Kurita Yuugo – The Girl Dreams Dogs Ch.9-11

Here are the remaining chapters courtesy of EnerjakReborn, Caracarn, Cornfield, & JukanX. Once again, for those of you who don’t want the depressing ending, you should have stopped before the end of chapter 6. If you already read chapter 7-8 and you still want to stop on a somewhat happy note, stop after you’re done with chapter 9. For those of you who want the mindfuck ending, proceed to the very end.


  1. sky says:

    I thought the ending was less fucked up than chap 8.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So grimdark

  3. DMC says:

    The ending wasn’t so bad… however the chapter before that was full of WTF O.o!?

  4. Zathael says:

    There is part of me that wants to read the whole thing, just to see how it ends. I already know about the sad part with the one dog. Is it a “bad end” in that there is more sadness and regret? Or is it a BAD END with death, murder, suicide, that sort of thing?

  5. gestaltaddict says:

    agree with DMC….

    SUre Chapter 10 is a big ‘WTF !?!’, but after that, eh. Not that grimdark. Sure it was not happy, but hey… it not entirely hopeless…

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is pretty fucked up. Though the fact that it didn’t shock me that much is probably even more disturbing.

  7. Masakatasu says:

    i think the word bittersweet would best describe the ending
    ok so my prediction was off actually kinda glad it was cause at the very least she isn’t dead and that counts for a lot at the end of the day.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I thought I should mention for the people who take this too seriously that it is physically impossible for a dog to impregnate a human. And in an off-chance, the human body would reject the conception MUCH earlier that dictated in this story.
    As for a story about a girl who abuses animals, at least she got what she deserved.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ya know, stopping at page 166, isn’t so bad..

  10. Anonymous says:

    Oh… that wasn’t so bad, I expected a really depressing ending. still somewhat depressing, but not really.

  11. AnonymousEditor says:

    Now I know what you meant by “mindfuck ending”. Well, I’ve been warned…

    On page 26 “I don’t [know] what I’m supposed to say”
    On page 53 “You [don't] need to be so hasty”
    On page 69 in the middle is a heart a little behind the text.
    On page 91 “as if I could [feel] Mickey’s life”
    On page 92 “I could [hear] Mickey howling”
    On page 162 “in my ass of my pussy” -> “Of” should be “or”

  12. Anonymous says:

    What the hell did come out of her? O.o

    Besides that strange thing, the ending was not that bad, I was imagining it to be a lot worse

  13. Sorrior says:

    Was better than i thought i agree not that depressing LOL boy are we ever a bunch of fucked up pervs but happy ones i’m guessing.

  14. Finem says:

    Thanks for the warning SaHa. I stopped reading this around Ch. 4 when I started to realize this would be a Badend sort of thing. But I appreciate the fact that you care enough to warn us.

  15. Ehud says:

    Thanx for the warning Sayo. I didn’t read it yet, and i guess i’ll never will.

  16. Sahadou says:

    Depends how sensitive you are, but this ranks pretty high up in terms of messed up endings. Let’s just say that karma hits her like a 2-ton truck.

  17. gestaltaddict says:

    Ow, you naughty one….

  18. Karis Fra Mauro says:

    Bah, you’d think nobody had ever heard of the fibroid from hell before. No biggie :)

  19. Color says:

    Quite interesting.

  20. Hardcover says:

    Might be a bit of a downer, but it does end with a bit of hope. I like this manga, despite its odd subject matter, its a surprisingly heartfelt take on girls living on the very fringes of society.

  21. Bleh says:

    I read this more to see how fucked up it was than anything else.

    I was expecting a Mai-chan’s Daily Life or Girl Encased In Concrete, but it didn’t compare to those, so I wasn’t that shocked by anything that happened in it.

  22. Kaabi says:

    Meh, wasn’t really shocking to me. Or maybe I’m just fucked up already.

  23. KemoSa says:

    The full volume from Depositfiles has been removed.

  24. Troqu says:

    Thanks for this. Chapter 10 was definitely worse than 11. 11 had too much hope.

  25. carl says:

    full volume was removed from depositfiles please saha reup!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    The description got my attention this time and i read whole manga at one time. By the end i nearly barfed. Seriously, whoever gets turned on by this sick shit let me know cause i can’t possibly be imagining someone fapping to it.
    Fuck i think i’m impotent now for days. Thanks saha *thumbs up*

  27. carl says:

    actually i’ve read the full manga and despite all the sick stuff in it is a good story. only the story. thanks for the manga saha, even with all that.

  28. Alwin says:

    Well I stopped reading just before this release, glad to see even for me (as a pretty fanatic Kodomo no Jikan fan) there still are some borders I’d rather not cross.

    Thanks for the warning, SaHa :)

  29. theodoric says:

    wow . . what a hell of a story . . and one of the biggest reasons why I stopped reading american comics decades ago and was converted to manga . . the japanese are MUCH better storytellers . . and they tell stories that american comics are afraid to touch

    the ending was a bit of a gut wrenching twist . . I am glad I read it all the way through to the end

  30. surveyork says:

    LOL @ page 165. One of the weirdest mangas ever.

  31. anonymous says:

    link is dead. Fix please? I am looking forward to the mindfuck ending

  32. Fibroid says:

    She must have given “birth” to a fibroid. Uterine fibroids can be grapefruit-sized or larger. What’s amazing is that some can detach themselves from the uterus. If it was puppy-shaped, we could have had a more fantasy ending to the manga.


  33. Anonimus says:

    All the links, and I mean all, have been take doun.
    Can this be fix it?????


    Or is there another site to see it????

  34. Dalduun says:

    Hello Sahadou Can you upload The full volume of this manga I like it .Please or send to my e-mail Please

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