Kaworu Watashiya – Kodomo no Jikan Ch.87


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re the best, thanks!

  2. Newnonimous says:

    Thank you so much Sayo

  3. Salahadin says:

    Lol I almost forgot about Kodomo no jikan but i woke up at good time :D THanks Sayo !

  4. Thanks, Sayo-san.

    Noooo, December. ;___; I can’t wait that long.

  5. tremain says:

    calling it. child rape next chapter

  6. DrkFire666 says:

    This is just like chapter 0 when Rin busted the principle for being a lolicon by pretending to have a tummyache and then getting a pic with her cell phone when he tried to pull down her pantsu.

  7. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Sayo.

  8. Edz says:

    Loved Kuro-chan cosplaying Minnie! <3

  9. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  10. Chase says:

    Wait, THREE months til the next chapter!? I dunno if I’ll make it that long T_T

    • Mayotta says:

      It’s probably (hopefully) only two. Sousakusha, another poster elsewhere, pointed out that Comic High issues are named after the month after they come out. (Next month’s is the “November issue” [11月号], for example.) So the “December issue” should come out in November. Still, it’s such a long time….

      What KW seems to have done instead was a story for another manga anthology, “Hirari,” which is coming at the end of October.

  11. Mayotta says:

    Thanks for the chapter, Sayo! :D

  12. theodoric says:

    thank you for the chapter Saha

    no real surprises in this one … but it was a good ch none the less, lots more development of what is already going on :-)

  13. Necron99 says:

    Um..Why does Aoki have to correct the graduation banner from 2011 to 2010? (Page 37). I’m assuming the current school year is 2011/2012, hence the class of 2011.

  14. jcfdude says:

    The way the last few pages were kind of confused me. Did kokonoe just pic up the paper for the principal and nothing happened? Also was it kokonoe who actually made the post. Also why did it zoom in on those panties? I’m trying to make sense of all of thid. There’s also her mysterious illness.

    • Webbmaster62 says:

      It seems everyone is getting this illness. Might be from where they ate yesterday. The panties thing could be her being in heat, maybe getting ready to have her period, or she was sick there as well who knows? The paper with the principal…I think he either dropped it on accident or on purpose and Rin went was on her way to his office or she read something on it that drove her there. Or she could just be going to the bathroom still but was shocked after reading it. So many theories….

    • Miki says:

      We’ll find out what happens with that myserious piece of paper next month. I can only think that there’s something in the principles office and the paper is giving her an excuse to go there ( like “Hey, dropping off this paper but spying on your stuff. Kthnx) THe scene with the panties is to emphasize her wearing black panties. THere are two reason for that. 1. black panties are a sex symbol (I used to hear in middle schoo lthat girls who wore black panties meant they were having sex/ sexual girls.) 2. Girls tend to wear dark panties on their period (which she’s obviously starting to have). This “mysterious illness” may or may not be real but since it was not in this chapter at all (just period symptoms) then I wouldn’t worry about it.

  15. Chase says:

    @jcfdude That last few panels did seem a bit muddled. From what I figure, wither the paper dropped was something tipping off that the principal did something, or just making her realize where she was and prompting her to check for herself.
    I’m not sure about the sickness you’re talking about. Throughout the chapter, or her heart pangs in recent chapters? I think Rin’s starting her period in this chapter. It kinda explains the mark on her light panties, the emphasis on the darker ones (red is harder to see, just in case), and the pouring of hot water on her chest/abdominal area, the heat eases cramps. It also can explain how she’s unwell this chapter in general and her urgency to head to the toilet near the end.
    As for if Kokonoe was the victim, that’s extremely unlikely. We’ve seen she has no problem at all at calling out authority before and definately told someone about it, at least Reiji or Aoki.

  16. Miki says:

    The next chapter will be realesed at the end of October (for eveyrone freaking out about this “december issue!” thing) I went and looked it up. Great chapter. Glad Rin’s starting her period but that just means cramps, mood swings, and being awkward for the next couple chapters lol

    • Mayotta says:

      >The next chapter will be realesed at the end of October (for eveyrone freaking out about this “december issue!” thing) I went and looked it up.

