Hijiri Rei – Unmoral Kids Ch.1-3

Here’s another one I finished a about a week ago. I kinda wish I’d known it was shared “before” I added the torrent, but oh well… It was commissioned by Nikanoru and you can grab it below. It may be considered loli to some and it’s partial rape. I’ll add a DDL tomorrow.

New Batch Torrent Up & Running

Okay. This is going to be a loooong post. Please read what’s in here:

-First off, the “Commission List” has been fully updated with DDL links. Provided you only need to pick out a couple of releases, you can probably use that list. Otherwise, I recommend using the torrent so that you don’t cripple the server of my generous DDL donator.

-Second, I’ve started up a new section entitled “Donor Projects“. Basically, it is going to be roughly the equivalent of a donation button. You can click on the section for more details, but if there are any partially completed mangas you’d like to see finished faster, you can donate towards their completion. Similarly, if there are any mangas you’d like to see translated, but you can’t commission the whole thing on your own, you can use this section to turn it into a donor project. Currently, there are 4 donor projects, and more will be added in the future depending on how it goes.

Third, the torrent. It’s close to 5.5 gigs now. If you’ve been seeding the old torrent, this torrent should recognize the old files and simply add the new files where they belong. It’ll overwrite any files that have been changed(usually typo fixes). I’ve got it set up with both the hongfire and datorrent trackers, but datorrents seems to be down at the moment, so I can only provide the hongfire link right now. I’ll add the other link when datorrents goes back up. You can grab it below.

Fourth, the new files(as seen above) are available by DDL in the “Commission List” section as well as the “Recent Commissions” section. Here are a few rapidshare links as well:

Nagare Ippon – Parabellum Ch.1-2 (Commissioned by Mor)

Kouda Tomohiro – Petit Roid 3 Extra 1 (Commissioned by Sayo)

Hiro – Demon Wolf’s Quickening (Commissioned by Cemex)

Fractal Underground – Warm Kotatsu (Commissioned by SSoM/Fanservicefan)

Lastly, I have removed the Translation lists section since there’s really not much point to it.

NiseMIDIdoronokai – Kyonew

Okay. Here’s another commission courtesy of Kazuo. It’s a small Haruhi doujin. I’ll be adding the ddl link in a couple of days, likely when I add the torrent.


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Sago-Jou – Koto-rin

Here’s another one available at D-W. This is one of the really, really, hard rape doujins I mentioned earlier. It’s a pretty odd coincidence that Numbus released this one the same day I released the other two. Looks like I finished this one in October of 2006. The packlist is below:


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Nanjou Asuka – Itazura Koneko Twins Ch.1

Here’s another commission going public and it’s courtesy of Cube. Before anyone asks, the plan is to get the full manga done. Obviously, it involves loli.
Direct Download

There’s also another minor announcement. I will be adding a new section to the blog along with the new torrent and the full list of DDLs. I’m still working on laying out the details for it, but you can expect me to explain it in a litle more detail when I post the updated batch torrent. Chances are I will also remove the “translation lists” section since it’s a little redundant with the “commission list” up above.

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Sago-Jou – Nekotama Vol.1-2

Here are two commissions courtesy of Niagatrats. They’re the first 2 volumes in an apparent 3-part series of “To Heart 2″ books involving Tamaki and Takaaki. The content of these doujins is very normal for this particular artist considering he normally does very, very hard rape. A minor translation note, Yuuji(Tamaki’s brother) refers to her as “Aneki”(a variation of big sister). Normally, I would have just used big sis or something along those lines, but I was requested to leave it as Aneki. Either way, it only appears twice, I think. You can grab them below.

Sago-Jou – Nekotama Vol.1
Direct Download

Sago-Jou – Nekotama Vol.2
Direct Download

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Orange Milk Donuts – Yoruichi-sama

Here’s another one you can grab over at D-W. I’m fairly sure this one is yuri. Something I almost never get asked to translate. The packlist is below.

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Cyclone – 840

Here’s another one cemex has thrown out. It’s a Nanoha doujin by cyclone and involves toys and rape.

