Fatal Pulse – Victim Girls 8

Here’s a new one courtesy of OmegaSin.
Victim Girls 8

Victim Girls 7

If links are dead:


  1. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Sayo and OmegaSin.

  2. Anonybus says:

    so the series continues :D

  3. preggoman says:

    This is probably my favorite artist.

    Dat tits/waist/hips ratio.

  4. Vyse says:

    I’ve been waiting for this thank you

  5. Karis Fra Mauro says:

    I saw this on Hongfire a while back but the link never worked and it wasn’t translated either. So, the wait is over muahaha!

  6. Afro Thunda says:

    The artwork in this was awesome as usual, but I gotta say content-wise, I thought this was much more tame than the previous Victim Girls doujins. Did anyone else feel that way about this doujin or am I the only one?

  7. gt says:

    thanks Sayo!! it definitely seems like there’s more to this. but i guess time will tell if more surfaces.

  8. Wrathkal says:

    @Afro Thunda: I felt the same way. If we look at this carefully, the only mindraping that goes on only happens to Momo and Nana.

    Still, thanks for the translation, Sayo. Hoping to see more from Fatal Pulse anyhow.

  9. Deus says:

    @ Afro Thunda

    I’ve been getting that feel for all the recent Victim Girls actually. I mean really, Victim Girls 6 and 7 are weaksauce compared to Victim Girls 1 & 4.

  10. EEE3 says:

    Those 2 girls seem awfully familiar, are they from a anime or a hentai? Cause I saw ishieki’s drawing of them 2.

  11. Kaabi says:

    They’re from To Love Ru, EEE3

  12. SkyFox says:

    Rawr! Yeah more fatal pulse! Rawr!

    Thanks a bunch Sayo and Omegasin

  13. Raithos says:

    Excellent!!! Thank you Omega X Sayo

  14. Pentaphenia says:

    I hated the more severe Victim Girls, so the claim that this is much tamer sounds like a ringing endorsement!

  15. skycloud says:

    I can’t believe a girl actually didn’t get raped this time

  16. Eifie says:

    The links are down, could you please re-upload them? Thanks.

  17. Sahadou says:

    Welcome to my spam filter, you blind, brainless piece of shit.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Too many sticks up your ass Saha? Geez, the guy just asked if you could reupload, you know, like you tell people to do in your sticky when its not in the depositfiles folder

  19. Sahadou says:

    Except it IS and WAS in the depositfiles folder and he had already spammed the same message in 6 different threads while still being too blind to spend 2 seconds reading a thread containing 2 lines of text. Now if you’re done being the brave anon avenger, maybe you can fuck off too.

  20. OmegaSin says:

    Haha! You tell ‘em! :)

  21. Che says:


    Don’t forget their cute pudgy faces!

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