SaHa Batch Torrent July 2012

Here’s the newest SaHa batch torrent of translated manga and doujin as of July 2012. If you’ve been seeding the January 2012 torrent, this should recognize all the old files and replace any files that have been updated.
July 2012 UPDATES ONLY (ie: Only contains what has been released since January 2012. Approximately 4 gigs.)
Full July 2012 Batch (ie: This is all 40ish gigs.)


  1. Spy says:

    There’s no Aki-Akane in here ;_; I don’t want to have to download each picture individually off exhentai :(

  2. SaHa says:

    Sigh… You’re not even trying, are you? They’re sorted by artist/circle name. Let me help, A, B, C, D, E, F, G for Garyuh Chitai. Now stop complaining for nothing.

  3. Grim32 says:

    Hey guys, because you’ve given me so much Hentai over the year & I finally have a decent connection. I’ll be seeding this indefinitely at 1MB/s (not a lot but hopefully it’ll help)

  4. Thanks for all your hard wall Saha!

  5. BLAH work. Hard work. lol

  6. Anona says:

    If any of you are like me, where you add the new torrent to the old torrent, and continue to seed both from the same folder:
    The old:
    [SaHa] Nekonomori Maririn – New Kitten Studies (English).rar
    Will have to be set to “skip” and the file deleted from the folder so it won’t interfere with the updated file in the new torrent.

    It’s surprising how many people continue to find the old torrent and don’t go looking for a new one.

  7. BoZ says:

    Nice a new batch after 6 months, oh so delicious, keep up the good work man, seeding @ 200Mbps atm, i”ll keep it up as much as possible ;)

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