Saeki Gekka – Miyu Rape


Here’s another one I’ve been asked to throw out. Again, this is commissioned by Aidenke, so it’s got some mild bondage. Despite the title of this chapter, it’s not really what I would qualify as rape, so those who are expecting some rough stuff shouldn’t need to worry about this one.

Releases will likely be slowing down a bit for the next couple of weeks. You can expect a few small ones, but I’m gonna be spending the bulk of my time on some very large commissions.

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Happy Water – YoruHime


I didn’t notice that this one had gone out. Some of you might already have it, but it’s available over at doujin-moe. There are no content warnings for this one.

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Tatsuya Manami – Ash!


Here’s another one you’ll be able to grab over at Doujin world. Commissioned by Kazuo, again. Releases should be pretty steady over there for the next month or so. I don’t think there are any real content warnings for this one. It’s #264 on the bots.

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Kenix – Orange Pie 2-5


Here’s a few more I’ve been asked to share. Technically, the new ones are 2, 4 and 5, and the commissioner of those asked to remain anonymous. I also included 3 for the sake of convenience, but I finished it about a month ago, so some of you might already have it. #1 isn’t included because I never translated it.

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AskRay – Futa Club 1-4


I’ve been asked to throw these out. Here are the remaining volumes of Futa Club for those who want to grab them. I’d give a warning regarding the content, but I think the title kinda speaks for itself. Some of you probably already have Futa Club 1, but I figured I might as well include it with the other 3 for the sake of convenience.

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3 more over at D-W


Here are a few more you’ll be able to find over at D-W. Some of my ancient translations again.

Amp – Maiden Attribute(April 6th 2006)

Katsudon – Mahou Shoujo 3(April 6th 2006)

Medical Berry – Princess Coral(September 16th 2006)

Christ, these things are fucking old… The first is loli. The second has tentacles and the third is fairly normal, but likely considered loli for some. Apparently, Numbus also threw out Katsudon’s Vandread doujin even though he agreed to let it go months ago so that someone else could commission it. I even gave him an fsn doujin to replace it, but oh well. I’d recommend just grabbing the one in the batch torrent. Aside from the lack of watermarks, I’m pretty sure I also cleaned it up a little more.

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Couple more Commissions


Here are a couple more commissions I’ve been asked to throw out. These were both commissioned by the same guy, Fantasy Whiz. The first is a hentai Onegai Teacher doujin involving rape and the second contains a couple of specials included at the end of one of the Elfen Lied Mangas. Namely volume 8. They are not hentai.

Wolkenkratzer – Blind Faith

Okamoto Lynn – Elfen Lied Specials

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Gura Nyuuto – Ojou-sama


Here’s another commission that I’ve been asked to throw out for those who want to grab it. Those who have read the other chapter I did by Gura Nyuuto a long time ago will likely know what to expect from this one. For those unfamiliar with his work, this contains fairly “extreme” futanari with massive insertions and that kinda stuff. Overall, it’s more of a comedy, though.

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Oyster – Girls in Hell 2


Here’s another commission you’ll be able to grab over at Cemex’s blog. A warning that this contains some pretty rough content. If you don’t have the stomach for very rough/depressing material, then I’d recommend you stay away from this one. You’ve been warned.

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Kodomo no Jikan Specials

Here are some mini 4-panel comics that were brought to my attention yesterday. There’s not a whole lot to them, but for those who want them anyways, they can grab them below.

 And here’s a link for those who want chapter 35 AND the specials in one shot. If you’ve already downloaded chapter 35, you shouldn’t need this, though.

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Kodomo no Jikan Ch.35

Okay. Chapter 35 has been released for those who want to grab it. Next chapter is on April 22.

Saigado – Feel My Vibe 2


Here’s another commission that’s gone public for those who want it. It contains Asuka x Kaji and Shinji x Misato. There’s no real warnings to give unless you consider Asuka a loli.

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2 More Commissions


Here’s a few more that Cemex has thrown out. Obviously, they contain /d/ material. The first one is primarily massive insertions and that kinda stuff and the second one is tentacles.