      Where’s that information coming from? The Comic High site doesn’t have KnJ listed in the next issue lineup, the note at the end of the chapter we just got says the next installment is in the December issue (the Japanese version says “緊迫な次回は12月号です”), and if you’re talking about that “10/22発売” at the bottom of the last page, read what’s next to it. That’s the next volume of Comic High (#91) coming out in October, not the next chapter of KnJ.

      If anything, the next chapter should come out in November. I just don’t think Comic High put that “December issue” note there by accident.

      • Miki says:

        Hmm…you’re quite right. I had used a not very reliable source. Thanks for correcting me. Now I’m just sad I have to wait so long because I want to know who this girl is getting her boobs grabbed. :/

      • Miki says:

        Also, do you know where the new K.n.J message board is? I only have to old forum saved to my favorites :(

  17. Anonymous says:

    >try not to spoil self
    >scroll down to leave the following comment
    >see Miki’s post
    >read it because i lack control
    well, shit

    Anyhow, that is one fucking fantastic cover.
    She just gets better and better as an artist. Reading the first chapter, then the latest, it’s incredible how much she’s improved. Especially when I compare her to most other manga artists I’ve read.

  18. Ugetsu says:

    Thanks so much Sayo!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Read it now.

    WELL, SHIT. She gon’ get raped.

    I dunno, the seedy look on the principles face made me think he droppedt he paper so Kokonoe would pick it up and go into the room/office he went into, to return it.
    Gave a very creepy feeling.

    Not sure if she read anything on it or not, or was just realizing “hey, now I can go into his office and seduce him/look for evidence!”

    Either way, no october chapter is disappointing.
    I’m happy when a new chapter comes out and all, but at this point I only find out when I come to Sayo’s site, and I’ve been coming here less(not as interested in manga/hentai anymore, unfortunately). So these delays she’s been having recently are kind of putting a downer on my excitement for this series.

    Thanks, Sayo.

  20. Kap says:

    >December issue

  21. tyciol says:

    I’ve decided I finally need to get around to reading this, and need to start at the beginning.

    http://sahadou.com/?page_id=968 has it at the 4th entry like you said, but it is divided into volumes.

    I am wondering: when you release the chapters, can you make a note in the blog about what volume this chapter is a part of?

    Or alternatively (better yet, also) on the Joint Projects page, can you list which chapters each volume spans? Also when Specials 1-3 and First Grade Time take place (read them after?)

    Based on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Kodomo_no_Jikan_chapters it appears to be 7 chapters per volume up until volume 6. Volume 7 says Periods 43-50, which is 8 chapters in that volume, so I’m thrown for a loop there.

    Volume 11 says 72 to 78 so I guess that makes 87… either part of Volume 12 or Volume 13?

    Fuck Wikipedia, here I made a list on Wikipedia: http://KNJ.wikia.com/wiki/Volumes

    So you have up to Volume 12 released on the JP page, sounds about right. Just wish I knew when the others took place. Guess I’ll get’m and try to remember to read them after 12? Probably safe.

  22. -HP says:

    Thanks a lot !!!! ugh, going to be a long time until next chapter >_<

  23. Anonymous says:

    Sorry if I got your query wrong, but it sounds like you’re having an issue about the new chapters not being listed in volumes on his release/front page?

    I’ve followed this series for a couple years now, I can’t remember if Sayo’s always released them this way, but when you extract his rars, you get a “Kodomo no Jikan volume xx(9, 10, etc)” folder, so if you extract the Rar to a, say, Kodomo no Jikan folder, it should all be organized correctly anyway. This one automatically went to the current volumes folder, as an example.

    Also, I think any time a volume has ended or began, Sayo’s mentioned it. Not to mention, you’ll usually get a nice colored “cover” type page. Sometimes the author herself will not the ending of a new volume, I believe, on some pages(first or last).