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Various D-W releases.

I honestly believed Numbus had stopped updating for good, but I guess he’s still releasing. If you want to grab these, you’ll be able to get them in the DW channel. I think they’ve been available since yesterday, but I only noticed them a few minutes ago. I finished them years ago(oldest one is April 2006), so I don’t even remember the content for them. I think most of them are normal, but the Naruto one is obviously rape and tentacles.

Kensou Ogawa – Amai Himegoto
Nekomata Naomi – Weeping Cherry
Purin – Ippatsu! Gyakutenman
Yasrindo-Up – Winry’s Vibrator

You can find the packlists below:

Rusty Soul – Hunting the Vampire Night

Here’s another commission courtesy of Archie. I actually finished it about a week ago, I think. It’s a rape chapter with two girls going out to hunt a vampire. Also involves tentacles.
Direct Download

Just a note that releases will likely slow to a bit of a crawl for the next 2 weeks or so. I have a few hmangas I need to work on. I’ll try to slide in some small stuff, but it should be pretty slow. However, I WILL have the new batch torrent ready in the coming days and I will also be updating the commissions list with DDL at the same time. I’m just in the process of uploading the remaining files and organizing the torrent folders. I’m still debating whether to go with datorrents or hongfire, or both. I’ll decide that in a couple of days.

Kaworu Watashiya – Kodomo no Jikan Ch.38

Here’s the next Kojika chapter courtesy of BEPally and Otaku_King. This one ditches those emo adults for some good old-fashioned lolis taking a bath.

Direct Download

Kikuichi Monji – Squeeze That Ass!

Here’s another commission courtesy of Wrldtrvlr. It’s a rape chapter involving Judo girls.

Direct Download

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Escargot Club – Kusari Vol.3

Here’s a new commission you can grab over at doujin-moe. It’s a Queen’s Blade doujin involving Echidna and a variety of other characters I can’t name because I know jack shit about the series. It contains futanari and it also involves minor beast in the form of a little monkey.


Gorgeous Takarada – Cannon Sensei Tobashisugi Ch.7

Here’s the next chapter of Cannon sensei courtesy of Intrepid Giraffe Project, Panthercom, TheLizard, and newcomer DrNevermore, so new credits have been included once again. This chapter’s a little more emo than previous chapters, but the loli’s just as insane as ever. There’s technically no sex in this one, just very extreme masturbation.
Direct Download

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Kisaragi Gunma – Ojou

Here’s a small Stellvia doujin courtesy of Belly. There are no warnings necessary for this one.
Direct Download

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Katsudon – Tail Chaser Ch.1

Here’s another one Cemex has thrown out. It also contains the second chapter of Sunao, which I thought was included with the first rapidshare, but I guess he chose to put it in here. Sunao contains bondage and chapter 1 of Tail Chaser is normal stuff.


Inoue Yoshihisa – Sunao

Here’s another one from Cemex. It’s a couple of chapters from an hmanga. It’s actually really funny, imo. So those of you who like some humour with their porn can give it a download. It also has bondage.


Handsome Brother – Idol Nebula

Here’s a commission courtesy of Eightreeds. It’s a Negima doujin involving Chisame getting raped by her fans.
Direct Download

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Momoyama Jirou – Little Sister Bondage

Here’s another one courtesy of Aidenke. It’s a bondage chapter.

Direct Download

As some may have noticed, updates have been a tiny bit slow the past few days. The reason being that I’ve been trying to get through metal gear’s 60 hours of cutscenes. That said, the game is still awesome. I wish they had given Snake a female camouflage suit to go with the boss heads. Seeing those heads on his hulkish body has got be the biggest kill-wood I’ve ever seen in my life.

Medaka Kenichi – Naughty Yui-chan

Here’s another commission courtesy of SSoM/Fanservicefan. A big fat warning to some/many of you. This is what some refer to as “toddlercon”. Those of you who hate loli can run away screaming into the hills and those of you who love loli, but have limits can go join the aforementioned screaming lunatics. All the remaining lunatics can go ahead and give it a download.


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