Garakuta-Ya – Ranma

Here’s another Ranma doujin courtesy of Viper-san.


  1. T. Starrk says:

    Fated Circle came out with a version of this doujin a couple weeks ago (someone commissioned it), but they left out the first 10 or so pages with Ranma masturbating. Thanks Saha and Viper-san for giving us a more complete version.

  2. sensualaoiiiiii says:

    And now is blocked. Figures.

  3. Advocate says:

    Been on fright for this one. Pardon my use, but I’d get away from the other side of mix ups.

  4. temoi says:

    Oh god no, someone decided to answer “that” question.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tried to DDL this, then had an error, then it wouldn’t let me download it again because, “You have already downloaded this, time to move on…”

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