Kaworu Watashiya – Kodomo no Jikan Ch.78

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  1. Alwin says:

    Ugh, and making us wait two whole months for the next chapter, how cruel!

    Thanks for the release Sayo and sponsors!

  2. Gizmo says:

    It is just me or this chapter is an exact copy of dark samus “true feelings” dojin?

  3. theodoric says:

    many thanks for the chapt Saha :-D

    and O M G ! ! ! ! !

    this was one hell of a chapter ……… hopefully Rin will not break things off with Aoki since she didnt see him tell Houin that he already loves someone else

    now that he has finally admitted it to himself that he really does love Rin … and that he knows that she really does love him …….. I hope things dont end

    hopefully Rin will see that Houin is upset/unhappy now that Aoki has turned her down

  4. E.D. says:

    Best chapter in a while! Million thanks for SaHa!

    My predictions that we’ll see the old clishe, of Rin running away, and Houin or some other character “accidentally” telling Rin, that Aoki refused her, while Aoki cannot do everything because of his internal struggle of whether he’s really in love with Rin.

    Of couse if this would be all it’d be boring, so I except some or many changes in this clishe, but so far Watashiya-sensei set it up for this.

    And cutest thing? Rin + Anal beads! Can you blame Aoki?

  5. -HP says:

    OMG NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! such a cliffhanger and we’ll have to wait until january!!!!! ;_; Im goign insane already.

    Thank you so much for the ch Saya!!!

  6. Red1 says:

    Kohii: No actually, I’m not. My intent is to help the translation be the best it can be, not to nitpick. Do you make lame comments like this to everyone who has pointed out spelling or other errors to Sayo before?

  7. Anon E Mouse says:

    About time he manned up.

  8. yaku says:

    I must be the only one who disagrees with Aoki and Rin having that kind of non-platonic relationship, I can already see the mob coming to skin me alive lol

    Before anyone goes ballistic on me, I just have a different view after reading and sticking with KnJ for so long, and that was the impression of Aoki as a teacher AND parent-figure for Rin to overcome her emotional traumas and start healing and growing, not for this kind of lovers relationship. I seriously wasn’t expecting him to suddenly in the last few chapters to go “oh I love Rin in that way!” but hey maybe I should’ve.

    That’s just my opinion though, and I already know where everyone else comes from, so please don’t take this comment to heart (aka don’t rage)

  9. Mega Max says:

    Glad to see Kodomo No Jikan still sucks!

    Meh, and I thought it was safe to try to start reading this manga again. -_-*

  10. Mugi says:

    He’s loved her all along, yaku. That’s why he treated her that way. It wasn’t as a parent figure. He was trying to make himself think that’s why he was doing it, but he was just lying to himself.

    He loves her. He always has.

  11. yaku says:

    @Mugi: I still can’t see it, sorry.

  12. Alwin says:

    @Mega Max, feel free to stay away and read naruto instead. Or any [insert rediculous mecha here] series.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I can see the next chapter not picking up until the following day. We see Rin despondent and her friends console her. Maybe Kuro will confess and maybe Rin will try and harm Hoin. Not all in one chapter though.

    That’s how I see thing going anyway.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Another series I follow, Umi no Misaki, is taking a break until mid-January. Are they in the same magazine? Is there some sort of holliday? Because it’s christmas? A coincidence?

  15. Chase says:

    Woah woah woah, Umi no Misaki is taking a break too? Well crap, everything gets to a big turning point then pushes pause for over a month…

  16. T5J8F8 says:

    I call discrimination! Aoki’s boob flash was entirely nippleless!

    That aside, THIS has some progress, story-wise. The biggest step has GOT to’ve been that confession near the end. It’s a pairing that I’ve been anticipating, and I like that it was considered (so vividly, too…), but man, that’s gonna be a chapter to anticipate, for all three of ‘em.

    Shame we have to wait ’til January to see. What a cliffhanger!

  17. T5J8F8 says:

    Read through some of the comments, so I may be repetitious in skipping over the rest to post, but I figure Rin’s gonna buck up and give her best wishes to Houin, who will tell Rin what Aoki said, and at some point after that, the realization will dawn to one or both of them whom he meant.

    Then shit will begin hitting the fan.

