Katou Jun – Avatar Trance Ch.9

I called it.

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  1. WoW says:

    250+ days I waited…

    Lets do it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    chapter 1 isn’t included in the batch download tho

  3. Jen says:

    YESSSSSS! Finally! I’ve been waiting for the next chapter! :D

  4. Helblind says:

    That was fast! Well done and thank you kind sir!

  5. anon says:

    yay finally ty

  6. pipo says:

    I can’t get enough of this manga. It’s quite literally every single one of my fetishes wrapped up in a neat bundle.

  7. Ertle2 says:

    Another great chapter with yet another epic cliffhanger.

  8. gsfdfsdfadg says:


  9. Kat says:

    I actually did -not- see that coming

  10. Osse says:

    Ooooh, excellent work and the next one will have fucking :3 which will be even more awesome.

  11. 4seiken says:

    After waiting so long for this I can’t help but wonder how long the wait for the next one will be…

    It’s killing me.

  12. tingle says:

    I was gonna donate to this but I didn’t know how.
    Seriously if there is a 10, shut up and take my rupees.

  13. butch says:

    go to depositfile.com and get the 176meg file chapters 1-7 to get chapter 1

  14. airpi says:

    Always bet on the dick

  15. tingle says:

    best part about the series? is PC has a virtual boy and power glove for this game

  16. Joychan490 says:

    I had almost forgotten about this manga :3 Thank you so much for posting it, greatly appreciated ^.^

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thank gods. Who the fuck wants to waste bandwidth redownloading the first eight chapters just to get the new chapter from e-hentai?

  18. twi says:

    How disappointing… See y’all in another 250 days.

  19. a_heron says:

    wow, this sure was neat. -> looking forward to seeing the next chapter

  20. Thormuin says:

    more and faster please i wont wait an year for the next chapter

  21. Thormuin says:

    when comes the next chapter, i hate clifhangers ^^

  22. jjbx says:

    It official after becoming current with this Hentai…I am the guy… who can cap to anything and seems to have a preferance for trap on trap and cuts on trap…good bye normal sex life

  23. Buggi says:

    Reminds me of my girlfriend and me… Gotta go strap-on shopping one of these days…

  24. Thormuin says:

    next chapter please

  25. wrigglesandgiggles says:

    yatta! not only released but the final page is the result EVERYONE WANTED!
    Good lord I’ll be euphoric when this gets released in a volume :D and the last chapter gets released…. in like 2 years time :(
    stupid reality.

  26. Ronaldq says:

    Oh god, please make it fast. The cliffhangers is killing me!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Only I want to this boy become a futanari in real life just like Beryl?

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. trapspringer says:

    let’s hope the next installment doesn’t take this long. this one was a real cliff hanger.

  30. ...what says:

    this h-manga is confusing

    first it’s a futa, then it’s a shota yaoi, then it’s back to futa. NOW it’s gonna be a ladyboy!?

    …I don’t even…

  31. Imogen says:

    Episode 10 just got announced on Jun’s blog 2 days ago. i can’t wait to rub one out to it : D

  32. anonymous says:

    chapter 10 apparently comes out today.

  33. khc says:

    So, it is out?

  34. KFC says:

    CH.10 is out for almost a month now

  35. windfalcon says:

    Mayhaps no one has commissioned it yet?

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