Jinmu Hirohito – Couple of Ranma Doujins


Okay. I just got word that a couple of my older Ranma 1/2 translations have just gone public. “Ra Ra” contains Ryoga x Female Ranma, so those who happen to have an issue with Ranma doing it with Ryoga may want to pass. “Gomai Hitokumi Sanzeyen” contains Female Ranma x Nabiki x Shampoo, where Nabiki and Shampoo temporarily become futanari. If you’re scratching your head wondering what Ranma is, chances are you’re not old enough to be reading these. You can grab them below. Just go to the “dojinshi” section of the site:



  1. Junia Bisteca says:

    Amazing stuff.

  2. tcieiwy says:

    Ah, it’s been so long since I’ve seen anything Ranma related, let alone a doujinshi of the series. You’d think that, despite its age, there would still be some newer doujinshi made of the series, considering that the main character can change sexes with a simple dash of water.

  3. LM says:

    I just got around to read “5-pack For 3000 Yen” (which is “Gomai Hitokumi Sanzeyen” I assume?) and noticed it is listed as #94 in your list but says #96 on page 5. Wanted to let you know this.

  4. ppgg says:

    The download link in the Commission List 001 – 300 doesn’t seem to work. Just reloads the page…

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