  18. T5J8F8 says:

    NOTE: Not to say Rin will be over Aoki by any means, but gal’s gotta put on her best face for the sake of her love.

  19. YukaKun says:

    Thanks a lot for the Translation as usual, SaHa!

    Great chapter and awesome quality! What a cliffhanger, Jesus…

    There’s an easy way to fix it, and we all know that… Hopefully Aoki realizes it once he sees Rin acting weird towards him. I’m really wondering if Rin will start questioning her love towards Aoki and put some hurt on Houin… I really hope not, Houin is such a nice girl and Rin knows that too!

    @Yaku, Mogi:

    I don’t think he always loved her (prolly vice versa too), but certainly had an eye for her since she has always been SO pushy towards him and Rin always noticed him back because of his own awareness of her. She managed to break Aoki’s first and stronger defense after all: Ass dumbness face. Once she passed that, it was easy pie to get into his deeper heart. Now Houin has crossed it too with her confession, I’m guessing. But Aoki has feeling for her, there’s no doubt about it. How deep they go, they’re prolly deeper than any other girl around him so far. And remember, Rin has always helped Aoki when he was hopeless, so that’s a big F’ing plus for her.


  20. I’m calling Chekhov’s Gun on that axe. Rin might literally go axe-crazy.

  21. Kojikafan says:

    Plot thickens…

  22. Mega Max says:

    @Alwin, take off your fanboy glasses for a second and look at the story, will you?

    The manga has been going downhill for quite a while now.
    Some things that you probably overlooked while hooked on your lolicon overdose:

    Pairing up the best developed adult character with the least developed one is not good story telling. It is lazy as hell and makes as much sense as sticking your hand into a working blender.

    It was fun to see Aoki having no balls at first. Now the situation has escalated beyond his control and he still has no balls. For a main character, and a male adult teacher at that, he’s pretty spineless while dealing discipline to Rin, and I find myself not buying the “I love her” argument because it was not developed properly. I could buy it if he still was on the I love her as a daughter mode, which was incredibly more belieavable than this. (and yes, I’m aware the age of consent in Japan is 13, so next year in manga time Aoki will marry and bang Rin with reckless abandon while Reiji does the same to Mimi).

    Houin has experienced a regression of character, she was being developed about at the same rate as Shirai, but the character hit a wall.

    The girls, surprisingly, have been well developed, except Rin who has regressed again to how she was… what? Two or three volumes ago? That is boring and also lazy.

    Not to mention that the story feels as if the author is fed up with it/wrote herself into a corner and simply wants to finish it as soon as possible.

    If you can keep your fanboy glasses on and ignore all these things and still like the manga, cool, more power to you. But it is disappointing to me that a manga that started off so well and that touched on such serious issues and presented Aoki as the father figure Rin needed has regressed to being little more than “fanservice loli yay!” that borderlines on hentai. Why? Because it could have been much, much more.

    And… Naruto? *Gag* I’d rather read The Word God only knows, or Air Gear.

    And… Mecha? *Shudders* I’d rather read Beach Stars or other sports manga.

    *Shrugs* Whatever, I knew my opinion wouldn’t be popular between so many people stuck on fanboy mode.

  23. yaku says:

    @Mega Max: I feel like that, his love felt a lot more like it was parent-daughter and her attentions a result of her difficult childhood and household, not the kind of love two lovers share. I seriously can’t buy the “he loved her like that all the time, didn’t realize it” excuse. If it had a better progression then I could accept it more, but throughout the whole manga until just a few chapters it truly felt like he was just a decent guardian figure watching over Rin heal and develop psychologically.

  24. Jude says:

    number one, THANK YOU SAYO!! you are one in a million. and this question goes to you.

    i got the comic high the day it came out in akihabara, but i found the last page interesting. the last thing aoki sensei says is “i already have someone i love…”, but the thing that caught my attention was he say person, or hito(人), it was ko(子). so i was thinking either i just dont know how to write the sentence because im a stupid gaijin, or is this him telling houin sensei that he is in love with a young girl. what do you think?

