ShindoL – Becoming a Girl

Here’s a new one you can grab courtesy of the MangaTG community. You can grab it over at TaBsiCore’s blog.


  1. AnonMan says:

    I’m…not sure I like where this is heading…

  2. Anon B says:

    You mean 6 feet lower?

  3. KF says:

    this was kind of sad

  4. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t under Da Hootch, so I’m assuming we’ll get some form of happy end in the next part.

    …unfortunately, some form may be s/he’s just really happy fucking guys nonstop.

    Goddammit Shindo.

  5. Natume says:

    D= As much as I love this guy’s artwork, his stories make me sad. And I was kinda weirded out by the asphyxiation stuff… Oh well.

  6. koro says:

    LOVE ShindoL’s works.

    Yea, the kink is a bit harder core on this one but…
    Love the submission dynamic… <3

  7. lusty says:

    i loved it, at first i thought it was gonna be yuri with sogahara but then the twist and choking action, just great!

  8. AnonMan says:

    @lusty: Honestly, I think that might be one of the possible endings.

    I see 3 possible endings for this storyline:

    1) Gangbang slut
    2) Happy (?) Yuri ending w/Sogahara
    3) Happy ending w/choking friend

  9. animefreak says:

    If there more ch of the doujin please put them up soon… this is getting good.

  10. Anon says:

    I think I just got a new fetish

  11. GP says:

    There needs to be more gender-bender like this put up. Good stuff I tell you!

  12. Naeko says:

    After about 12 pages, I felt the last chapter (yet to be published) was going to have an unhappy ending; it felt like ShindoL was putting the protagonist thru situations that gradually become more “darkly” Kinky and Netorare as characters embrace the Dark Side of the Force. But then again, ShindoL’s stories often leave me feeling NTR since his chars end up with neither self-respect nor a real future.

  13. b.michi says:

    than you very much

    wich h-manga contains this story

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