Hiraku Machida – Dandelion Festival Ch.1

Here’s a new one courtesy of Jin.


  1. Seles says:

    Awsome! thx I’ve had the raws of this (plus all the others) since last Feb.

  2. Conner says:

    This is excellent hope do offers in series and more soon.

  3. jin says:

    @ Seles. Others? Curious to see this guy’s art style, i like it.

  4. JukanX says:

    Many thanks for the release, Jin and Sayo.
    BTW, this is part 7 of a storyline that begins in the Yomi no machi tankoubon.

  5. rather not says:


    Has that volume been translated?

  6. Agma says:

    @rather not
    Not that I know of. I would love to see more of his works translated though. I like his art.

  7. spyko says:

    Excellent work ! Great ! Thanks… But want more ;-p

  8. justadood says:

    been wondering lately if there would be more of this, possibly to fill out the storyline? seems interesting enough that it’d be a shame to start in the middle of the story, as it were…

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