The Amanoja 9 – T.S. I Love You Ch.38

Here is the final chapter courtesy of Chibi_Kaji, Gougar84, Marbury187, & JukanX. ZOMGZ, this chapter has a woman! With a pussy, no less. It still has a man with tits, though.

For the full volume:


  1. drak says:

    i lol’d at ZOMGZ, this chapter has a woman!
    Thankfs for this!

  2. Kaabi says:

    wow, pussy, at last! I might just downlo-… nah. never mind.
    thank you for the work and the commissioners.

  3. Krautsalat says:

    eeww, not again that stuff….

  4. Finem says:

    Is this volume 4 or 3, and if it’s 4, is it the last?

  5. Bob_Smith says:

    Thx again, is there any other of amanoja9 manga out there thats the same genre? Translated?

  6. Bob_Smith says:

    Thx again, is there any other of amanoja9 manga out there thats the same genre (obviously not volumes 1-3)? Translated?

  7. gougar84 says:

    Definetly not my favourite chapter in this but now its completed so thanks.

    And for Bob-Smith, I believe that theres no other amanoja’s shemale/newhalf mangas besides vol 1-4. There are some japanese ones though and youll prolly know them already.

    Ive heard rumours that TS I Love You 5 will be released in japan.

  8. alidan says:

    i thought the person who made this manga was haveing helth troubles?

  9. anoshua says:

    This is actually volume 4 right? What about volume 1 to 3? Where can i get those volumes??

  10. gougar84 says:

    anoshua: vol 3 is also posted here cause it was translated by saha. And vols 1-2 can be found anywhere on the internets ^^

  11. Marbury187 says:

    Ooo, T.S. I Love You 5 would be awesome.

    @Bob_Smith I’ve seen certain volumes of shemale behavior translated, but thats all really in terms of Amanoja 9 translations.

  12. NotTryingToAngerAnyone says:

    Tenchi20 who is someone who scans hentai and post them online is planing on scanning t.s i love you 5 in February

  13. Che says:

    There are a few by Amanoja 9 besides the “I Love You” series. She Malwe Behjavior, Queer Queer, Fetish Doll (2 Volumes), etc.

    Check them out here:

    And here:

    There ya go!

    BTW, can SaHa please tell us what this chapter is titled?

    And did you notice how the penis was censored to the point where it looked like the girl was blowing a ghost? XD

  14. Bob_Smith says:

    Thx again for your guys input, crossin my fingers for vol. 5

  15. Kaoru says:

    I just want to say THANK YOU so much for translating this whole doujin. I love shemales and traps and there really aren’t enough doujins dedicated to them available in English. Especially none this epically long.

  16. Landser says:

    Thanks a lot! Much appreciated, Amanoja 9 stuff is really amazing. I guess we’ll all be waiting for chapter 5!

  17. annon says:

    The whole volume, yay.
    Although I have to say, “Men with Tits” is insulting. They aren’t “Men” anything, they’re women. Trans-women, but still women.

  18. Che says:

    Yahoo! TS Vol. 5 raw has just been released, it’s on another site, but I can’t find the damned download link! So if SaHa can put that up for us, to hold us over until it’s translated, that’d be great!

    Though I was surprised that a couple chapters in Shemale Behavior 19 didn’t appear. T.T

  19. Landser says:

    I just d/l TS vol.5, the untranslated version that is. It looks really good, but I can’t understand a thing :) … Any idea if it’s on the “to-do”/”to-translate” list?

  20. rony says:

    this one is no longer available, any chance of reupload?

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