  25. Jude says:

    and one more thing, if the story progresses FORWARD to its final chapters, i am happy. of course i wont be happy that it ends, but there is one thing i hate more than anything about these kinds of mangas. there is no forward progression. so this is great!! lets get feelings out in the open and sort them out. i think that he will end up telling rin just how he feels. and there will be an agreement for them to wait out until the right time, and when that time comes, everyone is happy, if they have the courage to wait 4-5 years that is. anyways, nice chapter.

  26. Sahadou says:

    It’s read as “ko” which can apply to a child, which is what he means, or it can apply to a girl in general, which is how Houin will understand it. No point to differentiate the kanji here since Aoki understands it the way he wants to, and Houin understands it in a relatively harmless way. So no, she has absolutely no clue that he’s talking about Rin.

  27. Alwin says:

    @Mega Max, yea Air Gear is cool. And relax I’m not some blind fanboy just reading KnJ for the fanservice (otherwise I’d have collected every doujin Yukino Minato and/or Himeno Mikan ever made by now) and I agree the story isn’t progressing in a way we came to expect. Might be KW is getting tired of KnJ or perhaps it’s the ban working against her (not that you’d say so looking at the last few chapters), your first comment just sounded like ranting ;)

    I for one believe Aoki started out loving Rin as a teacher, then (when they lived together) as a parent but with Rin growing up his feelings are starting to change. He still denied (especially to himself) this but now Houin kissed him he has to face his feelings. I still don’t think he’s a lolicon though.

    As for Rin, the shocked look in her eyes and her running off might lead to some nasty stunt pulled on Aoki. She’s fully capable of it as we’ve seen.

    It might be the series is ending (though I expect it to end in 12 volumes, not sooner) and I still can’t tell how things will end up but it does feel (has so for a while now) she’s near the end with this story.

  28. Mega Max says:

    @Yaku. Agreed, the whole time this was played as Aoki being the father figure and it was only until these last few chapters that KW has been stepping on the gas, so to say. I guess she wants to get this manga done soon if she’s rushing things like this.

    @Alwin. Hey, we both like Air gear! I can see where you’re coming from regarding Rin and Aoki, but it simply was not well written IMO.

    To be honest my main turn off is the way the adult characters were handled, since with the exception of Reiji, they are all now a mess.

    That’s why I keep dropping this manga for a couple of months before attempting to get back into it. But it just keeps getting worse to me.

  29. Raijinzrael says:

    @Alwin, Yaku, Mega Max
    I agree with you guys that this could be better developed… But hey, is always thought when you’re the first author in step up, and pressures never are easy to overcome.

    Everyone knows that Kaworu-sensei was the first author in introduce her work with this sort of content, not in a specialized “only for lolicons” magazine, but in a widely commercial one, being read by more people, in a time where this sort of content was being banned… Yes, Everyone know that existed other works before this one, but them, or were published in specialized magazines, or were ambiguous, discrete and covered as hell, in the sort of the innocent father-daughter love, or the “maybe that man is going with that little girls, but I’m not sure, or no one knows ™”, just like that CCS couple that I can’t remember now.

    Of course doing this introduces a sort of problems for the author… Anyone remembers how was the prototype of KnJ? The same characters, but with a very different behavior … KnJ format was changed because Japan have other criteria for ban content, and talk against the State is even more prohibited that publish lolicon content (I’m talking about the perverted Elementary School Principal that was arrested in the prototype chapters).

    That’s why Kaworu sensei decided made this focused more in the messages, where she can subtle introduce her rants, and her thoughts, and less in the argument, but as I said, pressures never are easy to overcome, and the story suffered subsequent alterations in the argument that, maybe I want to think, did the readers fail to understand about what was this.

    But I can guarantee that her story never was, is and will be about father-daugther or sensei-student relation, and is very easy to realize when you have interest in the story and search more info about the author that wrote it, or at least try to read their websites… to start Kaworu sensei is member of a mangaka association, with other artists as POP, that besides other things, was against the ban to Lolicon that was proposed in 2 ocassions, and that is “effective” until now with the self-restrain agreement.

    Market is already filled with all sort of stories, good ones and bad ones, about Fathers or Teachers that take care of childs, their health and their psychological develop. Making KnJ follow that path could render the story in just another one on the long list. But she took the risks to make something that could be remembered forever by all us.

