SaHa Batch Torrent September 2011

Here’s the newest SaHa batch torrent of translated manga and doujin as of September 2011. If you’ve been seeding the May 2011 torrent, this should recognize all the old files and replace any files that have been updated.
September 2011 UPDATES ONLY (ie: Only contains what has been released since May 2011. Approximately 2 gigs.)
Full September 2011 Batch (ie: This is all 34ish gigs.)

Since hongfire’s currently down, this one’s going to be nyaatorrents only.


  1. Anonymous says:

    The full batch link is currently pointing to the May batch.

  2. Miller says:

    I know already what I am asking takes time, but is there a chance you can make batches based on the categories or maybe have separate folders for them in a batch? Some sort of easy sorting. I like your work but some of the topics, like lolicon, in my country could be used criminal evidence. I don’t expect that to ever happen, but I don’t like the risk. Please I need some system to weed through this without having the read each one or find each one on the site. Thanks.

  3. Sahadou says:

    link fixed. do a browser refresh if you need to.

    No. Not gonna happen. You’ll have to checkmark the ones you want and ignore the stuff you don’t want. Otherwise, keep up with the regular blog updates or go through the commission lists for individual links. Those links are currently down, but they’re expected to be working again tomorrow maybe.

  4. Miller says:

    Well I figured that would be the reply. One more question Sahadou, or anyone who might know the answer, is there an easy way to index a blog and create a list based on the tags and would output a text file of titles in each? I know blogs are databases so the ability should be there, I just don’t have a clue on how.

  5. SunnyJ says:

    I believe I have fixed the DDLs.

  6. KMZ says:

    I believe i found a couple files that are not in the batch torrent. Unless im blind, i couldnt find “Behind Moon – My Paramour” or “Kensoh Ogawa – HiME Otome” in either the torrents

  7. Sahadou says:

    K. I’ll make sure those get into the next torrent. Those links should still be functional at anonymous scanner’s blog.

  8. imaliar says:

    That was weird. Wasn’t getting any trackers besides openbt tracker. I had to put blank lines between the tracker address for the others to show up. In case anyone else is having trouble downloading, that might solve your problems.

  9. Anonymous says:

    When trackers are “grouped” together like that, uTorrent (possibly others) will use the first one, then the next if the first fails, and so on like that.

  10. Anona says:


    Go to left side of webpage
    In Categories

    There are approx 33 pages of titles.

    You will need to un-checkmark all of those titles from the torrent download.

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