Gorgeous Takarada – Yoroshiku Onegaishimanko Desuwa

Here’s a new chapter in the “Cannon Sensei” series courtesy of Intrepid Giraffe Project. It’s technically a doujin, but it still picks up after the last chapter in the series. Those of you who haven’t read Cannon Sensei already probably shouldn’t bother with this chapter until after you’ve read the main series and grown accustomed to Cannon’s level of insanity during sex.
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And time for the usual reminder. Yes, I know all the old links are dead. Everything’s been re-uploaded here:


  1. psykomedian says:

    More Cannon Sensei, what can I say other than; FUCK YEAH!

    And it even ends with a cliffhanger, what will happen next? Will Yuriko’s parents accept their relationship, will they elope together, or will Binta end spending his nights having sex with someone called Bubba? DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!

  2. Marte says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to have a Shota and a Loli section? For example I like Shota(straight, but after all you only have straight content here, so you don’t need to specify this), but I hate Loli.

  3. Phy says:


  4. XelNaga-Tribe says:

    OMG! more Cannon Sensei, thx fot the chap.
    I can´t wait for the next xD

  5. Chibicon says:

    lol @ the title :P

  6. Gon says:

    lol funny ^^

  7. Cloud says:

    Okei so let me get this straight, Binta got Cannon pregnate?

  8. Ewa says:

    ^Cloud: you just spoiled the story for us :/

  9. Shake says:

    wait wait wait wait wait wait wait

    a new cannon chapter? Is this like an extra chapter or something? a sequel to cannon sensei? I downloaded everything before this, and I thought that was that. He got inspired again, drew manga and turned in his work, the end.

    Is this a small extra chapter he did, or does it continue?

    Exactly how long is this?

  10. Gundark says:

    I just read it.

    Its a continuation,after the (complete) book that has been translated by saha. I assume the “cannon” story was quite a success. I for myself havent read a funnier story before, so i am not surpised.
    It still has some untranslated notes from Sensei Takarada *and* it the end it says “to be continued”.
    AND it is as funny as the book itself.

    what an artist can make a “doujin” of his own work?

    Oh and MANY THANX for this!

  11. the7sinner says:

    not a loli anymore? canon sensei is all grown up!

  12. psykomedian says:

    # Chibicon Says:

    lol @ the title :P

    Wait what?! What does the title meaning, am I the only one not getting the joke?

    As far as my weeabo knowledge goes, yoroshiku means “pleased to meet you” and desuwa, means “I am” but onegaishimanko, I have no idea. Well it does have manko in there, could it mean what I think it means? :D

  13. beiz says:

    BOYEAH, I love Gorgeous Takarada’s stuff, and a continuation of the all time favorite? THERE IS A GOD, AND HIS/HER NAME IS GORGEOUS TAKARADA!

    if you call 13 all grown up~

  14. Matthew Graves says:

    You’ll of COURSE be doing the next part of this, when available, right????

  15. Intrepid Giraffe Project says:

    Ok guys. There’s one other chapter out there. It really doesn’t continue with this story, it might not even be chronologically after this. I think it might be before, but I didn’t know about it until I’d already tossed this one on Saha’s table. Now the second extra chapter is on his plate too. These are just extra chapters so far. Not structured new arcs. There’s even a continuation of Desperation Classroom! I got too much on the plate at the moment, still another Animal Ear chapter to do too!

  16. Matthew Graves says:

    Just as long as they ALL get done, its good. Speaking of, just how many animal ear stories are there? I love those too.

  17. Intrepid Giraffe Project says:

    The 5th chapter came out in the last Comic Rin. Not sure how long its going to run, its still ongoing.

  18. Verfor99 says:

    Well, Cannon Sensei (first volume at least) was serialized in Comic XO, and in Issue 20 (2008.01, sold during December ’07), Takarada started a new series with someone else. Now if only we had uploads of ther Comic XO issues after that (dear god it’s been a year and all we’ve had uploaded was issue 27 by some random person).
    But hey, at least they’re finally releasing the next tankobon of Bow Rei’s Secret Flower Garden THIS December.

  19. ~_~ says:

    the mediafire link is dead
    MU is working though.

  20. psykomedian says:

    Wait, am I the only one not getting the joke, what is the title supposed to mean?

    I see a manko in there, but it couldn’t be… could it?

  21. aTaNoK says:

    The picture in the post says “Yoroshiku onegai… shima●ko desuwa·♥”
    Why the censor? >_>

  22. ... says:

    It’s so hard to get used to the public fuckings in there story, also I’m in awe and lawls that she would love him so damn much she did say she love the adventure and excitement of getting preggers.

  23. Anon E-Moose says:

    I’m not seeing anything at the new megaupload link. Rehost?

  24. Anon E-Moose says:

    I had not noticed how old this was. Nevermind. It’s probably in the torrent somewhere

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