Jouji Manabe – Tail Chaser Ch.4

Here’s some more Tail Chaser courtesy of Cemex, Cube, RedRust, MaxBigfoot, & Wrldtrvlr.
Direct Download

Edit: The Typo has been fixed

Nanjou Asuka – Itazura Koneko Twins Ch.5

And here’s the 5th chapter of Koneko Twins courtesy of Cube. It took me a while to get around to this one, but it’s finally available.
Direct Download

Lee – Welcome to Animal Ear Hot Springs

Here’s another loli commission courtesy of Intrepid Giraffe Project. There are further chapters in this series involving the same characters, so you can likely expect the next one towards the end of this week.
Direct Download

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Akiyama Pro – Cyberexecution

Akiyama Pro – Denno Fuck Major Breakdown

Nagare Ippon – Parabellum Ch.3-4

And here are a couple more Parabellum chapters courtesy of Mor, Wrldtrvlr, Milkman Dan, JukanX, Romanji, and Baka.
Direct Download

Todd Special – Cute Person

And here’s another commission courtesy of Fordman. It was drawn by god… er… I mean, Todd Special.
Direct Download

Parabellum chapters should be ready in a few hours. There should be at least some Blood Lunch, Tail Chaser, Unmoral Kids, and possibly some chapters from some new donor projects this weekend.

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Charlie Nishinaka – Cheers Ch.4

Here’s the next chapter of Cheers, courtesy of Starfox.
Direct Download

A note that Vol.1 of Cheers has been fully covered. Those of you who want to contribute towards future volumes(There are 5 so far) can still do so. You can check the donor project section for details.

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Kohakutei – Ranjyuku 3

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Rebis – Prina the Dungeoneering Princess

Here’s another commission I finished a little while back. It’s courtesy of JukanX. If you don’t like futa, this series will probably not be your cup of tea. I’ll add a ddl and mediafire link later on. For now, you can grab it through the link below.

Also, I’ve added Mamama as donor project #12 since that seems to be the general consensus.

Kohakutei – Ranjyuku 2

Here’s the next volume of Ranjyuku. Again, this is courtesy of Niagatrats. The third volume will probably be out later tonight or tomorrow.
Direct Download

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Urotan – Cream Korone Syndrome

Here’s another commission courtesy of TG23. It’s a Lucky Star doujin I finished a few months back, I think.
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Ran Hiryu – Mamama

Okay. Here’s one I was asked to throw out last night. I actually finished it about a month ago. This one is courtesy of YDKJMF. It’s basically about a boy and his mother having sex while daddy’s away. Only the first 7 chapters were commissioned. The remaining 5 were not. I’m not sure yet whether or not to turn this into a donor project. If people really want to see the rest done, I’ll consider adding it to the list.
Direct Download

Gorgeous Takarada – Desperation Classroom Ch.3-4

And here’s the next few chapters of Desperation Classroom, courtesy of TheLizard, Intrepid Giraffe Project, and Kawase. The DDL links should be updated soon with all chapters. Also, a tiny warning. The girls in chapter 4 have a few… unsightly scars on their bodies. Those of you who can’t stand seeing scars on their lolis should probably tread lightly.
Direct Download

The commission lists have been updated with the most recent download links.

Rindou – Asuka & Shizuru Ch.7

Here’s another commission courtesy of Paulster. If you haven’t read previous chapters, it would probably help to do so before moving on to this one.

Gust – Colors

And here’s the other Gust doujin, also courtesy of Fordman.

I’ll update the DDL links and the commission list sometime tomorrow. You can also expect at least 2 chapters of Desperation classroom and possibly some other donor projects, as well.

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Gust – Cheer

Here’s one of the new Gust doujins. This one is courtesy of Fordman. As with other Gust doujins, it involves horny girls acting like sluts.

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Charlie Nishinaka – Cheers Ch.2-3

And here’s chapters 2-3 of Cheers, courtesy of Starfox. I included chapter 1 with it since I fixed a tiny typo on page 4 or 5, I think. Thanks to whoever pointed that out. As usual, a reminder that this is a donor project, so if you want to contribute, you can check the donor project section for details.

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Studio Wallaby – Natsumi Uniform Plan

And here’s another commission. This one is courtesy of Virgil Leone. I was asked to wait a couple of days before releasing it on the blog, so some of you may already have it.

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Kaworu Watashiya – Kodomo no Jikan Ch.40