  24. Anonymous says:

    I’m a little sad now that I’m completely caught up with this now.

    having to wait for new chapters is hard.

    • Captain says:

      I know how you feel. I started reading this around the time chapter 47 came out. And then I had to wait like everyone else for each monthly release. it’s rough. I first came across this manga by browsing through the mangafox website. It’s not hosted there anymore, though. How did you first get introduced to this manga?

      • Anonymous says:

        The random button on Bakabt got me to the Anime.

        After I finished the show I really wanted to see what was going to happen so I went on to the manga.

  25. Alwin says:

    Just came in to be sure there wasn’t a new chapter this month. Would have been overjoyed. Oh well, there’s worse things in life I guess.

    See you guys end of december then and let’s hope for a good chapter (no raping Rin though I hope!)

  26. OneMore says:

    Alwin, that would be end of November, not December. Unless the chapter is delayed for TWO extra months, of course.

  27. Alwin says:

    @OneMore, well I sure hope so! We’ll see in about two weeks anyway :)

  28. Pawprint says:

    For those asking about the significance of the panties, I assume you’re talking about Reiji looking at Rin’s discolored panties. This and the mysterious “tummyaches” are both signs that these girls are having (Mimi)/about to have (Rin) their periods. Didn’t you watch Naisho no Tsubomi? It’s everything you need to know about female adolescence in 3 episodes!

  29. AkiraScare says:

    I just had to come to this site to say ありがとうsaha … i love this mamga a lot and im patiently waiting for d next chapter…

    Does anybody know how to get a kotification on here thqt a new chapter has appeared of KNJ? that would b helpful XD

  30. Anonymous says:

    Kaworu Watashiya confirmed that KNJ is ending soon. Interested to see how she wraps everything up.

  31. AkiraScare says:

    Yep… thats what ive read…. :/ aww well close enough… cant wait :) oh and knj will not end on january so i guess we stilll some months to enjoy and reread d manga…

  32. virox says:

    Read the new chapter.
    Oh no… Oh no, no, god damn, NO.

  33. Alwin says:

    Read it, already?

  34. Mandy says:

    The Raw is out….and it looks that the Principal has Rin totally under his clutch. The situation can get even worse if Aoki don’t do anything.

    • virox says:

      Have you seen where his hand is? And the door is locked. Just how fast do you think Aoki is to prevent any touching of Rin’s special place by those dirty fingers? And he even hit her in the face.

      • Mandy says:

        Yeah, that worries me. That kind of scum only need a couple of minutes to take away the most sacred thing in a girl life.

  35. Mandy says:


    Here you can see the Raws. Next chapter will come out after the end of the world Lololololo.

  36. Alwin says:

    Can I have the link to the raws, please?

  37. Mandy says:

    You have the link right in front your eyes Alwin. Just use the Ol’ copy paste.

  38. Alwin says:

    Sorry scrolled past it on iphone. Rar doesnt work on it anyway so booted the laptop. Damn that’s one determined rapist, knocking Rin out even. Does he think no one will notice? But still, he’s three seconds away from dipping his fingers into her. Let’s hope Aoki will kill him.

  39. Mandy says:

    You’re giving too much credit to someone so dense like Aoki, Newcomer — –U

  40. Newcomer says:

    Anything can happen Mandy, im sure Aoki will save her one way or the other. ^^U

  41. Mandy says:

    Now to wait wait until the translation comes out…and another month to see if Rin will be the Principal’s cherry on the Cake.

  42. Newcomer says:

    She will not, never

  43. Mandy says:

    We´ll see….

  44. Newcomer says:

    I just dont want to even think of that….. >:(

  45. AkiraScare says:

    Tooooo INTENSE!!! watch Rin die :( and thats how knj ends :(

  46. Alwin says:

    Yea, very likely. Just kill the main lead and forget all about her. Sounds like a plan. Only, not

  47. AkiraScare says:

    イエス!!! this chapter is too intense… Aoki will save her thell put d principal in jail and aoki will get transferd and then rin will b heartbroken…

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