Komine Tsubasa – Pregnancy Ch.3

Here’s a new chapter courtesy of an anonymous commissioner.

For chapter 1 & 3:

Seeing as the filehosts are collapsing all around themselves, I’m considering alternatives. Hoping to have the batch torrent ready tomorrow and I’m also going to be adding a new sticky with the guidelines for how it’s going to work. I would recommend reading that when it goes up so that you don’t come whining to me 5 minutes later with “The links don’t work. hurr durr!”


  1. Loki says:

    are we gonna get chapter 2 ?

  2. Sahadou says:

    Once someone commissions it, yes.

  3. JukanX says:

    Rescanned raws, I see… Many thanks Sayo and kind anon.
    This is on my not-so-short list of 15 projects to contribute to, and one of these months I’ll probably do so; hopefully before the world ends in December. ;)

  4. Sahadou says:

    Yes. I own the physical book and the anon who commissioned it voiced concern over the quality of the raws, so I rescanned that chapter. I might do a rescan of the whole book as the joint project gets funded.

  5. TJCrinc says:

    alot of filehosts are banning american visitors to protect themselves. But the 3 sites above still work for americans, but there are a mere handful others that i can think of that are working for americans, the rest are blocked. Anonymous and pirate bay made there own sites for hosting, and i doubt they will back down from the FBI, because FBI has no jurisdiction over foreign websites. at least til america becomes the next communist china or iran and bans whole sites hosted in countries that it doesnt agree with.

  6. TJCrinc says:

    oh and thank you for the post : )

  7. Chaos_co says:

    What about ExHentai? just a thought

  8. Advocate says:

    Ah! Another one! Grab it.

  9. Sahadou says:

    You do realize these get posted on exhentai within 5 minutes anyways, right?

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