Kaworu Watashiya – Kodomo no Jikan Ch.88


For Chapter 86-88:

Earlier volumes available in the commission lists, joint projects section, or the torrent.


  1. Anonymous says:

    with a chapter so important, you could move faster to translate it….

    • SaHa says:

      I could, but naw…

    • Phuji says:

      What a dick thing to say. As if they don’t already consistently put it out within days of the raw release. You could try showing a little appreciation for the actual work these guys do rather than act like a twat demanding they work faster so you can read your manga.

      • Female Reploid says:

        I agree. I mean, Saha is always doing the translation. Thank you very much in advance Saha, hope you have a good Christmas Eve.

  2. Alwin says:

    Anon, stfu or gtfo and never return. Be thankful it is translated at all – and without any cost for you thanks to the contributors.

    So SaHa take your time I’d rather wait two more days than give this b*tch what he wants.

    A very merry christmas for everyone, even for our rude anon!

    • AkiraScare says:

      Its free and ppl are so ungrateful… let saha enjoy some free time i bet he has a life and sacrifices hes time to make us happy… thanks Saha XD

  3. Miki says:

    Everyone enjoy their holidays–Happy holidays SaHa!

  4. Raijinzrael says:

    And with all the events i forgot being grateful with our traslation group. Many thanks to SaHa for the release. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you guys.

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