Lee – Stalker Animal Ear Tactics

Here’s part 2 of the story I threw out last week involving the animal eared girls at the hot spring. This is courtesy of Intrepid Giraffe Project.

Desperation 5-6 should be ready tomorrow.


  1. Figaro says:

    Are there any more left in this series?

  2. sahadou says:

    yes. at least 1 more.

  3. Intrepid Giraffe Project says:

    And hopefully we’ll see another in the next COMIC RIN.

  4. Kikimaru says:

    I approve of fox-god lolis.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Desperation 5-6 should be ready tomorrow.”

    I’ve seen 1 and 2 and I just realized it says 5-6 I am kind of confused since it was mentioned it will be soon up?

  6. sahadou says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    facepalm?? What you mean?

  8. JimJenkins says:

    He means you’re a moron.

  9. Anonymous says:

    oh wow, rs and mf took them down

  10. Anonymous says:

    nooo, anyone else have this chapter? i have the rest but didn’t realize i didn’t get this one!

    can anyone reupload this pleeease!~

  11. sahadou says:

    ddl in the commission list.

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