Ooyamada Mangetsu – Pukkushi Punipuni Pakkuncho

And another one courtesy of DrNevermore. More loli. Some may consider it toddler. It’s not quite toddler, but it’s probably borderline.
Direct Download


  1. Steelreign says:

    Fuck yes! This is the best toddlerkon Artist ever!

  2. anony'mouse says:

    This is too awesome. TY!

  3. yay says:

    Was getting great, then it ended.

    Well worth it. (even though it’s small)

    Great job Saha and thanks DrNevermore for commissioning it.

  4. ribit says:

    File’s not at rapidshare or mediafire any longer. Direct Download also not functioning. Cheers. Keep up the good work.

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