Saigado – Yuri & Friends FullColor 9


Here’s the commission I mentioned before. I was about 6.2 seconds away from handing it to Numbus when the commissioner told me he wanted it. I was going to post it last night, but datorrents was down for some reason. The content is pretty standard stuff, so I don’t need to give any warnings about tentacles and other weird stuff this time. There’s another commission I finished last night which might come out publicly in the near future, so you can probably look forward to that one. Some more good news is that I have a new unlimited net connection now, so I’ll be able to continue torrenting in the future without any trouble and all will be right with the world. For now, you can grab this doujin here:


  1. syn says:

    Nice, a translated version…if only there was some seeds.

  2. rand says:

    can someone put this on rapidshare? or atleast seed it?

  3. sahadou says:

    Chances are I’ll be releasing a batch torrent of a lot of these sometime in the next week or so. datorrents seems to be having issues, so I’ll consider moving all torrents to a new tracker. I just want to wait till Tuesday or Wednesday when another commission is expected to go public.

    In the meantime, here’s a rapidshare for this one:

  4. rand says:

    thanks alot

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