Tsurikichi Doumei – Come and Buy


And here’s another Code Geass doujin available for those who want to grab it. It contains rape. There should be a few more small ones coming out this week, but I’m working on 2 hmangas as well, so it’s probably not going to be a super-fast week for releases. For now, you can grab this doujin at doujin-moe.


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Oh Canada! My prudish native land!

Yes. It’s that time. Time to make fun of Canada. Why? Because Canada blows.

I was going to write a whole rant here a while back, when I received a package I ordered from Japan, minus 1 book I had ordered, namely “Take on Me 2″. They removed it from a box containing about 15 mangas, and it was the only one they took out of the box(without any warning, I might add). It’s a good thing they saved me from myself. Considering the “loli” character in there is supposed to be 24, it might have just compelled me to go around town raping every young-looking 24 year old in the city, right? Thank you, Canada. You averted another disaster. I won’t be reading any horrible obscenities. And that’s what Canada describes this stuff as… “Obscene”. In fact, they even released a list of illegal hentai just recently:


So, for the record… Canada believes that Jesus would not approve of Take on Me(North American name: “Domin-8 Me”). Also, this means you can’t argue that they thought the girl was underage, because they banned the translated version of the book.


Now, here’s where the story gets fun. Remember how I said there were 15 books in the box. Well, all 14 others got through, and while the vast majority of them aren’t going to raise any eyebrows, I found it rather funny how a specific one got through. Keep in mind that they held the box at the border for 1 full month(all 31 days), so they had plenty of time to go through every book, jerk off on every single page and then put them back in the box. So, here I am, holding John K. Peter’s new “Monzetsu Screamer”, which came in the exact same box as Take on Me 2, and I feel as though I’ve reached a new level of understanding about Canada’s indecency laws. Loli-looking 24 years olds will lead you to become a rapist, a pedophile, a psychopath, or all of the above, but fucking a pregnant woman’s nipples, or choking a girl while jerking yourself off with her uterus will lead you to become a catholic priest. Wait, shouldn’t that be the other way around? Add to that the fact that “Monzetsu” literally means to “faint in agony” and you’ve got yourself truly Jesus-certified material.


Fear not, Jesus. Canada is doing your bidding and has brought sanity to an otherwise disturbed individual. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to step outside and choke some random, big breasted, pregnant woman on the street while I plunge my dick into her nipple because Canada is telling me it’s okay.

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Minor announcement

Just a note that the commission list has been updated again up to release #352. Also, the next batch torrent will probably rear it’s ugly head in about a week(maybe 2).

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Fatal Pulse – Victim Girls 3

Here’s another commission that was apparently shared without my knowledge. It’s a Ragrarok-based doujin involving tentacles, rape and preg. The Victim Girls series actually has a pretty consistent theme involving girls being used, abused, impregnated, and treated like cattle, and by the end of it, they typically wind up all slutty. If you still want to grab it, you can get it from the link below.


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Itou – Pleasure and Pain


Here’s the Hmanga I mentioned before. I was going to upload it tonight, but the commissioner apparently went ahead and did it before me. You’ll be able to grab it from the link below. The content has a mix of rape, and consensual stories, as well as a small amount of loli. Most of the stories are actually not as bad as the title would seem to imply, so those who are expecting some horribly rough stuff shouldn’t have much to worry about for most of the stories. Either way, tread lightly if you have a problem with rape content.



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Kodomo no Jikan Ch.34

And here are the download links. These contain 34 and the extras that were released some time ago.


Kuro Yuki – Service Club 5


Here’s another doujin that’s available over at D-W for those who want to grab it. This time, it was only a 2-week hiatus between releases, which is an improvement over the month it took the last time. There’s no warnings worth giving for this one. It’s pretty straightforward sex.

As for the general updates to the blog, they should be coming soon. I’m waiting to hear back from the commissioner of an hmanga, but I’m not sure if he’s sharing it, yet. I’m also making decent progress on another 2 hmangas, which should hopefully be finished by Sunday, but again, I’m not sure if they’re going public.

On another note, the raw for Kodomo no Jikan 34 should be coming out within the next few days, so whenever somebody finds the raw, let me know and I’ll get that translated asap.

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AbysspechkA – Nurutimate Heroine


Here’s another Naruto doujin gone public for those who want to grab it. It’s a Sakura x Female Naruto doujin and it involves futanari. You’ll be able to grab it over at doujin-moe.


