Gorgeous Takarada – Female Ero Manga Artist Scorned

Here’s a new Cannon Sensei doujin courtesy of Intrepid Giraffe Project. This doujin is less about the sex and more about the lulz. If you’re not familiar with cannon sensei, you might want to read that before diving into this one.

DDL links will be updated within the next couple of days.


  1. SR says:

    Hahah holy shit that was great.

  2. UhClem says:

    You’ve just gotta love her enthusiasm, no matter what it is she goes full out!

  3. mutsume says:

    wow.. i didnt know theres a continuation of Cannon Sensei…. thx a lot >_<

  4. unclesam says:

    You should put that in as your credit page – dont steal my stuff ^^

  5. Fang says:

    W00t canon sensei XD
    I was actually thinking it was the continuation of the other chapter that was released here a few months ago, what is the progress of that one?
    Nonetheless this is also a great up, thnx alot ;)

  6. RJ says:

    Canon Sensei is just the freaking best hentai manga ever! Even when there isn’t hardly any H content, it still rules!

  7. Leon says:

    Very true, Canon Sensei is the best XD by the way, what “other chapter” is this?

  8. Fang says:

    @ leon – [SaHa] Gorgeous Takarada – Yoroshiku Onegaishimanko Desuwa (English) release date 26/11/08 , i was actually expecting a new chapter of that one but this release is also nice ;)

  9. psykomedian says:

    Wow, this was awesome, never piss off a loli with a baseball bat.

    By the way, is there actually a continuation to that other chapter we saw last? Because it sure ended with a damned good cliffhanger.

  10. sahadou says:

    Not that I’m aware of, but he might be working on a new chapter.

  11. psykomedian says:

    I would certainly hope so, It’d be interesting to read how the hell Binta gets out of that mess.

  12. DoubleDouble says:

    Canon-Sensei female ero manga artist by day, angry female ero manga artist by night. This one a keeper.

  13. mahouneko says:

    There’s a built-in joke for this particular entry. Remember the scene where she smacks the guy in the head with a bat? If you look over to the left of that panel, it says “Beware of Perverts”.

  14. Josear says:

    im just waiting in despair for Direct download link

  15. sahadou says:

    This may come as a shock, but READ THE FUCKING STICKY!

  16. Just a geek says:

    Heh. Awesome. Thanks!

    That last panel, the “justice has prevailed” one, is reminiscent of Nana from the manga Othello.

  17. Intrepid Giraffe Project says:

    Cannon-Sensei’s mania is always amusing. I know I should have gotten this one translated first. Next up will be more Animal Ear. Already thinking about some project past Animal Ear too. There is an other chapter of Desperation Classroom that needs to be translated…

  18. Anonymous says:

    links are down

  19. Mephistopheles says:

    Could you please remove the images on the commission lists? That way accessing them would not be as annoying as it is now. (just a suggestion).

  20. sahadou says:

    no. The thumbnail covers make it easier for people to see what the hell they’re looking for. If you have a huge problem with the covers, simply hit the stop button on your browser to prevent it from loading all the images.

  21. mangagirl says:

    she looks a bit older in this 1 any1 aggree

  22. dbgtwill1 says:

    it would be really cool if u could get a torrent with all this artist stuff-and simaler artist’s(i.e.no rape,forced,tentacle,beast-and the like)dont get me wrong
    u do good work on the others there just not my cup of tea

    regardless thnx for all the hard work

  23. guyWho says:

    All the links are down.

  24. UhClem says:

    Regarding thumbnails:

    Yes thumbnails are really cool and any site would be almost dead and un-navigable without them, but consider that ultimately the reason files get deleted is not because of porn content but because of copyright issues, and copyright extends to the thumbs as well. I remember a manga site that was forced to pull all their thumbs and it looked really pale.

    In the end if they really want to bring down a site they can go after your thumbs. I suspect this is what happened to loli.pant.su. Their domain name still points to WordPress but the site is no longer there. I suspect that the success of the dlc files was so frustrating that the attackers moved to a different vulnerability.

    Does anyone know for sure what it was tha happened there?

  25. anon says:

    loli.pant.su just require a registered account now, they’re still up.

  26. UhClem says:

    Well it turns out it was just me. The loli.pant.su site wasn’t down. I was just having login issues. Perhaps my cookie had crumbled.

  27. Matthew Graves says:

    Hurry up with the DDLs, the links for this are all killed

  28. stupid makes me homicidal says:

    god bless folks are stupid STU_PID read the sticky on main page mathew

  29. Alwin says:

    Perhaps I’m just as stupid as ppl not reading the immense sticky on top of the page.. But I can’t find this file in the torrent?

    Decided to just download it all and see if it’s really not there

  30. Alwin says:

    Ah, never mind. Found it in the batch torrent anyway. sorry for posting too soon

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