The Amanoja 9 – T.S. I Love You Ch.25-26

Here are a few more chapters courtesy of Chibi_Kaji & Gougar84, and it’s the start of Volume 4.

The next NoMG is expected to be complete this weekend.

If the links are dead, try this.


  1. Bob_Smith says:

    I have been w8ing so long for this to come out. My thx and congrats to Saha, Chiba, & Gougar. Keep up the good work

  2. gougar84 says:

    Very nice. Thx for these chapters.

  3. Nightmaster says:

    Its just me or the Chapter numbers are wrong? It should not be Chapters 1 and 2?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Different volume, but it continues the “series” from the last one.

  5. Kaabi says:

    The cover looks nice. But I still can’t get over the whole “dudes with boobs” theme. Thanks for the hard work, anyway.

  6. SeniorWatashi says:

    Any link for getting the rest of the series?

  7. Hanako says:

    Thanks to the team for the work!

    love amanoja’s work :)

  8. Chibi Kaji says:

    SeniorWatashi: there should be a link for the 3rd one some where on the site. But if you want the First 2 volumes you’ll have to look else where.

  9. Bob_Smith says:

    N e one know a link to find more of amanoja’s work (besides ts i love you 1 & 2)?

  10. Bob_Smith says:

    Forgot to add, needs to be english translation

  11. Chibi Kaji says:

    Bob: Unfortunately the only stuff I have of his translated is the TS I Love you Series. I do have some of his other stuff untranslated (I Cup, FetishDoll 2, Pretty Fetishism and some chapters of Shemale Behavior that haven’t been added to TS I Love you yet). I think I might have a few more but the quality is even worse then the first TS1 scans. I also own a few of his more recent books but I lack a decent scanner. :(

  12. waster says:

    Holy shit there was a 4th one?
    T.S. I love You has to be my favorite H-manga series.
    Also Bob_Smith, there’s a translated copy of Fetish Doll floating around somewhere out there.

  13. Che says:

    Holy Cheese On Rye!

    This series is so hottttttttttttt!!!


    Great series.

    For those who don’t know the series, there are 4 TS I love you volumes & at least a dozen other ‘new-half’ volumes by this group.

  14. Ramie says:

    win!!!! moar of this sort of thing :)

  15. follower says:

    All links are dead including the image one, please reupload

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