Ganassa – Zoey! Watch Your Ass! 2 Page 1

Here’s the start of the new Zoey comic I’ve commissioned with Ganassa. Or the continuation of the old comic that came out in late 2009. You can find more of his stuff at his Hentai Foundry account, his Deviantart account or his blog. As I mentioned before, this comic will be coming out a lot slower than either of the previous comics because he’ll be working on it 2 pages at a time as time permits. Next page comes out next week, though.

If you missed the original comic that came out 2 years ago, you can grab it below. The difference is pretty stunning when you see them side by side.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Two years ago? Jesus fucking christ, what the fuck happened?
    Time can’t move that fast. God damn.

    Thanks for commissioning(and sharing!) it Saha, and thanks for the incredible art, Ganassa.

  2. Sahadou says:

    Ganassa’s a really busy guy.
    I wasn’t originally planning for a sequel, but after the outcry for moar, I decided in early December 2010 to reserve a slot in his queue and start putting some thought into a scenario. It was right around the time the Kerrigan/Nova comic was getting to the coloring stage. It wasn’t until March 2011 when I had the initial scenario typed up, and after some back and forth, the scenario was mostly rewritten and tentatively finalized in October. I’m not absolutely certain that he’ll be able to finish off the entire comic in 2012, but we can hope. He’s decided to take it on in 2 page chunks due to the length.

  3. ciderapple says:

    Bummer. The tank grabbed the wrong one. =/

  4. Your Lord and Master says:

    Thank you so fucking much for commissioning this!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pls!!when comes the next pages??

    • SaHa says:

      I honestly don’t know. I contacted Ganassa in mid September to ask him where things stood. At the time, he said he needed to finish one more comic and he’d be ready to start on page 5-6. So he’s either just about ready to start or he’s way too busy and he lost track. Either way, at the rate he’s going, the full comic won’t be done before 2017 and I don’t know if I have the motivation to wait that long.

  6. Annonymus says:

    And now, have any news ?? I’m sorry for my impatience!! :D

  7. crocodile says:

    Whem comes new pages any news?

  8. crocodile says:

    When comes new pages any news?

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