    Could be better developed? Yes. Why is she’s rushing things like this? Maybe because she had planned since the first end her story in 12 vols, to make the “Children’s Hour”, but the restrainst and obstacle did her work against her. She is risking a lot with the restraint as well, and things can change for bad anytime soon.

    Things are always thought when you’re the first author in step up.

    @Mega Max: I’m glad that you finally accepted made a good comment without ranting, that’s with I decided make one more comment.

    @Alwin: Hey man, Himeno Mikan is funny to read, don’t badmouth him/her and his/her work ;-)

    Personally I follow KnJ for the message that Kaworu-sensei write in her story, so I don’t care on the argument fails or the fanservice, as far as the thing keep the subject in place.


  30. yaku says:

    @Raijinzrael: Then all I can say is that I’m extremely disappointed that KnJ ended up just being another lolicon manga. Mind you, wonderful beginning and lots of psychological development, but it’s stupid to drop the ball on such a wonderful series by saying “oh yeah they actually love LIKE THAT.” It’s a weak excuse, and if she had wanted to do it since the beginning, it was perfectly possible to do so 10-15 chapters before, even subtly, making a much smoother transition and still get away with it (and don’t tell me she couldn’t due to pressure, given the themes and things these manga portrayed from the very beginning).

    If the market is so full of parent/guardian-child mangas, I’d really love to see more of them… without them falling in love like lovers. So far Yotsubato, Usagi Drop and KnJ are the ones I can think of (I’m sure there are more, I haven’t got the opportunity to look for them), and even the second one ended up with them marrying. Sorry but I cannot get behind the message that parent/guardian and child should marry. Only Yotsubato is making it without mucking it all. Why can’t they love each other without making it turn non-platonic? Even if they are not blood related the relationship is parent-child. I, as a person with many guardian like figures, can only scoff at these kind of plots.

    As I said, I understand why people would support the pairing (it is after all the main two characters) and kudos to you, but I absolutely can’t buy it and frankly, am disappointed they will end up like this. I can already imagine Rin being 16 and being in a semi-concealed relationship with Aoki (if not getting married) saying how happy they’ll be and walking off under sakura petals with linked arms; 100% predictable.

  31. Raijinzrael says:


    A lot of things came to my mind when i read your response, so i gonna take my time and care to answer you message:
    About KnJ being a lolicon manga: It’s not a lolicon manga, even if the things end with Rin and Aoki together. For KnJ being considered a lolicon manga, it need’s fit a serie of rules, and not our occidental rules that are used to judge a USA-Europe made publication, but Japanese rules, because this story was made primary thinking only in the Japanese public. That’s why KnJ is still published in Comic High, even if the Author had problems in the past with the editorial.

    About your implicit “Aoki is a lolicon now”: According Japanese soft lolicon authors, them acct accord the following rule (Sorry for the host):


    These are ones from, maybe the best tank made by Gorgeous Takarada, but almost all lolicon guys across different author stories follow the path… Aoki neither Reiji don’t’ fit the rule, even Oyajima is more lolicon that these both because him fell in love at first with Shirai’s “Inner Child” before them became in a full-fledged relationship (Chapter 61).

    Aoki (and Reiji) aren’t lolicons, period.

    About the story being terminated 15 chapters ago: You didn’t bothered in at least taking five of your time and make a little research about the history of this story, no? Yeah, you’re right, his should happen, not 15 chapters , but maybe 5 or 6 chapters ago, wasn’t possible because in time when some crucial things should happen, we were in transitional times where no one knew if the loli ban proposition could become reality, taking in count the criteria that Japan have to ban things, and not our occidental criteria… if you check with detail, those critical dates were filled with “fillers”, and sometimes we had the feeling that the story wasn’t advancing at all… now is happening something similar, she have at least 3 pressures to end her story:

    1.- She maybe took a rest to figure how complete her story in 12 vols. to make her “Child’s hour” in a good way, because that was the plan to become the story more symbolic.

    2.- Maybe the permission that she got from the publisher to end her story in a good way have a “expiration date”, so, even if she decides extend the story, she couldn’t bypass the 13 vol.

    3.- The story is already in 6rd grade, that’s a little time to extend the story more without losing sense… and Kaworu-sensei is convinced that jump the story to middle school could do more wrong that well, as her message could get distorted.

