Nekonomori Maririn – Kitten Studies

Here is the other full manga courtesy of EcchiVoid, and you can thank JukanX for fully covering the current Nekonomori donor projects in order to let these go out publicly.

If links are dead:


  1. says:

    Thanks JukanX!

  2. lolifox says:

    Oh, this is great news!

    Thanks a lot to both EcchiVoid and JukanX! Can’t wait for them all to be done. I’ve been looking forward to these for some time. ^^,

  3. EcchiVoid says:

    Thanks JukanX, I was getting a bit worried that my blackmail would never work. :)

    Now I wonder how long until a new Nekonomori Maririn tankobon is released. :)

  4. Eishun says:

    Nice work,btw. .
    Can saha translate this?

    i really wanted it to be translated

  5. Sahadou says:

    You can send an e-mail if you want to commission it. And no, I’m not going to work on it pro bono.

  6. Solarn says:

    So does this mean that Renketsu and Rensha are completed or at least fully donated for? More Nekonomori Maririn is always good.

  7. JukanX says:

    Thanks JukanX, I was getting a bit worried that my blackmail would never work. :)

    You’re welcome Ecchivoid, thanks to you for having this tank translated in the first place. Yours was a good idea, but apparently we’re the only ones willing to cough up for this author’s works. :(
    If in the future I decide to run such a deal myself I’ll be sure to select as “hostage” a book with HUGE BOOBS, even if I don’t care much for that genre. ;)

  8. as363 says:

    Much appreciated – thank you .

  9. anon says:

    all links are dead

  10. ralfie says:

    Deposit link is dead and the ddl isn’t working

  11. Prevert says:

    Many thanks for the effort JukanX and EcchiVoid

  12. Kaabi says:

    Sorry. I only chipped in for the pizza for Rensha. It wasn’t much, but I thought more people were going to donate considering the 2×1 catch.

  13. bittenapple says:

    i have a question for saha… why the decision to put up DDL on this one (and the other Nekonomori Maririn)? Not that i’m complaining or anything, just wondering :P

    Anyways, thanks to the contributors and saha for translating :D

  14. Kaabi says:

    I think I know the answer to that. I think there’s a moralfag running around while only deleting the links for releases that contain lolicon. Thus, the DDL.
    Fucking selective moralfag!

  15. Alwin says:

    Thanks a lot for these! If you ever need a backup DDL server, please contact me. I have no problem hosting up to 2GB :)

  16. JukanX says:

    Sorry. I only chipped in for the pizza for Rensha

    No, I’m sorry for forgetting that you were a donor too, rest assured that I appreciated your contribution as it’s saved me money. ;)
    I was following the same reasoning as you and funding a chapter every now and then, but I finally decided to bite the bullet since in the last few months I saw that no further donations were forthcoming despite Ecchivoid’s generous “special offers”.

    As for the moralfag, he’s just ensured that I’ll increase the share of my money going towards loli mangas, in fact I’m tempted to have something particularly objectionable translated just to spite him… Buttraped toddlers anyone? :D

  17. AnonymousEditor says:

    On page 141 “Looks [like] you’ve forgotten”

    “Buttraped toddlers anyone? :D”
    My opinion propably doesn’t interest you but I’d prefer normal lolis, toddlers are one of the few things I dislike.

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