Nakanoo Kei – Futanari Ism Ch.4-5

Here are a couple more chapters from this one courtesy of Durandal_2401, lttalos, & Gnomejon.

And for chapter 1-5:

ME3′s Infiltrator class is fuuuun.


  1. lttalos says:

    Thanks SaHa for the translation, also thanks Durandal_2401 and Gnomejon for covering the cost of the other chapters. Any idea if the artist is planning on making any more?

  2. Sahadou says:

    Can’t remember what this artist is working on right now, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t futa. There are still 3 chapters left to this book, though.

  3. kuroneko says:

    Yes! It was a long waiting. Thanks a lot.
    I thought it was dropped. This is a great futa work and I hope you will translate it all.

  4. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Sayo, Durandal_2401, lttalos and Gnomejon.

  5. Anonymous says:

    …ME3 is out?
    Who knew.

  6. Sahadou says:

    It’s called a demo. It’s been out since Tuesday, so I think most people knew.

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