Ganassa – Zoey! Watch Your Ass!

Here’s the finalized comic I commissioned with Ganassa in all of its 4-page colored glory. Note that this comic isn’t read right to left like a doujin. I do expect to commission him again in the future, once I’ve come up with a new idea for a commission. You can find more of Ganassa’s artwork at his Deviantart account, or his Hentai Foundry account.


  1. Wonderboy says:

    absolutely amazing! i love guro arts, though i was kinda hoped the witch would rip a new one on zoey instead. xD

  2. Anonymous says:

    not a big fan of pregnant looking zoey but its looks great!

  3. Setebos says:

    Wow, that was intense and only makes me want to see more. Thanks, Sayo, it’s good stuff.

  4. Milkman Dan says:

    I half-expected the Witch to grow a cock. Just keep the gore away, it’s stupid anyway. Killing the characters just means it’s over.

  5. veyn says:

    Don’t play the games, but this is hot stuff

  6. veyn says:

    *I* don’t play the games, I meant to say

  7. moonstar says:

    there are virus and trojan horses on (Deviantart account) link

  8. Anonymous says:

    Fuck yeah inflation!!

    Though you might want to put tags in next time.

  9. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Sayo.

  10. Gwen says:

    This was great! even though it’s only four pages long it makes up with quality! I definitely think you guys should make some more.

  11. Sahadou says:

    As I said, I’m considering commissioning him for other stuff. If I do, it’ll probably be smaller than this one, though. Commissioning a full comic like this tends to burn a hole through your wallet pretty fast. The ideas I’m bouncing around in my head at the moment involve either RE5, Starcraft 2 or Bayonetta, though I’ll be waiting until after I’ve played through the game before I make up my mind.

  12. Anon Anonymous says:

    How much did this commission cost anyway? I can’t even guess how much 4 full colored pages would cost.

  13. Sahadou says:

    I’ve linked to Ganassa’s commission info, so it isn’t hard to do the math. Let’s just say it’s a triple-digit number… per page.

  14. dizzle83 says:

    Ouch, that adds up. Let’s hope you’re counting decimal points.

    I always thought the yuri tag was only used if something didn’t contain any guy/girl type action. On this blog do you use it if there’s any girl on girl at all, no matter what the rest of the content is?

  15. Kuronin says:

    oh fuck, a tank…

  16. Sahadou says:

    I typically use the Yuri tag when it contains a scene with a girl on girl focus. That said, I almost never get asked to translate anything even remotely Yuri. Most of the “girl on girl action” ends up turning into futanari, which is probably why the Yuri tag is so rarely used.

  17. Tank says:

    Fleshbag spotted with girlfriend, proceeding to buttrape fleshbag.

  18. SoreThumb says:

    Hey. my e-mail’s above. I wouldn’t mind playing L4D2 with you on Steam if you’re still playing it. I have a mic, and I think I’m pretty good.

    STay cool, Saha, in any case.

  19. Sahadou says:

    I play it on 360, actually. And yes, I know it has better graphics and controls better on pc, but I play with my bro most of the time and his pc is a piece of junk.

  20. pengkom says:

    hell yeah its cool

    is full version is available? i want to download them

  21. j says:

    i want the secund part

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