    That’s because why she’s rushing the story, not because she got tired, but because the things became like that… As I said “Is always thought when you’re the first author in step up”.

    About the books that you mentioned:

    Yotsubato: Yeah, this one is older, but not even in the KnJ category. Being more like Mitsudomoe (another serie that I like) you can only realize that sort of relations in Doujins, just like the Hitoha x Yabe, or the Mitsuba x Miku (Yuri), without nothing concrete in the official storyline.

    Usagi Drop: Very good one, even with the possibility of won against KnJ , unfortunately cropped to please the society rules, consummating the relationship only when she had more than 16 years.

    Other examples:

    Miman Renai:Regular one, in the same line as Usagi Drop, consummating the relationship only when she had more than 16 years.

    Card Captor Sakura: Not intented to be this sort of story at first, CCS got a teacher-girl relation, probably the first one that appeared in a widely commercial publication. Unfortunately it got covered and censored as hell, in the line of “nobody knows, maybe are only rumors”(tm). In the end this relationship never got consummated as CLAMP dissolved this couple to end with the people accusations and the publisher pressures.

    Conclusions: KnJ Wins, the first story that stepped up with this sort of relation and themes in a widely available commercial publication, and survived the rants, pressures and censorship of the society and the publisher. And maybe the first one that will get the main relationship accomplished, not in the future, but with the actual female protagonist age, and maybe the most remarkable thing, is written and defended by one woman.

    Maybe you’re right that now we have more stories like KnJ, but that’s because all them have as base KnJ, KnJ will be always the first one.

    About “Even if they are not blood related the relationship is parent-child. I, as a person with many guardian like figures, can only scoff at these kind of plots.”: No offense but that’s what you rule fixed mind want to believe as correct, un/fortunately Watashiya-san don’t share your thoughts… Now here seem just like you got angry because Kaworu-sensei didn’t what you want, or you failed to realize about what was this, and got trolled with her story, because wasn’t what you expected.

    About “I understand why people would support the pairing (it is after all the main two characters)”: You’re wrong, I’m not supporting the pairing of the principal characters because them were the principal ones, or because the fanservice (if were like that, I wouldn’t be supporting the Shirai x Oyajima pairing) but because the message that Kaworu-san want to show with all her pairing, and the overall message that Watashiya-sensei want to say with her story and the history of all the things that should happen so the story could be finished like this. I said before, they can get rid of alll the fanservice if they want, as far as the message don’t get altered or damaged.

    I’m not trying to change your mind, or convince you with all this, and I understand your rant, but if you don’t like how the things became here, you’re still in time to drop all this and find other manga that fits your expectations, and if you don’t find one, you have choices in many good books.

    Unless you’re against KnJ because her story is consummating an Adult x Children relationship and nothing more. In that case I’m just gonna respect your opinion and I’m not gonna bother you trying to answer your messages in this place anymore.


  32. yaku says:

    @Raijin: You’re right in one thing, I do not like KnJ’s new situation. Why? Because like I said several times, I. Do. Not. Like. How it was dropped on our laps. As I said time and again, if the transition had been a lot smoother, meaning seeing it coming 10-15 chapters before then I would have been able to accept it. Like it or not, Aoki is portrayed as the guardian and Rin as the child. If she wanted to change that, she could have done so in a much better and smooth way. I don’t know how to explain it any simpler.

    Reiji is a different matter due to his psychological traumas, and that’s one of the things that he and Rin had in common. His affections were mistaken and misplaced due to shocking situations during their childhood, and they were indeed two lost kids in the big scary world. Unlike them, Aoki has had an upbringing without much trauma and is portrayed as the one with an adult view.

    “About “I understand why people would support the pairing (it is after all the main two characters)”: You’re wrong, ”
    Actually, you are wrong on this one but due to my lack of my explanation. I meant to say that as the main characters, the focus is on them and they are the ones for whom development and story progress around, not because they’re just the main characters, that’s foolish. As I said before, KnJ is deep and touches a lot of themes and that’s what sets it apart from other lolicon manga. It’s not just fanservice and that’s why I stuck around with it.

