Kaworu Watashiya – Kodomo no Jikan Ch.76

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  1. auriga says:

    Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  2. SCHN!TZEL says:

    Thank You!

  3. Ehud says:

    Awesome. Many thanx.

  4. Mugi says:

    Thanks a billion. I get Comic High in the mail and read it that way, but it’s always a help to read the translations afterwards as well. And crap @ this chapter. Ugh.

    I’m starting to really hate this month long wait. I’ve been reading KnJ since 2005 and crap it’s frustrating. One. Chapter. A. Month. UGH.

  5. MissingName says:

    Thank you for another wonderful release after 1 month. Thanks a lot.

  6. Diarmad says:

    Man, for exactly one page I almost thought Usa was in danger. That guy was really bad at kidnapping I guess, couldn’t restrain and lift a girl five steps to the raperoom.

  7. Kusanagi says:

    RAAAWWWRRR… aahhh.. damn this chapter gave me a lot of NAUGHTY IDEA’S… *Grins*

    Wooo Meme-chan u so NAUGHTY! xD

  8. Anonymous says:

    a nice uncomplicated chapter, many thx:)

  9. That1Guy says:

    I feel like I should go to jail every time I read a chapter.. more like every time I visit this site ~_~;
    Thanks for the chapter

  10. somedude says:

    Thanks for the update!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    this is one of the best chapters so far

  12. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yea! No sex! (see last chapter’s comments)

    On the last page, was Mimi dry humping Reiji?

  14. LexXxich says:

    Reiji showing some willpower? Great. I’m fairly certain that Mimi was mistaken about being OK with “that”.

  15. Alwin says:

    That was a weird chapter.. What was written on the application form next to Rins backpack? Why would she say to Reiji she might not continue living with him? Sounded kinda harsh to me. Lol @ mimi in the last page calling Aoki jealous XD

    Why the hell would the little girl show Reiji her panties? Some sort of reward? (How is that a reward anyway?)

    Feels like a teaser chapter somehow, I really wonder where this will lead!

    Thanks for another chapter!

  16. ItAintEazy says:


    That’s just a flier about what the school is doing and what it wants from the parents in order to ensure that their children remain safe.

  17. Trucker says:

    Is it me, or did Reiji grab a little bit of t-t when he kissed Mimi on pg 3?

  18. theodoric says:

    thank you for another ch Saha :-)

    and this was a very interesting one … I found it very telling that when Mimi told Reiji that she loved him … he did not brush it off by telling her she was too young, nor did he tell her it was “wrong” for her to say something like that to him

    as for Rin’s comment to Reiji about what if she doesnt want to live with him any more ……. I get the impression that she may be looking to move in with Aoki … especially since he has already told her that he loves her, and this time he didnt add the “like a father”

    and if Rin moves in with Aoki … that makes it easier for Mimi since she doesnt want to live with her mom any more … to move in with Reiji … and I dont think he would tell her no about it …especially after his comment to her about being only the second person to ever tell him that they loved him … that touched a very deep nerve in Reiji

    LOL … poor Kuro … it is looking like she is going to be the only one of the three who ends up without a love interest to live with

  19. Alwin says:

    Trucker, not a little bit I think ;) but quite a handfull…

    theodoric, interesting train of thought you have there – I can almost see the “pedobear seal of approval” stamped all over it ;) but I wonder if Rin is really thinking of moving in with Aoki. Looks to me like she’s pretty ticked off about being deceived with the finger against her lips. And (as a side note) did Rins boobs get smaller again? Also, weird toes in the bath XD )

    now I read the note sayo made on bottom of page 8 about the note, didn’t see that reading it the first time on my ipod.

    On another note, do Japanese ladies actually get breasts as large as Boin has, even some of them? They look three sizes too large for her body.

    Typo in the last text balloon: “Quit calling ME a four-eyed bastard!”

  20. Mugi says:

    There were a couple typos throughout the chapter, but I’m sure he’ll fix them when he releases the tank.

    Also, yeah, they do sometimes, Alwin. My girlfriend’s boobs are just a bit smaller than Houin-sensei’s, and she’s even skinnier. Just last month we were in a onsen and there were so many girls who were just amazed at how big her boobs are.

    So, it must not be that common, but they can get that large.

  21. Sahadou says:

    they’re fixed now. refresh if you need to.

