Hoshino Fuuta – Tiny Bishoujo Senshi 2

Here’s a new one courtesy of an anonymous commissioner. Contains horse sex.


  1. wat says:

    Yeah… Downloaded it because of the cover. I don’t usually like beast, but this was abnormally… yeah.

    It’s full color, the images are amazing quality and large scans. You guys should probably check it out, regardless of the beast factor lol

  2. ciderapple says:

    So is this loli? or shota? or both? You really should separate those two tags and use lolicon or shotacon instead.

  3. ciderapple says:

    Putting those two tags together like that all the time is like putting Yaoi and and Yuri together. They are not really the same.

  4. Sahadou says:

    It’s super ultra shota with lots and lots of horse anal rape.

  5. ciderapple says:

    huzzah! but. . the tag is still wierd >.>

  6. wat says:

    He’s lying lol. There isn’t anal at all, and it’s completely loli. No shota at all, just her and Pegasus. In full color with awesome huge scans.

  7. Pocky says:

    This is like a combination of a normal horse sex hentai with loli and about 5 tonnes of sugar.

  8. Chiibi says:

    Who the hell could get off on a doujinshi about that nasty little BRAT? She’s like, the most uncute loli ever. It disgusts me this even exists. lol

  9. wat says:

    Have you even DOWNLOADED it? Look at it, Chiibi lol.

  10. holy shit you are retarded says:

    most uncute loli ever? the fuck is wrong with you

  11. Gandhi says:

    Eh. I’d have to agree. She’s never stoked my fires, if you will, quite like her friend Hotaru…

  12. wat says:

    I don’t think many things “stoked” Gandhi’s fires, to be honest with you, least of all pedophiliac beastial porn.

    Thankfully I’m not Gandhi.

  13. Gandhi says:

    Touche, good sir, touche…

  14. DesRed says:

    This is so unusually cute for bestiality.

  15. ciderapple says:

    actually ghandi had a practice of sleeping with naked underage girls… if he actually had sex with these girls or not is still unknown.

  16. wat says:

    He likely did not. I don’t even think his penis worked.

  17. ciderapple says:

    oi, something about him being impotent in his older years is mentioned in several articles. But if he was impotent, then it wouldn’t be much of a challenge not to have sex with them. Kind of like a man with no legs saying he would never walk down a staircase in an effort to prove he was better than everyone else.

  18. wat says:

    I’m still going to guess he probably wouldn’t get all hot and heavy over Tiny Bishoujo Senshi 2.

  19. Gandhi says:

    …these new revelations about Gandhi’s sexual impotence in his later years is all well and good, but catching onto what wat is trying to do, I think it’s best that we steer discussion back to the topic at hand, namely unappealing loli sailor girls getting it on with My Little Pony.

  20. wat says:

    I’ve never been a fan of beast, but I liked this a lot. The images were huge, in color, minor censoring, and it wasn’t entirely beast. It was a nice little ending.

    And you’re crazy to think she’s unappealing.

  21. Gandhi says:

    Mayhaps I am, but then again, I’ve never liked the “extreme” loli, if you get what I mean. Oh, sure, I may have gotten my rocks off to the occasional pic here and there, but by and large, I’ve always found myself more interested in what I suppose you might say is the “developed” loli, the kind that’s depicted right before or right after puberty sets in. The jailbait variety, you might call it. Either way, it’s the “Hotaru” loli as opposed to the “Chibi-Usa” loli.

    And I’m sure that will beg the question of what types of loli there are, but that’s a question for another day.

  22. Raven says:

    MLP for lief

  23. Anon says:

    Wow~ Thanks for sharing! ^.^

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