Awaji Himeji – Jyokuiku

Here’s a new hmanga courtesy of Bayman. This release deserves a warning to those of you who have a problem with loli rape. This particular manga is quite rough, so if loli rape makes you squirm, I’d recommend avoiding this one altogether. If you ignore my warning, don’t whine to me about your eyes bleeding.

There should be another full manga release in the coming days. I’m just waiting to hear back from the commissioner. Either way, I’ve gotten back to work on a few donor projects. Angel’s Drop will likely be the first candidate. I will also be sending out e-mails to notify certain commissioners that I can finally start on their stuff.

And a notice that all releases have been reuploaded to the megaupload folder in the “Downloads” section of the blog. If anyone notices any specific files missing, they can let me know and I’ll reupload them.


  1. JukanX says:

    Whoa, thanks… I’ve always refrained from commissioning anything by Awaji Himeji (namely “JR – Junior Rape”) because of the massive amount of handwritten text in the margins. Can’t wait to read this one.

  2. Webbmaster62 says:

    I like this guy’s work but….woo. man, Let’s just say I’m glad this is not real. Well, this manga anyway. LOL

  3. commissionercemex says:


  4. Kaabi says:

    If you plan on reading this hmanga, you WILL go to hell as soon as you download it.

  5. Afkazar says:

    “Rape” by definition in H-manga is a bit weird since…well 9 out of 10 times the girl tends to ends up loving it.(Or kinda already wanted it).

    To say I have a problem with loli rape would be a bit of a lie since I have fapped to loli rape before.

    To say I have a problem with loli rape where the loli is clearly sporting a face of terror the entire time and not enjoying it/never enjoys it and has a bad end (loli ends up as unwilling rape slave) would probably be spot on. This appears to be that latter. Therefore I will not download.(Unless I need to kill an erection)

    (as an aside to “bad end” I will fap if it has a good end. One particular loli rape manga (don’t remember its name) ends with the loli wishing god to kill all her rapists.God obliges and gives them all heart attacks. Lulz were had.)

    “If you plan on reading this hmanga, you WILL go to hell as soon as you download it.”
    …You confuse me…You act like I would wish to download something pornographic and then not read it. And to imply that we would be cast to the fires of hell for merely downloading something and not truly understanding the content until AFTER we had read it just sounds like the wrong avenue to travel. I have downloaded many a thing that I didn’t quite realize the true horrors contained in them.(Specifically Camp Mission). Also if one reads this particular piece and is offended/horrified by it should they be sent to hell? I downloaded “Tokyo Akazukin” which while not “Explicit” still contained many horrors that would not be considered something that I would recommend those with weak stomachs/fear of gore. But I did not fap or became aroused once.

    Ultimately I would say one who downloads this work and willingly faps to it would be the one I think should be sent to hell. But alas god is forgiving.(If you believe in him/her/it/them)

    Also after spending so much time Ranting about the definition of rape and debating the merits of hell and a forgiving god I may just need to download this out of curiosity.Eventually. I don’t want my first H-manga of 2009 to make me depressed.

  6. Anonym says:

    ok, that was just sick.

    Really, if you don’t have the stomach, don’t download. The last arc was specially awful, holy **** dudes…

    With this said, I’ll go back to the more “normal” loli mangas

  7. Intrepid Giraffe Project says:

    A lil rough loli rape really isn’t too bad. However, this one was brimming with the worst sort and leaves no hope for said loli. This sort is best in small doses, not spanning multiple chapters.

  8. Blue Despair says:

    huh, that wasnt fun at all.
    fapped for 200 pages and nothing happened, just a depressing, guilty atmosphere and an angry boner.

  9. Renzan says:

    I Liek Loli

    should i DL it or not?

  10. sahadou says:

    In that case, the answer is no.

  11. Hueavos says:

    This was the most disturbing Loli Rape manga I think i have seen. Its only for those into hardcore violence. If you have read hentai like overflow black market youll prob like this if you want to see terrible things happen to lolis of a similar nature.

    I would say this falls into the MAKE YOU RAGE area of hentai.

    Honestly after reading the comments I had to read it and see for myself.

