Kaworu Watashiya – Kodomo no Jikan Ch.79

Here’s the next chapter and presumably the start of Volume 12.

Earlier volumes available in the commission lists, joint projects section, or the torrent.

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  1. Drew says:

    December sucked without having a new chapter to read, thank you so much for this!

  2. Chase says:

    Exactly what I’m worried about. Especially how she was afraid because she was starting to forget what her mother looked like in the last volume. Being able to see her again might keep her on the pills, even when there isn’t any of the pain.

  3. Rapeham says:

    Almost assured that Rin got cancer as well and in the end, sadly, her end, Hoin will end up with mourning Aoki.

  4. YukaKun says:

    @USA folks

    The only way to fight for your rights (in a civilized manner), is to go voting the hell out of the right people. Even calling your congress man out or sending him letters will do something about anything you want. Just don’t stand still and “do something”. Just complaining and sitting idle won’t solve anything.


    Thanks a lot for the chapter!

    It really impressed me how Rin took things, but the end of the chapter… Ugh, now I’m not sure how things will develop, lol.


  5. -HP says:

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!
    But damn, theres should have been more dialog between Aoki and Rin or something. grr its goign to be another long month of waiting.

    And I really hope that we can all keep reading KnJ and finding it as easy as it has been so far, all this shit happening lately, ugh!

  6. Raijinzrael says:


    Houin playing as second fiddle? Lol, that would be so sad thing… because if even she got Aoki, Aoki never will love her as he love Rin…

    Btw, I don’t think that the story gonna end in that manner, this isn’t one of those mangas.

  7. Alwin says:

    Ugh, why the hell would anyone keep such a dangerous painkiller around? These aren’t to be compared to any other painkillers. They are very, very strong (even though in the last stages of cancer they hardly do anything for the pain but worse is, they take away the “you” in you. They bland your mind, take them for a few weeks and friends you’ve known for 50 years won’t recognise you (mentally). Giving them to someone without this intense pain (especially a child) could kill.

    My guess as to why Rin felt this pain is because she loves Aoki and it just really hurts (“stab trough the heart”) to imagine him with someone else.

    As for the rest of the chapter, ow wow – and lol. Most likely Kuro was masturbating after Rin left, Boin actually hitting Aoki and the last pages.. Wow. My first guess would be Reiji takes Rin to the hospital where Aoki will come rushing (but who will tell him? Perhaps Reiji will call him when she doesn’t wake up or when she doesn’t show up at school he will investigate?)

  8. Yariel says:

    well, either …
    1. Rin goes dead because Overdosed …
    2. Rin becomes addict and goes into young prostitution …

    point 2 will makes the story becomes serious and heavy …
    it won’t be end of manga, but I doubt I will follow it if this happen …

  9. Chase says:

    Point 2 kinda reminds me of the original Lolita novel…
    I think there’s gonna be a 3rd option. Reiji’s gonna see the pill wrapper, it’s kinda just sitting right out there. He’s gonna panic and call Aoki, cuz let’s face it, Aoki’s given him some good advice in the past, and despite how he acts, he…sorta…trusts Aoki when it comes to Rin’s well-being.
    There’s gonna be a shout-it-out match between the 3 of them (mostly between Rin and Aoki) and realizations will Freudian-slip through, clearing up the drug+Houin/Aoki issues, and causing the Rin/Aoki issues.

  10. Arioch says:

    about MegaUpload, they wanted to enter music market, which was only divided between Sony, UMG, etc.

    As long as they shared the file – they had their own business, but as they tried to enter cosa nostra of music, they were squashed like Napster and Kazaa were


    Spread the alternative story please.

  11. Arioch says:

    Overall the story looped to beginning.

    Aoki is alone in the desert.
    Hoin is looking with interest staying far away from real passes.
    Kuro again harasses Rin, and Rin satisfies her just because it is simplier than push her away.

    All main characters are at starting point again. Story may unroll as 2nd attempt with different direction.
    Save, load, replay.

    I wonder why Kuro feels sick out of a sudden.
    Rin only ate one pill, maybe it is 2x overdose, but even then hardly something dangerous. Realistically speaking. But the xmas tale like KNJ is not to be realistic. For example kids chatting about how their teacher got kissed, rather than how their teacher was hit in the face – are completely unrealistical decoration :-)

  12. T5J8F8 says:

    And cue Aoki/Reiji jokes in three…two…

  13. STWASHERE says:

    Chapter 80 in 3… 2…

  14. Spirt51 says:


    Greetings! I represent KNJ manga russian/ukrainian translation team.
    We would like to offer you our assistance in drafting of this wonderful manga. We think that it will help to increase drafting qualiti in both ours and yours products.

  15. Waspire says:

    hows it looking for the release ?i almost want to call in sick just so i can read the next chapt.but i can so heres thankijng you ahead of time for the next chapter.


  16. -HP says:

    I concur with waspire dkiping work is worth it for anothe KnJ ch. ;)

    Thanks in advance indeed

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