Sakurafubuki Nel – First Love Recipe Ch.7

Here’s a new chapter courtesy of Opiage. This was originally commissioned separately from the donor project before I realized it was from the same book, but I’ve merged them together. This actually involves the same couple from chapter 1. Those of you’d like to chip in can check the donor projects section for details.

And the usual reminder. Yes, I know all the old links are dead. Everything’s been re-uploaded here:

Also, a small note… Apparently, my mediafire links are getting deleted once again. As a result, I will likely stop using mediafire in the future. So it’ll be megaupload and one other service. I might start up regular rapidshare links again and we’ll see how that goes. I don’t know if the recent mediafire deletions are a result of mediafire monitoring the account or if it’s the same fag who reported the links the last time. For now, the megaupload links appear to be intact.


  1. Intrepid Giraffe Project says:

    Damn, this guy’s artwork is hot. Thanks for the translations and the commissions!

  2. Zup says:

    I can’t seem to find ch 3,4,5,6 the only other first love recipe is 1-2 and 7 I’m a little confused.

  3. opiage says:

    Zup: I commissioned this chapter around the same time the commissioner of chapters 1 & 2 started the project as a donor project, completely unbeknownst to each other. SaHa translated this chapter for me ahead of the rest of the chapters of First Love Recipe because I’d asked for it unrelated to the rest of the work, and he decided to release it first because it was ready, rather than withhold it until the rest were translated.

  4. Gon says:


    ok then i upload mediashare now for all -.- i hate rapidshit and megafuck, mediashare is the only one

  5. orphan says:

    damn….. Good bye, Mediafire.
    hey Sayo, You might ought to consider uploading your works to, just like the did.

    i’ve tried to access mediashare and it doesn’t seem to be accepting firefox browser. it says : “The Neptune Mediashare service cannot work with Firefox browser at this time. Firefox and Netscape browsers do not support Active-X Controls such as the embedded Windows Media Player plugin. To use the site, you will need working media player plugins for Quicktime or WMP, as well as Neptune’s Easy Upload tool built on Active-X.”

    sorry for the poor english. :D

  6. wanderer says:

    I,m having major problems downloading off of megaupload and your direct link files. The files always come out incomplete, and I can’t use torrents. do you have any suggestion. love your site

  7. Gon says:

    mediashare works well for me ^^ i can upload and download or i miss read ur post :3

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just use megarotic pretty much same as megaupload but they wont delete files like these, its there purpose

  9. Zup says:


    Ah alrighty, thanks for explaining, it makes sense now =3

  10. HL says:

    Both links seem down
    So far MediaFire and MegaUpload/Megarotic have been most reliable source for me. Others file sharers don’t seem to work for me.

  11. Flandre says:

    wow now even megaupload is deleted

  12. Solren says:

    nope, the media fire one is dead, but the mega upload one is working fine

  13. wanderer says:

    arg, I’m having such a problem with megaupload, I can’t get any file to download off that site. please SaHa use another fileshare site. anything but torrents

  14. Webbmaster62 says:

    I’m surprised but people haven’t realize that is back and better than it was before. They updated and you can download and upload anything there now. I started using them again. Especially since they can go about a 1GB now.

  15. KnightAR says:

    For those who are complaining about the Direct Download site, Please note that it requires JavaScript enabled to download (To prevent bots from downloading the files).

  16. Jonesy says:

    i think last resort will be sharebee but yay another release thnx

  17. Anonymous says:

    Maybe a littel offtopic here but it seams Numbus made a release!
    To Heart 2 – XLLL

    Also you missed “Mai-Otome – Imperial Days” when you made a post for “Fate Stay Night – Candy”.

  18. sahadou says:

    I just haven’t moved it into the general shared folder so that the links are visible from that list. Same with the past 4 or 5 releases, which are all available on the main page. I’ll move them into the shared folder tomorrow.

  19. aTaNoK says:

    Chapter 2 is still my favorite, but HOLY SHIT I love this artist!

    MOAR plzkthx :3

  20. TheLizard says:

    May the guy who’s getting your files deleted feel the flaming bite of the barbed cock of Satan in his ass for all eternity.
    That said, thanks for going to Megaupload. I’ve got an account with them so it’s very convenient. Except for the fact that their stupid display cuts off the files names….
    I hadn’t known about this artist. Great stuff. Honto ni domo arigato, Opiage.

  21. Disfunctial says:

    Hay, but can you reupload it to another site like rapidshre

  22. Disfunctial says:

    for some reason i cant get them.

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