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Jinmu Hirohito – Couple of Ranma Doujins


Okay. I just got word that a couple of my older Ranma 1/2 translations have just gone public. “Ra Ra” contains Ryoga x Female Ranma, so those who happen to have an issue with Ranma doing it with Ryoga may want to pass. “Gomai Hitokumi Sanzeyen” contains Female Ranma x Nabiki x Shampoo, where Nabiki and Shampoo temporarily become futanari. If you’re scratching your head wondering what Ranma is, chances are you’re not old enough to be reading these. You can grab them below. Just go to the “dojinshi” section of the site:


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Inoino – Demon Princess Birth


Here’s another release Cemex has added to his blog. It contains rape and a tiny bit of preg.


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Vanishing Point – Kiss In The Moonlight


Okay. I just got an e-mail from the commissioner of this one saying that he’s sharing this. If you want to grab it, you can get it below. But, before you download, I’d better kill your wood. This isn’t a hentai doujin. There’s actually not even an exposed nipple, so before you start complaining that I wasted your rapidshare timer, consider this before your download. Chances are the doujin will be pretty meaningless for those who aren’t familiar with the series. I’m not sure if I really understood my commissioner’s explanation, but I think this is based on a series called “Blood Alone”, or at least somehow related to that series. If that tells you anything, this doujin will likely make more sense to you than it will to most other people.


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Just a quick update

Just writing this to let you all know that I’ve updated the commission release list up to the most recent commission(#335). Also, you can likely expect a slow week here since I’m going to be a little occupied for at least a week working on a few very large commissions. I’m not sure yet if any of them are going public. I might be able to slide in a couple of small doujins(which are expected to go public), but overall, the next week or so is going to be very slow for releases.

Also, a warning to people wanting to commission new stuff, I’ve got a backlog that I’m estimating at over 3 weeks, which likely means I’m highly underestimating it, and it’s probably closer to a month or so. If you’re planning to commission something and I haven’t already slotted you in, expect to wait a while before I can get started on it.

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Tsukumi Daifuku – Assault Lacus/Meer


And here are 3 more doujins available for those who want to grab them. Again, these are only available by e-mule for now. I’ll add a torrent and some rapidshare/mediafire links later on, but if you want to grab them right away, you can get them below. They all contain rape, though the Meer ones have slightly more “light-hearted” endings compared to the Lacus one.

E-Mule Links:




MediaFire Links:

Lacus: http://www.mediafire.com/?5h9jwxmnw9z

Meer 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?7m3dxwmrmwu

Meer 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?c5x0duytwyg

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Naruho-ya – Feels Like Hot Springs


And here’s another one available at doujin-moe for those who want to go grab it. It’s a Naruto x Tsunade doujin, so I guess you could consider it shota.


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Kira Hiroyoshi – Delusion Allergy


Here’s another commission that Romanji has asked me to throw out. It’s a chapter involving boy->futa transformation. There should be a few more small doujins coming out this weekend.



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Enuma Elish – Free Will


Here’s another commission gone public courtesy of SkitZoFrenic. It’s a Eureka Seven doujin involving Anemone and a bunch of tentacles. It’s by “Enuma Elish” or “Yukimi” for those who are more familiar with that name. There should be another small commission posted either tonight or tomorrow(probably tomorrow). For now, you can grab this one below.



For those wondering when the batch torrent will be updated, it’ll probably be towards the end of February/beginning of March.

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3 More D-W Releases


Believe it or not, three more releases are available over at D-W for those who want to drag their asses over there after a full month of them being in a coma. The “youngest” of the bunch was actually completed in September of 2006, the oldest is from May of the same year.

 -Gurumepoppo – Welcome Home, Master

-Shimoyake Dou – Pink Cherry

-Kurione-sha – Kokucho Ranbu

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Blue Syndrome – Ninja Dependence 3


And here’s another Ninja Dependence doujin. The last one that I’m aware of. As usual, this series contains somewhat twisted/depressing stories and this one isn’t exactly an exception, but for what it’s worth, Hinata doesn’t get killed or left to die. It’s still rape, though. You can grab it over at doujin-moe.


Releases should pick up again in the next few days. I’m working on a few small doujins right now that are expected to go public. As long as DMC4 doesn’t suck up every second of my life for the next week or so, there should be a pretty steady flow of releases for the next few days.

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Drill Jiru – Worldly Priest to The West


And here’s another short commission that’s gone public. It contains futanari, and it’s loosely based on characters from Saiyuki.


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Behind Moon – Dulce Report 9


And here’s the latest volume of Dulce Report. As far as I know, #10 has not been released yet, so now you all get to dig your nails into your chairs while waiting for new issues to come out. You’ll be able to grab it from the link below:


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