Ohtado – Spiral Princess

Hiro – Fairy Nurse Yuki

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Majime-ya – Don’t Trust Anybody


Here’s another One Piece doujin involving Nami and some other character I don’t recognize because I’ve never watched the show. It’s available over at doujin-moe, and it contains futanari.

In other news, the raw for the next Kojika chapter is supposed to be out within the next few days, so when somebody spots it, they can let me know.

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Couple of Nitta Jun Chapters


These two Nitta Jun chapters have gone out publicly for those who want to grab them. In typical Nitta Jun fashion, it’s all about horny women and virgin guys, so if that’s your thing, these should be right up your alley. There are no content warnings for either of these, and for those who’s eyes  are still on fire after seeing the muscle girl from the last Nitta Jun hmanga, you can rest easy knowing these chapters are safe.

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Ohkura Bekkan – X-Bomber


This is the new release over at Doujin-World for those who want to go grab it. It contains 2 stories. The first is rape and the second is a comedy with tentacles involved. It appears as though Kazuo and Warlock Deity are trying to breathe some life back into the site.

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Updated Batch Torrent March 08


Okay. The updated batch torrent is finally available. A reminder that if you’re currently seeding the old torrent, you can click on this and it should recognize all of the old files and overwrite any changes. Specifically, it should overwrite “BowRei”(added chapter 13), “Kodomo no Jikan Vol.5″(added chapter 34), and “Summer Snow”(replaced with uncensored scans).

This thing is starting to get kind of enormous. It’s just under 4 gigs, now. It includes everything since the last batch torrent, as well as a few that had gone public without my prior knowledge, minus the “doujin-moe” and “doujin-world” releases. The “Haiji” chapters commission by Hapyoo have been added. The missing page from Victim Girls 2 has also been included. The brand new addition to the torrent/blog is the cover I posted above. For those who don’t recognize it, this is “Ginryuu no Reimei” or “Dawn of the Silver Dragon” by Mukai Masayoshi. The first 4 chapters don’t really have anything worth warning you about, but I suppose some might take it as rape. It’s more of a mind-control theme, though. For now, I’ve included the first 4 chapters, but the plan is to eventually get the rest done. You’ll be able to find it in the “Eightreeds” folder of the batch torrent. Note: The old torrents will be deleted in about a week.

On another note, I’ve included the “Commission List” on the right-hand side of the blog, so it is now independent of the message board. I’ll work on adding some colored text to make it a little more readable. I should warn you that it’s got 379 thumbnails(about 10 megs) on it right now, so it takes a little while to load unless you’ve got a fast connection. Chances are that I’ll be cutting the list off at 400 and then starting a second list from 401 and up so that you don’t need to load 400+ covers all the time.

Edit: Here’s a rapidshare for Ginryuu no Reimei

Jack O’ Lantern – Hige to Vowin


Okay. Milkman Dan has decided to share a recent commission. It’s an FF11 doujin. He only asked for the first story, so the uploads have had the remaining pages removed. Note that it contains futanari. You can grab it from the links below.

I’ve been asked to throw out another reasonably large commission(half an hmanga), so I’ll throw it out along with the new batch torrent, which I’m preparing as we speak, along with the updated release list. Everything should be ready to go on Sunday(I hope).

I’ll spend the next week going through a lot of smaller commissions, and then things will likely slow down again when I get started on some much larger commissions.

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Gorgeous Takarada – Cannon Sensei Tobashisugi Ch.1


Here’s another commission going public for those who want to grab it. This manga was actually voted #1 hmanga of 2007 by 2chan. No joke.

If it’s not immediately obvious by the fact that this is by “Gorgeous Takarada”, this manga includes copious amounts of loli, horny loli, and even hornier loli, so if you don’t like loli, I suggest that you pass on this one. And if you live in Canada, don’t forget that downloading this will get you labeled as a pedophile, a serial rapist and a psycho killer with anger issues.

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Candyman – Suzumiya Haruhi no Marumaru 2


And here’s another one I didn’t notice when I posted the Tifa update. It’s also available at D-W. #258 on the bots. No content warnings for this one.

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