    And you’re absolutely wrong if you think that because I don’t like how things are coming that means I’ll drop it. There are many things I did not agree with since the beginning of the manga, and I stuck here, so no I’m not still in time to drop anything just because of that; I’d deprive myself of many things if that kind of weak mentality prevailed.

    Thank you for your own rant, I really appreciate it, and while I admire the way you strongly defend the way KnJ is coming up like, I still will say (for now) that I don’t like the speed and direction of their relationship.

  33. Aoki is not a lolicon because he doesn’t love little girls in general. He loves Rin for WHO she is, not WHAT she is.

    I also disagree with everyone who says that Aoki just “suddenly” fell in love with Rin. The subtle undercurrent has been present for the whole series, and almost every chapter from chapter 69 onward deals with Aoki’s conflicting feelings toward Rin, and at the very end of volume 10, he finally admits to himself that he loves Rin. Aoki has been struggling to deal with his love for nearly ten chapters now.

  34. Raijinzrael says:

    Yeah, i understand, but as I said before, and still I said now, development of the story like is happening now wasn’t possible at time until now, for reasons that mostly are out of author’s hands, or you’ve forgotten the both ban propositions and the earthquake? I’m imagining the scene now, in the line of “You aren’t allowed to publish that for now, but you still need advance with the story, got it? I trust in you Kaworu”. I’m almost sure that Watashiya-sensei is trying to end her story under an agreement that have expiration date, and maybe only because the story is now famous at least in Japan, and is earning many bucks for the publisher. But at least she is trying to end her story as she wants; all the others just cropped their stories to end with their problems. And also, I don’t know how to explain this any simpler.

    And about that “Reiji is a different matter”, I don’t know if you realized, but you just catch the point :-). No misplaced feelings, no psychiatric problem, not an excuse in the line of “a sicko man that had problems with his childhood and now wants to hurt a little girl”, Aoki is just a healthy man that fell in real love with a little girl, that’s all. Is that really so hard to understand? Rin said something similar in this chapter. Why then everything need explanations? A lot of things don’t have one. Then why that need? We’re afraid to lose the control? Since people are searching explanations for all, world’s life is getting fucked more and more. Kaworu-sensei is just saying to her readers “Fuck, just let your reasoning chains for an instant, and embrace more your human feelings. Just finding or knowing excuses for everything will not make you any wiser”.

    Something similar applies for Shirai x Oyajima relationship: “Just having more knowledge or intelligence don’t make you wiser”. Maybe Shirai have more knowledge or grades that Oyajima, but she didn’t knew how to live. Oyajima with less knowledge and grades is teaching her to live. She‘s happy now.

    And the same concept can be applied to almost all aspects of our everyday life.

    Thanks for letting me know the reasons of your viewpoint. Hehehehe… don’t think of me just as if I were a lolicon zealot trying to defend his fanservice. Even if I like other lolicon stories, for me this one is different. My stay at army service of my country changed my world’s viewpoint, and I was almost destroyed. Neither doctors nor psychologists, nor books, nor drugs helped me, was the main message of this book and the story of how was made, what saved me, and still I’m learning things about it. That’s why I’m defending it, without embarrassment of say why I’m defending it.

    As I said before, I’m not trying to change your mind with all this. You have your reasons to be against, and I have the mine to defend it. I gonna respect your viewpoint, and now that we know the reasons of each other for our arguments, I think that we can have some good discussions about this in subsequent releases.

    I’ll be glad to talk with you about this here in the future.


  35. Kusanagi says:

    Oh SNAP… shit man.. this chapter is really interesting, i cant w8 for the next one.. more power to saya for this.. xD

  36. Miki says:

    Good chapter, but damn…gotta wait til January.
    Honestly I’ve always had this feeling that she may end the story by having Rin die of the same disease that took her mother. If that was the case then Aoki would be heartbroken, start a family with Houin (possibly) and name his daughter Rin, after the girl he first loved. Something cheesy like that might happen, just let me think what I want lol

  37. kei says:

    :’( oh god miki, why would you incept such horrible things into my head!? *thinks to myself *rin can’t die. rin can’t die. rin can’t die.

  38. KASHIWABA Hiro says:

    I eagerly await the next chapter =)

  39. Fantazy says:

    “Bites finger nails”

  40. Kuro says:

    when is it released?? ch 79??

    can’t wait ~_~

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