Couple of Nitta Jun Chapters


These two Nitta Jun chapters have gone out publicly for those who want to grab them. In typical Nitta Jun fashion, it’s all about horny women and virgin guys, so if that’s your thing, these should be right up your alley. There are no content warnings for either of these, and for those who’s eyes ¬†are still on fire after seeing the muscle girl from the last Nitta Jun hmanga, you can rest easy knowing these chapters are safe.


  1. giant says:

    thanks man, do you know which manga these came from

  2. sahadou says:

    Not sure. Picked randomly from one of Nitta Jun’s handful of hmangas, I suppose. I think he only has 5 or 6 of them at the moment, and I already translated one of them in full.

  3. Aleph0 says:

    Thanks to you and to the commissioner for the sharing of these.

  4. Amaru says:

    thanks for these

  5. JukanX says:

    Maybe I can help as for the source… These are stories 8 and 9 from “Doutei chinkonkan”; By the way, commission #342 is story 10 and #350 is story 7 from this same manga.

    Now that I’ve searched the mangas on my hard disk, it’s just as well that I give the source for some others commissions I’ve found, in case …
    #343-345 are stories 7-9 from “Shirouto doutei”;
    #347, 348, 351 are stories 2, 11 and 8 from “Maji doutei”.
    #346 and 349 are stories 7 and 3 from “Datsu doutei”
    Sadly I have no clue about #352; it must be in some recent release that’s escaped my grasp…

    I must say that I like very much the style of this author, very similar to that of Kiai Neko, one of my top ten favourite artists. I think I’ll make an exception to my “no virgiity stories” rule, if AniFreak will be so kind as to share the other ones he’s commissioned. *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*

  6. sahadou says:

    These were actually re-commissioned before they were shared. AniFreak was the original commissioner, though.

  7. Conns says:

    Alsome series thank you for doing them.

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