Minority – Injection Girl

And here’s another one courtesy of Romanji. It’s kinda hard to describe the content in this, so… Just read it, I guess. If you have some huge problem with /d/ish material, you can avoid this one.

Yoshifumi Yamamoto – Internal Cumshot Sibling Impregnation

Yes. I know the title sounds retarded. It also explains the content in great detail. This is another one courtesy of Gali. I finished it a few days ago, but haven’t gotten around to posting it until today. There might be another one coming out either today or tomorrow.

Type.90 – Blood Lunch Ch.1

Okay. Here’s a commission going public courtesy of Rune. This also marks the beginning of yet another Donor Project. Those of you who want to contribute towards it’s completion can check the “Donor Projects” section for more details.
Direct Download

New chapters for Tail Chaser, SekaxSeka and Desperation Classroom should be available sometime this week provided Soul Calibur doesn’t beam hypnotic rays into my head and forces me to play until my eyes bleed.

L.P.E.G. – Sweet Silky You

Here’s another commission. This one is courtesy of Romanji. It’s a Futa/Gender Bender story(ie: the guy turns into a girl, the girl turns into a futa).

Mangana – HH

Here’s another one Numbus has released over at DW. Finished it about 2 years ago. It contains Penelo being raped by Bangaa and Ashe getting raped by Tentacles. It should be pack 34 on the bots.

Cyclone – Sinclair

And here’s another one going out for those who want to grab it. This one is courtesy of KD. This contains the first half of the full Sinclair story, and the plans are to eventually get the second half done, but it may take several weeks. Those who are unfamiliar with this doujin should be warned that it does contain bug sex and egg-laying/preg.

Hosaka Yuuichi Doujins

And here are two new commissions courtesy of Gali. They’re both pretty short and involve Beast(horses). The scans are pretty small, so some of the text is pretty small, but it should be big enough to read everything, I think. Obviously, if you have a problem with beast, don’t download these. The rapidshare/mediafire links contain both doujins together since they’re about 3 megs in total. DDL links should be up either tonight or tomorrow.

-Hosaka Yuuichi – Mijou Lulu’s Don’t Catch a Cold
-Hosaka Yuuichi – Sexual Frustration With a Horse

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Oni 69 Dan – Demon Road

Here’s another doujin you can grab over at doujin-moe. It’s a bleach doujin. I’m not really sure what to classify it as. It seems to try to do everything and it just ends up being really weird.

Kaworu Watashiya – Kodomo no Jikan Ch.39

And here’s your monthly fix of Kojika for the month, courtesy of Otaku_King & BePally. Cliffhanger ending is cliffhanger.

Fuusen Club – Futagami

And here’s another hmanga available for those of you who want to grab it, courtesy of chab2202. In case it’s not immediately obvious from the cover, it involves futanari. It also does contain a boy on the receiving end of several futanari in case that rubs people the wrong way.

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Happy Water – Colorful Geass

Here’s another one that’s gone public over at DW. It was actually commissioned by Angelic Goddess a few months back as some kind of birthday release for Numbus. She only wanted the translation, so she took care of the edits. I actually haven’t taken a look at the finished product yet. It should be pack #33 on [D-W]Pervert. The packlist is below:

Human High-light Film – Hitomi Highschool

Here’s another commission courtesy of Fordman. He’s basically got all of the HHLF doujins locked down and reserved before they ever come out. In typical HHLF fashion, this contains gangbangs and rapes galore. In not so typical fashion, this also contains a pretty heavy amount of beast(with a dog). Those of you who’s heads explode when they see a poor little doggy being “abused” in comic book form can run away now. Everyone else can give it a download.
Edit: I’ve corrected a minor typo. The links have been updated.
Direct Download

In other news, I’ve added a new donor project. Gorgeous Takarada’s “Desperation Classroom”. TheLizard has gotten the ball rolling, but I haven’t had a chance to get a chapter finished yet. It’s probably going to take at least another week before I have anything ready to release for it. Those of you who would rather wait and see what it’s like before contributing can wait until I have that chapter done and then decide whether or not to contribute.

Also, the donation limit for SekaxSeka Chapter 2 has been reached, so that one should be coming out soon.

Next, the Commission list has been updated up to release #508

Next, I’ve uploaded new rapidshare/mediafire/DDL links for The past 3 releases with very minor typo fixes. I also added all the cover pages and whatnot for Cannon Sensei.

Lastly, the raw for the next Kojika chapter should be out soon, so if anyone finds it, they can let me know.

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Kouda Tomohiro – SekaxSeka Ch.1 (Release #500)

Here it is. I know I said I’d release it 2 days ago, but someone suggested that I hold it until I have more stuff to release it with. This particular chapter is actually a freebie and the start of a new Donor Project. Those who want to see the rest of it done can contribute towards it’s completion.
Direct Download

Jouji Manabe – Tail Chaser Ch.2

Here’s the second chapter of Tail Chaser, courtesy of Cube. I actually included chapter 1 with it, so you grab them both together.
Direct Download

A reminder that this is a donor project, so if you want to help out, you can contribute and the chapters will come out faster. You can check the “Donor Projects” section for further details.

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Gorgeous Takarada – Cannon Sensei Tobashisugi

And finally, here’s the entirety of Cannon sensei, coutersy of Intrepid Giraffe Project, Panthercom, TheLizard, DrNevermore, & Cube. All chapters(1-9) have been included in this file.

Direct Download

Gorgeous Takarada – Sister’s Heart

Okay. Here’s the hmanga I mentioned before, courtesy of TheLizard. Obviously, it contains loli and incest.

I’ve also updated the commission list up to #499. And #500 should be ready tomorrow, so to celebrate the half millennial, bells of celebration will ring out across the land and the woodland creatures will be skipping about the meadows, and cinderella will find her slipper, and anime characters will be poked and prodded with all variety of phallic objects. Seriously though, it’s gonna be business as usual.

2 more at DW

And here’s another 2 Numbus threw out over at doujin-world. They’re both rape. The Naruto one involves tentacles and the Gundam one is just really rough rape. I think it also has a brief enema, so those of you who can’t stomach that have been warned.

-Kashiwa-ya – Sakurachiru
-Takashi Ishigaki – Su na no ta te

The packlist is below:

I know the list hasn’t been updated yet. You can assume they are packs 31 and 32.

Air Praitre – Kunoichi in Heat

Here’s another Naruto doujin you’ll be able to grab over at doujin-moe. It has a Hinata story and a Sakura/Tenten story.


You can expect a large hmanga release tomorrow. Something for the loli enthusiasts.

Nanjou Asuka – Itazura Koneko Twins Ch.2-3


Here’s another 2 chapters courtesy of Cube. The DDL has been updated to contain the first 3 chapters together as well as the full-size cover for the guy who mentioned he wanted it the last time.


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Hiroki Tsukiyoshi – Hitoriga

And here’s another commission that’s being shared courtesy of Bayman. It’s a loli hmanga with mind control/hypnosis.

There might be another 2 hmanga releases this week and then I can get back to working on some smaller stuff. In other news, Cannon sensei has been paid for in full, so it has been removed from the Donor Projects section. You can expect the remaining 2 chapters soon. I’ve also added 2 new donor projects. The first is “Unmoral Kids” and the second is “Kodomo no Jikan” in case anyone wants to chip in on those. I’ve also added an extra line of info per donor project to give an idea of how far the donations for each project has progressed. You can check the “Donor Project” section for further details.