  22. LexXxich says:

    Theodoric -
    poor Kuro … it is looking like she is going to be the only one of the three who ends up without a love interest to live with

    Not only that, but her two possible love interests (in broadest sense), Rin and Shirai, both went for guys. AND her attraction to Shirai was “explained” as mother issues.
    Don’t want to be pessimistic, but I won’t be surprised to find Kuro bossing some boy around in the timeskip ending.

  23. Mugi says:

    You guys really haven’t thought of it? Kuro and Houin!

    Everyone always forgets about Houin. ): Who is SHE going to end up with, if not Aoki? Kuro!

    Reiji, Mimi, Kuro, Rin, Aoki, Houin, Shirai, Oyajima. Eight characters and four couples. The only two left out are Kuro and Houin.

    So it’s only obvious they’ll end up together. Either that or the “boy” that Kuro’ll be bossing around is going to be Houin. Lol.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Great chapter, for a second i cry, feell sad, good and laught

    psd: maybe kuro/houin-brother, and houin/Aoiki-sis…. lol pour Houin she only can have a yuri end…..

  25. nothere says:

    thanks for another one :)

  26. kuro no jikan says:

    It is obvious that kuro will wind up in another age-difference yuri romance.

    With Noriko :)

  27. theodoric says:

    LOL @ the Houin/Kuro combination … I hadnt thought of that one … if I’d had to pick who Kuro would end up with … it would be Aoki’s sister, but I can see her with Houin also :-)

    and I have to back track a bit on something I had said earlier … and why the end result was Rin crying about it …….. after re-reading things … I think Rin was only teasing Reiji about what if she didnt want to be there, and was actually expecting him to give her the “not just no, but hell no!” reply thereby showing that he loved and cared for her enough to be protective of her … but by saying that it was ok if she didnt want to be there … he may have just sort of opened the door and pushed her out towards Aoki … especially since on page 8 at the bottom it shows the notice from her school about safety warnings and precautions ………

    so possibly Reiji might have just given her a push in the direction of going to live with Aoki

    and yeah Alwin … Aoki is still trying to resist letting things get to “real” bf/gf behavior between him and Rin … but he’s fighting a losing battle ……. and if I cant remember if this story takes place in the Tokyo Prefecture or not … because if I remember correctly, except for the Tokyo Prefecture the legal age in Japan is 13 … (16 in the Tokyo Prefecture)

    so if I am remembering that correctly … and if Futatsubashi is not in the Tokyo Prefecture … that opens up the door to some very interesting possibilities

  28. Mugi says:

    The age of consent in Japan is 13, yes… but only kind of. That only means you can’t get prosecuted for statutory rape. But you’ll still get into trouble, because each prefecture sets up their own “protect young girls blahblahblah” law. So no, it wouldn’t work that way. Aoki would still get into trouble until she turned 16-18, depending on the prefecture.

    And even so, usually, student-teacher relationships are forbidden (though, at that point in time, the chances of Rin still being Aoki’s student are rather slim).

    Also…. about the Kuro/Houin pairing. I HONESTLY think that’s how it’ll work out. The numbers simply fit up, as well as the fact that they’ve had almost no time to develop.

    It’ll most likely be a comical ending for the two of them. They both love someone who don’t love them back, or even THINK of them that way. So, one day, they’ll probably bump into each other and they’ll “fall in love”. Or Kuro will force her into it or something, I don’t know.

    But it definitely seems plausible, and I wasn’t joking at all. I truly think it’ll end that way. Haha.

  29. -HP says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Arioch says:

    page 08: “I’m think… I’m…”
    Should there be that “‘m” before “think” at all ?

    My school told me that either “i think” or “i’M thinING” or i miss something?

  31. Arioch says:

    > Mimi since she doesnt want to live with her mom any more … to move in with Reiji

    …so her mom would put Reiji into jail, and rin to orphanage or to her father ?
    It would be a nice twist in the tale, won’t it ?

    BTW, picture of Reiji – only by blind chance of course – touching Mimi’s breast, it’s so symbolic after all the talks about new Japan laws ;-)

  32. theodoric says:

    Arioch Says:
    September 27, 2011 at 7:11 pm
    …so her mom would put Reiji into jail, and rin to orphanage or to her father ?
    It would be a nice twist in the tale, won’t it ?

    based on what Mugi said a few posts up … the end result of Mimi moving in with Reiji would depend on what the local laws are in that particular Prefecture

    if I remember correctly … all three of the girls are approaching turning 13 ? ……. I know time is being stretched in the story … and the story started with them in 3rd grade … they are in 5th grade now ? … I’m not real sure of what the grade breakdown is in Japanese schools as far as “grade school”, “middle school”, and “high school”

  33. Arioch says:

    Aside the laws there are mass opinions.

