Ro – League of Phantasy

Here’s one courtesy of Decoy. I don’t know whether to tag this as beast or furry, so take your pick. It’s a bear-man thing doing it with a loli.


  1. Nonono says:

    I believe you mean “Man-bear-thing” as it is obviously half man, half bear-thing.

  2. Lololo says:

    More like “ManBearPig” amirite?

  3. vesper_nova says:


    • erm says:

      no… not pedobear. south park reference.

      i personally prefer ThingBearMan ;D as its a thing a bear and a man last :P but kudos to the game devs. Seems like its somewhere in the .//hack universe.. which makes it.. just great :)

  4. Seles says:

    I started liking this mangaka after reading Memories From Seaside School on Dark Littlewhitebutterflies. this one was even better.

    • Alaphabet says:

      I liked his “Egglaying advice” and “GaoGao! Gaoru!” the seaside one not as much, but great art nonetheless.

  5. sensualaoii says:

    Id like to see more from this mangaka.

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