    First few stories flowed and had believability. Last one of the girls sent to a school made me rage, but I raged again for the lack of believability too it. As if no one would notice the actions of this school, and that there are pregnant 8 to 13 year olds etc. all over the place. And no leaks of information. List goes on. I just can never buy the we get away with no risk or repercussions story line. But if you just want to see girls getting brutally raped and broken then its what you want, since it delivers that in spades.

    I imagine that this will get lots of DLs.

  12. Anonymous says:

    9 year old getting preg is just plan impossible no matter what…. not to mention all the bodily problems they would have dealing with it anyways

  13. stranger says:

    i’ve seen worse(like immoral angel). and no, it’s not impossible to impreg a 9 yo it’s happened to rape vctims as young as 8.

  14. Hueavos says:

    Yes acutally its possible to get a girl preg at 8.

    Too me this one was bad because it never really fell into the whole, they start to love it scenario. And the girls in every segment are clearly not enjoying any of it. Even the one girl wasnt really enjoying it at the end she was just clearly broken at that point.

  15. Afkazar says:

    Oh the earliest recorded pregnancy is 5 years old (google “Lina Medina”) so it is kind of a moot point that there are 8 year olds pregnant.

    As for this Manga…I will probably put it in the same category as
    Mai-chans daily life and
    Concrete school girl.

    That is the “One day…I will build up the courage to read these. And my life will be ruined after I do for faith in humanity will be destroyed”

    (As an aside Mai-chans daily life and concrete school girl are some of the most hardcore GURO!!!! known to man. Maichans is apparently more cartoony in theme (Immortal girl is a sex slave) where as Concrete school girl is just….just…Its like the worst Hmanga you could ever read. Since it is based on true events. So not only is it realistic but it is incredibly BRUTAL.Like oh my god I need to go throw up in a toilet brutal. Can you read this wikipedia article and have the desire to fap? If so this manga is for you)

  16. AnonAnon says:

    I don’t get it, so is it guro? or is it some pretty crazy shit like sticking (object) into (hole) that would send you to hell for eternity?

    Seeing these comments here, I don’t know if I’m desensitized enough to take extreme stuff (I’ve seen some pretty strong shit <_<, and I don’t plan on fapping to this).

    To those who have read this, what’s the most gruesome, stomach wrenching, vomit-inducing act in the book?

    On the internet, curiosity will kill the cat… Well, more like raeped and shotgunned in the face…

  17. Anonymous Coward says:

    No, it isn’t guro, but the little girls get raepd pretty hard, they DO NOT start enjoying it halfway through and the stories’ endings don’t leave a door open to hope, so it’s unlikely that this book will leave you in a bright mood.

    I’ve yet to finish the book, but I’ve seen worse… As for abused lolis, Utamaro Kakinomoto’s works for example.

    The only mangas so far that really made me feel bad for the characters are Oyster’s chapters from Girls in Hell 2 (you can find this one translated on this very site), and the above-mentioned Schoolgirl in Concrete.
    By the way, above the pity for the girl and rage at the scum that tortured and killed her, I felt disgust with myself when I realized that I wouldn’t have been as enraged if the girl-in-concrete had been ugly…

  18. Gundark says:

    I am already in hell and waiting for the likes of you…

    So it is heavy rape BUT sahas warning was explicit.
    Maybe it would have been more appreciated if the drawings wouldnt have been so ugly.
    So live with it.
    Nobody has to read it.
    I got bored halfway and stopped.
    Maybe i will continue, maybe not.
    Nothin happened in reality and only the pencil of the artist was injured.

    I am getting curious for “schoolgirl in concrete” but i am not realy into that violence stuff and might get depressed.

    raping adults is *no* better!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Greatest rape doujin I’ve ever read.

  20. Anonymous says:

    This shit is so hot, anyone who is offended by this is a pussy.

  21. Anonymous says:

    deadlink, someone reupload please

  22. Raphenox says:

    Look at Cambodia and you will often see little 7 or 8 year olds getting pregnant….. simply because of child prostitution. It was a Dateline special once………….

  23. Anonymous says:

    All three links are dead, please re-up. Thanks.

  24. Anonymous says:

    My bad, read stickies and found working link in lists.

  25. Anon says:

    where can has list? not finding for days!

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