Nekoi Mie – Digital Love(FFX Portions)

Here’s another commission courtesy of Fordman. He only decided to get the FF10 sections of the doujin translated(2 stories to be exact), so the rest has been omitted. It involves mind control and rape. Also, I modified the names to the ones in the North American release of the game, namely Buddy and Brother.

This is the last one I’ll throw out until I return on Monday. Things should return to full speed when I get back. Those who are attending A-Kon can keep an eye out for me if they want. I’ll be wearing the usual “.hack” and “Anime-Expo” shirts. I don’t think anybody recognized me at Anime-North, though.

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Couple of One Piece Doujins

Here are a couple of One Piece doujins I finished earlier this month that are being shared courtesy of TG23. The Acid-Head one involves the guys raping the girls while they’re asleep and the Leopard one just involves rape.

Acid-Head – Nami Robi

Leopard – Leopard Book 7

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Gold Rush – Daybreak

Okay. Here’s another one from Kazuo. It’s a Gundam 00 doujin involving Saji and Louise. I was originally planning to have this ready before the first convention, but I had to put the finishing touches to it just recently. You can grab it below.

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Hoshino Fuuta – Various

Here’s a collection of 3 short(4 pages each) loli stories, courtesy of SSoM/Fanservicefan. Technically none of them have any sex, at least not by Bill Clinton standards. One involves a rabbit, another involves a spider.

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Matsugami Kurare – Devil Miho Legend

Okay. I’m back from the first convention and here’s another commission I finished about a week ago that’s being shared for those who want to go grab it. It’s a short hmanga chapter. It’s kind of a silly story about a pro-wrestling girl. You can grab it over at doujin-moe.

You can likely expect a few commissions to go public between now and Thursday, when I leave for A-Kon. For those who’ve e-mailed me while I was away, I’m pretty sure I replied to all of you. If you haven’t received a response, just bump me once more. It’s possible that I lost you in the shuffle. There are too many e-mails coming in.

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Kaworu Watashiya – Kodomo no Jikan Ch.37

Okay. The new chapter of Kodomo no Jikan is now available. This is mostly a Shirai chapter. The next chapter is on June 21st.

Gorgeous Takarada – Cannon Sensei Tobashisugi Ch.5


Yeah. I know. It’s been a while since chapter 4, but 5 is finally ready to go. Chapter 6 likely won’t take so long, but I will be out of town for a bit. Obviously, it’s more split-personality loli, so if you don’t like loli, you know what to do.

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Distance – B-Chiku

Here’s another commission that’s being shared. This one is courtesy of Densetsu86. It’s a full hmanga involving a lot of consensual stories, so there are no warnings to worry about for this one. I doubt I need to tell you it’s a good manga, but just for the non-believers… It’s a good manga.

Also in the news, I will be out of town starting tomorrow(Thursday) and I will return on Monday night. When somebody finds the new Kodomo no Jikan chapter, they can let me know. I’ve got my laptop with me and chances are I’ll be able to find the time to finish it off one evening while I’m away, but don’t freak out if things don’t go according to plan and it’s only ready on Tuesday morning.

For those who are also attending Anime North(Toronto), you can keep an eye out for me if you want. I’ll likely be wearing one of my “.hack” shirts(or an anime-expo shirt) and my badge will have “Sayo” on it. I will also be attending A-kon(Texas) the week after. I typically spend the vast majority of my time in the dealer’s room or the artist alley.

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InoIno – Slave Ninja’s Indecent Battle

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Akiyama Production – Clubroom Idol 3-4

Here are the remaining 2 volumes from this series. Also, thanks to whoever pointed out this was based on Suzuka. Her name has 7 readings and I grabbed the wrong one, so I’ve corrected that. If you grabbed the first 2 volumes within the first 24 hours of their release, there’s a good chance you have the one with the wrong name. I’ve updated the links to volume 2 with the fixed name, so you can grab that if you want. As with the other two, these are rape/bondage.

Akiyama Production – Clubroom Idol 3

Akiyama Production – Clubroom Idol 4

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Nishimo & Doruta – Tanehone

Here’s another Eureka Seven doujin you’ll be able to find over at doujin-world. I finished this sometime in April of 2k6. I don’t think there are any content warnings for this one, but I honestly can’t remember. This circle typically never does edgy stuff, though. The packlist is currently down, so It’s #18 on [D-W]Pervert.

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Okada Matsuoka – Under the Skirt

Okay. Here’s another commission courtesy of Darklord. It’s a collection of 4 futanari chapters. The story’s continuous, though.

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Go Nagai – Devilman Lady

Here’s another commission that’s being shared. This one is by Harbl. It’s not really what I would qualify as hentai, but it does have “some” sex in it. It’s best to think of it as a regular manga with extreme violence. Those of you with weak stomachs beware. The first half of the manga was apparently done by some other group a while back and I finished off the remaining 120 or so pages. The torrent contains both halves.

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Minion – Parasite Embryo

Here’s another one from SSoM/Fanservicefan. Again, it’s a loli chapter. This one also contains sex with some kind of bug/alien thing as well as preg and birthing. Obviously, if you’re not a regular at /d/, this will likely not be your cup of tea. I’m not sure of the name of the artist for this one, so I left it as unknown.

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Akiyama Production – Clubroom Idol 1-2

Here’s a couple more commissions. The commissioner doesn’t use a net name, so I left that blank. These are the first 2 parts of a continuous story involving a group of guys raping a girl at school. If that’s not your thing, run away.

Akiyama Production – Clubroom Idol 1

Akiyama Production – Clubroom Idol 2

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Saeki Takao – Early Morning Nursery

Here’s another one courtesy of SSoM/Fanservicefan. Again, it’s a loli chapter. If you read the other one by this artist, it’s very similar. In other words, he’s not very nice to his lolis.

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Crimson Comics – Tifa Before Climax


Here’s the last one for today. This one is commissioned by Paulster. It’s a rape doujin and the story is apparently a follow-up to one of the earlier Crimson Comics doujins involving Tifa.

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Karukiya Company – First-person Filming 3

This is another commission by Kazuo, who normally has been getting these done as DW releases. He’s decided to stop bothering, so he told me to just upload the rapidshare for it. You can grab it below.

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Hindenburg Chapters

According to my ultra-reliable sources(aka some guy who e-mailed me), these have apparently been shared for those of you who want to grab them. They’re both Shota/Incest with a little bit of preg towards the end of each of them. They were both commissioned by Mayor Adam West.

Hindenburg – Abnormal Mom

Hindenburg – Do You Love Your Big Sister

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MuchiMuchiSeven – MuchiMuchi Carnival 2

Here’s another Naruto commission you’ll be able to grab over at doujin-moe. It contains NarutoxTsunade. There are also 3 other series. One is a Dragon Quest game(not totally sure which one), another one is Blue Dragon(The series by the Death Note guy, not the Toriyama one), and the last one is a series I’ve never heard of. The second story is a short rape story, but other than that it’s pretty normal stuff.
I’ve been asked to put out a few more commissions, so you can expect a few posts tomorrow. I’m just a little busy with some commissions tonight.
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