    As soon as Reiji is under fire, he would probably lost the job (or the whole company would be under fire). His relations with Rin would be challenged then by mass media (and rightly so, as we know). His guardian position towards Rin is not his right, it is a privilege, so it can be just revoked if he looses indifference of most and trust of selected few.

    I don’t think there is a law, that made Aoki+Rin pairing (i do not talk of sex, they avoid it successfully still. Just romantic affairs) a crime story, yet neither Aoki nor the school could even bear them living in one household. I do not believe that Aoki or some executive at school could be jailed for this. Yet their social life would definitely be ruined.

    So… as for the end result… if the story aims to be more or less realistic, then Mimi and Reiji cannot just come out of closet and sleep together. The maximum Mimi can afford, is pretending pubertate riot and “i would live within my friends household” and probably start with Kuro’s one, if possible, until Mimi’s mother would become tired with here and would just turn blind eye on this.

    But it is completely not her mood. This was could be tried by Rin or Kuro, but not by Usagi.

    The twist, when Rin would shift to Aoki and Mimi would live together with Reiji and just only them – would be just hentai fanfic, nothing more.

    BTW, what i can not undertand now is – why Mimi was hikki ?
    If her mother is (at least in Mimi’s perception) such a bitch to her, then Mimi could not see her house as safe place to hide from pain. It would be more natural for Mimi to runaway from home, to school, to streets, to anywhere. Hiding from bullying teacher near bullying mother now seems to me just “change bad for worst” nonsense.

  34. theodoric says:

    Arioch … I never said it would be easy, or even practical for Rin to move in with Aoki, or for Mimi to move in with Reiji

    the school didnt go berserk when Aoki moved in with Rin & Reiji … even Shirai waited a while before she told Aoki he had to move out

    if I have not completely missed what is going on … this current school year is the final year that Rin, Mimi, and Kuro will be attending Futatsubashi … next school year they start middle school … at which point they are no longer under the control of Futatsubashi Elementary

    as for the time when Mimi was hikkomori … that was when she was in 3rd grade and it was because of the teacher they had at the start of the school year … the one that Rin and Kuro pushed to the point of a nervous breakdown so that he quit
    that was at least two years ago by “story time” … Mimi has matured a LOT since then, not just physically but mentally as well … as evidenced by things like her comment to Aoki about that she is already capable of having children (after she started having her periods) … she is very aware that the is not a child any more … like her wearing high heels and a very grown up style dress with a sweater draped around her shoulders when she goes to see Reiji at the start of this chapter
    where most of Rin’s sexuality is “playing at it” because of things that her and Kuro have learned from books and the internet … Mimi is actually becoming well aware of her own womanhood

  35. Raijinzrael says:

    A little late (because my work occupations), but i´m here to left my comment:

    I´m really surprised about the overall chapter, first because is the first time that Kaqworu-sensei draws the face of a criminal in her manga, the others were face-less… and second because i already knew that Mimi x Reiji required some pushing to get together, but i never thought that would be that sort of push, Mimi close to being raped by a stranger… happily and thanks to Rin´s SMS to pickup her at school, Reiji was close to save her… well-developed stage and no fanservice at all, calification 10/10.

    Another surprise was that in a total despair state, Mimi choose take advantage of her body, that once she hated, to survive and continue instead of commit suicide… is something that i never expected from her, she really has character, now she only need redirect it so she can take advantage of it…

    Rin testing Reiji again, but this time finally Reiji approved with honors, he really changed a lot just as i expected from him… since the last chapters, each time that i see this character it ends pleasing me more…

    Reiji suddenly becomes popular with the little girls lol… and Noriko showing panties to someone besides Shirai-san? and the strangest of all, to an man? xD…

    And with this ends the formation and development of the 2nd KnJ couple, leaving it ready for the last stage of this great show, and with that we left wondering what gonna be the next step that will follow the story… i have the hope that the next arc will be dedicated by Kaworu-sensei to my beloved Kuro-chan, she has been abandoned for a while…


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