Kaworu Watashiya – Kodomo no Jikan Ch.80

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  1. auriga says:

    Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  2. ANOTHER says:

    pedobear strikes again

  3. DrkFire666 says:

    Morphine!!! That’s a lot worse than I thought. I would have taken her to emergency.

    Trippy dream sequence, I wonder if this will be kind of cathartic in the future.

  4. Newnonimous says:

    Many thanks Sayo as always^_^!

  5. Ugetsu says:

    Thanks so much Sayo! Wow, that was FAST!!

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  6. Newnonimous says:

    Yes please come to Moon speak! It’s a fun place to chat about KNJ and well…..anything.

  7. Dark Samus says:

    This chapter includes the scene every KNJ reader wants to see before diying. So start reading people, start reading n n
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  8. Dark Samus says:

    Oh, and thanks for the chapter as Always Sayo-sama.

  9. mahadiputra22 says:

    thank for the latest chapter….
    mirror for your release is hosting in my country file hosting, indowebster.com and credit goes to sahadou.com

  10. HWAT_? says:

    Jebus what kind of lingerie is that on a kid!?

  11. Rapeham says:

    “Unless she gets pain under control, she can’t eat…even if that’s just a littlelonger, I want her to live.
    Even if that meansshe won’t know what’s going on”
    Damn, that settles it then that Rin got cancer like her mother. Very very sad that manga would conclude with her death -_-.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Nice fanservice and all, but I was kind of disappointed..Prefer the character interaction/development chapters much more.
    Gotta wait another month now, bah.

    Thanks as always, Sayo.

  13. Raijinzrael says:


    Well… that’s a generic stripped pantsu underwear, at least one female character, little girl or adult woman, wear these ones on almost every not so old and actual series

    Example: Hitoha from Mitsudomoe wears them too.

    Is a generic symbol in the actual manga/anime culture. So don’t worry for so insignificant detail, and enjoy your reading :-)

    Greetings, still reading to comment.

  14. kei says:

    @Rapeham; wtf? he was talking about her mom, Rin doesn’t have cancer :/. thanks for the TL!

  15. Rapeham says:

    And why did Rin got her constant pain then?

  16. Alwin says:

    Because her heart hurts, not her body.

    Does anyone make any sense of the center drawing on page 8, the one with the bear head? Might be I need more sleep but I can’t make anything out of it.

    For the rest, it looks like the birth (from a bear? lol) is intended as a (mental?) rebirth of sorts. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    Oh, and gotta love Rins face (topleft) on page 24 and her flustered “you giant pervert…” :D

  17. JukanX says:

    Many thanks Sayo and contributors.
    Sayo, for the batch volume can you correct the typo (“indirrect”) at page 23?

  18. Anonymous says:

    That… was kind of a weird chapter. Felt like a lot of housecleaning of various events before a new major (final?) arc begins.

    Also, anybody know what kind of ‘western’ they’re referring to on page 17?

    Regarding pages 2-4, Reiji’s at the side of the bed, giving meds to Aki, young Rin is lying at the foot of the bed and the, er, old Rin is standing behind her watching this flashbackish dream sequence. So, it’s Aki saying she doesn’t want the meds, then Reiji forcing it on her. Both Rins are doing nothing but spectating.

  19. Spirt51 says:


    Greetings! I represent KNJ manga russian/ukrainian translation team.
    We would like to offer you our assistance in drafting of this wonderful manga. We think that it will help to increase drafting qualiti in both ours and yours products.

  20. T. Starrk says:

    The bag says the pills are oxycontin 40′s but then Reiji says it’s morphine on the phone. Oxycontin is time-released oxycodone and morphine is, well, morphine. They’re both opioids but that’s about all they have in common. They’re two distinct different painkillers. Not a big deal, just something I noticed.

  21. PROzess says:

    Thanks for the chapter!!

  22. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the new release!

  23. Yariel says:

    @Rapeham …
    indeed cancer trait might become inheritance …
    however they need to get into certain age before the cancer start … (I never heard such a young kid get cancer too)
    and it’s NOT ALWAYS happen …
    my family have this trait and all descendant have a chance being caught by cancer about 20% …
    a light case up to the bad one …
    a bad case usually get died … (5%)
    while for a light case (15%) … well, a bit treatment like certain diet will be enough to preserve our live …

    it will takes many year skip for this KnJ to reach the stage whenever Rin caught cancer trait or not …

  24. Ugetsu says:

    @Raijin, you are talking about shimapan, which Rin wears in the chapter. @HWAT is talking about the image Sayo used at the top of the page — it’s the “Special” cover for Tankoubon 11. And the answer, I suppose, is that KW has always made Rin a little exhibitionist, so what she’s wearing in that image isn’t a big surprise for long-term readers of the manga.

  25. NightHowler says:


  26. -HP says:

    Thank you so much!!

  27. goonhogo says:

    Was this special cover for vol. 11 another premium in a recent issue of Comic High? Never saw it before…

  28. Sahadou says:

    Yes. It’s an alternate cover for 11, which I already made available. The original cover for 11 will be included with the tankoubon release once I have some time to figure out which pages are new.

  29. Dark Samus says:

    Well Sayo, the only Omake pages in Tank eleven are the follows:
    Four extra pages at the beggining of chapter 75 (A very weird wet dream that Aoki had with a giant Rin O.OU)
    Two extra pages at the end of chapter 76, including a emotional moment that Rin had.
    A new intro for chapter 78 were Oyajima starts to imagine, in a panic state, that he will be ass raped by Aoki.XD
    I hope this helps, I’m bored, I wanted to type something, Sayo Sama.

  30. Sahadou says:

    K. Hadn’t noticed the pages at the end of 76, so I’ll need to take a look at those and scan them in. I had my suspicions about the Oyajima part, so I scanned that, but it didn’t come out very well, so I need to rescan those. The rest I’ve got.

  31. Prevert says:

    Great chapter,really excellent all round.

  32. Arioch says:

    Can hardly believe this chapter. When my grandpa was dying of cancer we also had morphine in house, and a bit of it remained not used after his death, but:
    1) it was a solution for syringe, not the pills that someone can just take and eat.
    2) we all knew that it is a drug and should be taken with great caution, not just used for some random treatment
    3) for sure it was violation of laws. There were no lawful ways to get drugs in house.

    Maybe it is all that different in Japan (it was in Britain 100 years ago), but i cannot believe it.
    I cannot believe neither Rin did never heard about morphine/opium/heroin, nor in Reiji keeping such dangerous thing in house without warning Rin about the danger.

  33. Dark Samus says:

    Sayo, me and the rest of the gang can’t access to Moonspeak forum. It’s under maintenace.? Could You help us please TT TT

  34. Ugetsu says:

    Google “Moon-Speak” — you will find our new location on zetaboards!

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