Ariga Tou – Unknown Girl Ch.1-3

Here’s the full series courtesy of Setebos. Chapter 1 was released previously. I’ve included it with the files below.


  1. AriesWarlock says:

    Setebos, you da man. Thanks both.

  2. Randomguy664 says:

    Fucking awesome.

    Setebos is awesome as well.

  3. JonahTHD says:

    That was seriously awesome, though that can’t seriously be the full series, can it? it didn’t even really go anywhere. I hope there are new issues in the near future. In any case, it was awesome, and Setebos is awesome too.

  4. Zathael says:

    Holy fuck, this is awesome! Thanks a lot Sayo and Setebos.

    If I remember right, this was being released in Comic Mujin. I will keep my fingers crossed that Ariga Tou decides to revisit this series again in future issues.

  5. Zathael says:

    *sigh* I should learn to do more research before I post. I just discovered that the Unknown Girl chapters are part of Ariga Tou’s recent tankoubon, Heart in Love. Maybe he will revisit the series at some point, but for now the story arc does seem to be over.

    Thanks again though to Sayo and Setebos. Although I do wish it were longer, this is a totally awesome piece of work.

  6. FutaLover says:

    Great manga! Thanks for release <3

  7. Ehud says:

    Awesome. Many thanx Sayo and Setebos.

  8. zazuge says:

    for who is interested in UFO that was such a turn-on
    similar to behind moon’s Dulce report
    but i like the culture (sexual) research argument more
    my only regret is that he could have made a ch4 about 3some and mature girl on loli yuri action that could have made EPIC

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