 hmangas(I’m not sure yet if those will go public), but the new one is expected to go public and it should probably be ready by Xmas, which should also be when you can expect the next Kojika chapter, but that all depends on when I manage to get my hands on the raw.

In other news, the message board appears to be back up, though I’m not entirely sure how long that will be for. It’s probably safer to contact me by e-mail in the future, but the message board is always an option provided it’s not screwed up.

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Tohru Makari – Binhou


Here’s another one I did a while back that’s gone public and I wasn’t aware of it until now. It’s actually commissioned by the same guy as the last one, so maybe he’s just throwing them out all of a sudden. It’s a short chapter from an hmanga, but some people might like it. The content technically isn’t rape, so I don’t know if I need to bother with any warnings on this one, but it’s rape-ish, I suppose.


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Shimoyakedou – Snake & Dragon


I actually finished this one a couple of months ago, but I only just now found out that it’s been shared, so those of you who want to grab it can get it below. It’s a very, VERY short futanari doujin involving Rider and Saber.


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Katsudon – Vandread All Characters Book


Here’s another commission. This one was originally in Numbus’ hands, but somebody wanted to commission it, so I’ll be giving Numbus something else in return for letting this one go. I’ve done this kind of exchange with Numbus 2 or 3 times in the past, so it’s nothing terribly new. Numbus has actually had this doujin in his hands since January of 2006, so… after almost 2 years, maybe it’s about time for it to get released? Maybe? Possibly? In any case, you’ll be able to grab this doujin below:


Just a note that I’d recommend that you read Barnette Book(available at D-W) before you move on to this one seeing as it picks up right where Barnette Book stopped. Also, this doujin points to the anime series a lot, so if you haven’t watched it before, you’ll be confused out of your mind. It’s a good series, in any case. Lots of comedy, action and lots and lots of fan-service. I’ve been asked to torrent this doujin too, so I’ll probably just include it with the updated batch torrent whenever I find the time to get around to that.

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Bow Rei – Secret Flower Garden Ch.12

For those who have been following this series, the latest chapter is now available over at Cemex’s blog in case you want to run over and grab it. These releases always come with content warnings, so just to warn you, this chapter contains loli, tentacles, rape, birthing and all sorts of fun stuff along those lines. Provided you don’t have a very weak stomach, feel free to check it out below:


There will probably be another 2 commissions coming out this week(maybe), but I’m still busy with an hmanga, so there probably won’t be an excessive number of updates this week.

For those who have commissions with me at this very moment, and people who want to commission stuff with me, it may be best for you to contact me by e-mail(if you haven’t already done so), seeing as the message board is likely going to be f*ck*d up for a while. I’ll probably be adding a few sections to the blog so that the Commission FAQ isn’t hosted on the message board anymore. Until I get that up and running, if you need the FAQ, you can send me an e-mail and I’ll just send it to you. The e-mail is simply sahadou@gmail.com. Another note is that I “might” be changing the FAQ a little bit in the near future, but the changes will likely be totally irrelevant to 95% of the commissioners I have these days. Either way, any changes made will not apply to any commissions completed before the changes actually come into effect.

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Ningen Modoki – Oiroke Ninpoujou Dattebayo!!


Here’s another commission gone public for those of you who want to grab it. This one involves Naruto(female form), Sakura, Hinata and Tsunade and each of them switching between female/futanari states with the sole exception of Hinata, who remains wangless throughout. You can grab it here:


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Kouichi Kusano – Love Complex


One more going public. This time, it’s an entire Hmanga from beginning to end. It’s mostly boyfriend-girlfriend stuff with one story involving incest between twins. Aside from that, no content warnings to worry about for this one. You can grab it here:


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2 Incest Chapters


Here’s a couple of incest commissions (Mother/Son) for those of you who are into that kinda stuff. The first one’s a straight shota type of thing and the son in the second one is pretty much full-grown. The commissioner of these has asked to have his name removed from the credits, so the files will be slid into the “Anonymous” folder for those who still happen to be seeding the batch torrent.

You’ll be able to grab them from the link below:


Also, you can expect one(maybe 2) more commission(s) to go public either tonight or tomorrow(or both).

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