Fatalpulse – Victim Girls 6

Here’s a new one you can find over at Doujin-Moe. As with previous doujins in this series, the women are treated rather poorly and end up enjoying it. I’m not sure if the rape tag really applies for this doujin, but it’s technically rape to start with. That said, if you had a huge problem with the past 5 volumes in the series, I’d probably recommend avoiding this one. If you like Code Geass and you can at least tolerate the kind of stuff in a Victim Girls doujin, you should find this one very amusing.

As usual, for anyone with enough brains to know where to look, I’ve also added a ddl link to the commission lists. #790.


  1. walter says:

    huh. are there missing pages in the DDL link? the dark haired girl says she has a notice for zero, and then it just drops.
    is it a reference to code geass that i don’t get, or what?

  2. Sahadou says:

    Seems there was a minor fuck up with the page naming. All files were in there, but page 31-36 weren’t renamed properly, so it might have skipped to a later page if you were using a viewer. You can either rename those 6 pages accordingly or grab the fixed version, which is now uploaded and ready to go.

  3. Phy says:

    I haven’t read this but I hate Gayass but I love Victim Girls. Hopefully Victim Girls will cancel out the fail of Gayass.

    The other Victim Girls were quality so GJ to that. Lookin’ forward to Victim Girls 7, and hopefully it won’t be Gayass.

  4. Anonymous says:

    where can i find links to Victim Girls 1-5 ?

  5. Anon says:

    1 can be found in Commission List 001-300
    1-5 can be found can be found in the Torrent.
    1-4 in the KuroN3ko & Everyman folder.
    5 in the Cemex folder.

  6. Anonymous says:

    what torrent?

  7. Tsurepettan Loev says:

    Fatalpulse stuff is awesome, erotic misogyny ftw =)

  8. Anona says:

    Anonymous Says:
    April 11, 2009 at 9:07 am
    what torrent?

    Do you ever read the STICKY at the top of the main webpage?

    For starters, you can find the updated batch torrent in the Downloads section.

    Then go to the top or left and click on Downloads.
    There you will find, at the top of the page:

    January 8, 2008 — Sahadou

    Check the Commission lists for individual DDL links.

    Batch Torrent of Commissions(Either one is the same, so you don’t need to grab both):

  9. Tsurepettan Loev says:

    Just read it, it’s actually a lot milder than usual. At least on the girls, overall just far milder than expected.
    I guess there is the bonus of seeing Zero from Code Gayass being humiliated. I collected both seasons since it was so popular, but couldn’t stand it once I got around to watching. Lelouch was so emofag that watching it was torture, he had all the reasoning capabilities of a 10 year old hikki… and everything so over the top melodramatic. Pent up rage from having a micropeen is about a good explanation as any.

  10. Pedobear says:

    I loled at the tiny penis lol

  11. lolwut says:


    So did your mother.


  12. Anonymous says:

    I can’t fap to this, i am sick, i need some help.

  13. Inadvent says:

    You just burned Pedobear

    Then you should go back to the basics, start with a romantic one (guy loves chick and viceversa, hot sex, happy ending), once back on track try again.

  14. BlackSamurai says:

    I was pretty disgusted by this, especially the part where they put the girls in boxes and when Kaguya says that they will take out their teeth. Dude these guys (like many others) are sick…

  15. Sol Falling says:

    Code Geass bashing in this thread is pretty clueless. As a whole it might have failed pretty spectacularly to live up to its full potential, but season 1 still managed to be as close to perfect execution as anime will likely ever get.

    Anyway, as a fan, I did indeed find Zero raging like a little bitch while Kallen enjoyed being raped in his face hilarious. The ending didn’t quite work for me, but overall it was still pretty uplifting.

  16. Neofio says:

    To BlackSamurai: Oh, this? This is nothing, compared to Victim Girls 1-5. This one is relatively tame in comparison.

  17. Natalus says:

    lol, it’s really softer compared to previous release of victim girls

  18. Contramundi says:

    Not brutal like the first chapters but…

    Certainly this is the funniest LOL

    Cant stop laughing when Zero gets so humiliated

  19. Rubyfruit says:

    This is much, much tamer and much less depressing than the fourth Victim Girls installment. Then again, I seem to have a much higher threshold for what disturbs me in an H-manga/H-doujinshi.

    This had a relatively happier ending. The part with the teeth being taken out was a bit WTF, though.

  20. Anonymous says:

    @Tsurepettan Loev
    Man, you really need a cock up your ass bad, don’t you? Hey, so sorry the boy you liked didn’t give it to you and you had to settle with your dad’s cock loser, but we don’t care, so stop sprading your fail, Code Geass is the ultimate form of pure unadulterated win, that you are such big failfag that you can’t even look at its greatness is laughable, but you are just sad, so take that stinking pile of shit you thought were funny comments and shove them bitch.

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