SaHa Batch Torrent January 2012 & Announcement

Here’s the newest SaHa batch torrent of translated manga and doujin as of January 2012. If you’ve been seeding the September 2011 torrent, this should recognize all the old files and replace any files that have been updated.
January 2012 UPDATES ONLY (ie: Only contains what has been released since September 2011. Approximately 3.3 gigs.)
Full January 2012 Batch (ie: This is all 37ish gigs.)

And now for the announcement.
I will begin adding DDL links to releases in the future, but only after 24 hours. This should reduce the bandwidth hit a bit and allow the damn server to stay online. After a few months, I’ll speak to the host to determine whether or not the DDL can sustain the full load. Due to China-based shenanigans in the past, limits have been added to the DDL server, so pay attention:
-The server will only allow 2 concurrent downloads from the same IP, so don’t grab more than 2 files at a time or you will be blocked(not permanently).
-The server is set to allow each file to be downloaded by each IP only one time every 60 hours(2.5 days). That means if you download it on your PC at home, then attempt to download on your laptop using the same connection, you won’t be able to. I do not know what effect this may have if you live in a university dorm, but it probably means you’re SOL in the event that someone else on campus visits this blog.
-If you attempt to download a third concurrent file, you might end up blocking yourself from that file for 2.5 days, so keep that in mind.
-You will be able to find DDL links for all the older releases in the Commission lists linked at the left side of the blog(and the top), as well as the joint projects section. (Note: I’m still in the process of updating the more recent stuff)

This is all done to ensure that the server doesn’t get hammered into oblivion by some jackass who sets a file to download 600 thousand times a day. If you ignore any of the guidelines above, you can’t come to me to request that your IP be unblocked. You’ll need to wait 2.5 days or use one of the other filehosts.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the batch torrent, you should separate each tracker entries (openbittorrent, publicbt) with two separate line (Enter), otherwise uTorrent won’t load the tracker url.

    Kinda stupid, but that’s how things work in uTorrent.

  2. concerned downloader says:

    a few questions.

    would that make resuming a file impossible? my internet cuts out periodically, some times it cuts out long enough that downloads need to be redone or resumed if possible, is there a system to deuterman if its a resume or not?

    if possible, would you be able to set it up so 2 files are able to download at once, 3 files will cause the third to go extremely slow, like sub 10kbps, 4 will cause all files to go that slow, and 5 will kick you from every download for a day or two? because i see it possible that i forget to downlaoad things for a few days, than forget about these rules… granted im thinking more in the future if all the ddl sites kick off.

  3. Anon E. Mouse says:

    You are awesome sir! I sincerely hope the DDL server works out this time.

  4. nen says:

    Thank you Sayo. I’m sorry my retarded government is giving you all this extra work to do because of their efforts to blow up the internet.

  5. Jakeman95 says:

    @concerned downloader

    Unless you have the necessary code to create such a system, no. The code in place simply looks at the last time the file was downloaded in any shape or form. I realize this may not be the best solution for some; however, previously when Saha was posting some DDLs I had certain Chinese IPs simply downloading the same file over and over (I have the logs so I’m not just saying Chinese cause it’s easy to say). I don’t want to block an entire country so I determined this was the best way to go about it.

  6. someone says:

    Don’t know how important this is, but the Senno Knife – Ouma ga Horror Show Vol 1 included in the full torrent seems to contain only the first chapter, instead of the 8 chapters that you released.

  7. Sahadou says:

    K. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll get that fixed for the next torrent. I’ll add a ddl to the most recent senno knife chapter post since Tabsi’s blog is dead.

  8. shiro-kun says:

    I was looking through Exhentai today and i saw a full tank of[TYPE.90] Matatabi Panic. any plans of doing the last cahapter or do i need to Commission it.

  9. Sahadou says:

    It would need to be commissioned.

  10. kenshinesca says:

    What is the password and login for ddl?

  11. MrMiracle says:

    Dark Samus Doujin of KNJ chapter 2 seems to be missing from the full batch, unless it’s named something else?

  12. Sahadou says:

    should be in knj true feelings, no?

  13. MrMiracle says:

    Yeah, did not see it renamed to that just had the file name originally called Chapter 2 of the Doujin back when it was released. Thanks for the batch.

  14. Frustrated torrenter says:

    Fer crying out loud, there are MULTIPLE viruses in the seeder torrent, And at least one trojan.

    Downloader agent ZHE engine A.

    :( PLEASE clean up the torrent list? I hate getting 5 gigs into a torrent and then needing to roll back to yesterday’s image. :/

  15. grgspunk says:

    Instead of setting up an elaborate set of procedures to prevent your DDLs from being exploited, why don’t you just implement some capcha codes?

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