Kaworu Watashiya – Kodomo no Jikan Ch.89


For chapter 86-89

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  7. Iso says:

    I find it sick that they want to sweep the entire incident under the rug to protect their school’s reputation. Every parent should be notified to see if the pervert principal molested any other students.

    • Solarn says:

      Well, that’s the Japanese for you. Reputation is WAY more important than possible child molestation, as long as you don’t know about the latter, don’tchaknow.

      • Japan??? And you have the guts to attack japan??? What about USA, you phony bastard????? Pen State knew Sandinsky was molesting boys for at least 10-15 years but they hid it cuz they were making millions off the football.
        Next time look in the mirror before you speak you phony little *&#$&. Im sick of your phony USA where you accuse everyone else of what you are doing.

        • Raccoon says:

          Wow, way to have a cow over nothing. Everyone accuses the US of just about everything too, so I don’t see how you can justify anything you just said. It happens everywhere.

        • Bernd says:

          You sound pretty mad. Why so serious when it comes to your glorious Nippon? Your weeaboo is showing.

    • Raijinzrael says:

      Sorry, but irl isn’t a disney movie where everyone that knows your disgrace will help you with your problem. I’ve seen this with myown eyes in the past, and almost all time everyone knowing what happened just worse the things for everyone involved in the problem, victims included (discrimination problems, psychologists dudes that don’t know how to do their jobs and only drugs the victims to “forget and have a normal life”, mayink you an addict, oportunists trying to get money from you, and shitstorm that will ensure that you never will recover your normal life ever). Almost all the time is for the best keep the thing on reasonably secret. Authorities were informed about the problem and Principal will not get free from the deep shit pit where is he now, so isn’t required, even desired, to every idiot and tabloid on the world knew the details about the disgrace.

      • Iso says:

        I take it you’re not a parent because I sure as hell would want to know if my child’s principal might have molested my child so that I can give her the support she needs to move on. I’m not saying the world needs to know but the parents sure as hell should.

        • Raijinzrael says:

          To what? To make worse your childs life taking him/her to a dumb psychologist that probably will just drug him/her to make him/her forget? To give to him/her dumb words that will do nothing to heal him/her inner wound? To do all wrong things that most european/usa parents do, that only makes things worse, and just make those child become crazed people (Mimi’s mother for example)? Probably childs abused by the principal didn’t trust on their parents to say a word about the problem on first plase, that’s why their parents don’t know a word about the problem, and probably that’s the best for everyone. Anyways, principal is on the pit, and he will never get free from it on a long, long time.

          Btw, no, i’m not a parent, but when i was on service, i could see the same situation many, many times in the past, and my sister that is an specialist, too.

          • Iso says:

            Knowing Japan, I wouldn’t be so sure the principal ends up in jail. He may simply be fired which will enable him to get another job in education. Furthermore, because parents will not know he is a child molester, should they meet him in the future they may trust him around their children which could lead to more children being molested. There is absolutely no good that will come from the parents and general public not knowing about the principal being a pedophile. Your comment on psychologists is just a rash generalization because you assume all psychologists are useless and that they will simply drug problems away.

          • Raijinzrael says:

            Let’s put this easy, if our children don’t tell something so traumatic like this on time before that we get notified by other people, means only that we did something really wrong with them, and them don’t trust on us anymore. How do you will fix the problem if you’re part of it? Let the experts to take care on the problem if you can’t. If them trust enough to tell their sectret to us, then why you should care on other people’s children? Your responsability is with your child, and he trust enough on you to say it, so your mission is take the problem carefully with enough discretion, so he/she can recover his/her normal life faster. Do you know that will happen if your children classmates know that your son/daughter was raped? This isn’t a disney movie. Probably he/she will be bullied for life, and in case of boys, he will be taken as gay… What is more, he/she can become a target for more attacks. Let the others take care on their children and their problems. Problems like this requires a cold mind, and order on your priorities. You can’t realize this? Means that you’re worried more about youself and others, that about your own child.

            I don’t asume, I’ve seen this many times at past.

        • Sakhmeth says:

          Well, which is it Raijin?

          “To make worse your childs[sic] life taking him/her to a dumb psychologist that probably will just drug him/her to make him/her forget?”


          “Let the experts to take care on the problem if you can’t.”

          And where do you live that allows psychologists to prescribe drugs? That’s for MDs like psychiatrists.

          • Raijinzrael says:

            Just a typo, I’m still getting used to english.

            Was refering to someone that really cares on them, somoeone that them can trust really as them protector. If that person doesn’t exist, better that no one gets involved in the problem. With nuisance people involved things can just get worse. Watashiya-seinsei showed very well what i’m sayin on Mimi’s case.

            For the other thing, I’m from Mexico, where there’s no distinction between psychologists and psychiatrists, where many times them are more crazed that the people that they want to treat. We don’t trust on them, when we have a problem we take our life on our hands and push our life on forward. And yes, probably you can take a laught on our situation, but i’ve with many people on IRC that tells how pretty useless are their psychologists and their treatments. Ironically, isn’t on my country (High violence rated) where crazed guys assault schools to kill children. For all that, i can assume that things with psychologists are better on first world places.


        • IchigoRadiance says:

          It’s common nature nowadays to further victimize the victim. People now a days can be horrible. Sad to say, but in situations like this, revealing specific students can actually make being molested just the tip of the iceberg. It’s true that after such an experience, that they would need counseling, but most doctors aren’t paid to treat you, but to sell you drugs. And take just a couple chapters back, a girl, too afraid to reveal her identity, was automatically shot down. When I was in school, a girl was raped and the guy bragged about it, many of the students harrassed the girl for it saying she asked for it and called her a slut among other things. There have been incidents where somebody was raped in public and people just stood there and spectated, like it was some kind of event.

          What this school needs to do is keep teachers hoein around to let the students know they can talk to her, without alerting other students. Aoki may be leaving, though he would be preferable to helping the students, hoein should do. And of course, if the bbc board is still open, she can console them there if they still don’t know about her handle (which I think she accidentally revealed).

          And if police let that principle free, then they need to be ostracized. What he committed was attempted rape, of a minor no less. Even if she was of age, rape should not just get him fired. And if they can’t due to law, then it just makes it that much harder to trust the government when they let rapists go.

          As for each individual student, if they trust their parents, they will probably talk to them. But those with parents they don’t trust, it doesn’t really matter, because many times the parents don’t care anyways. Take Usa’s mother, she didn’t care that her daughter was groped on the train, her response was that she should stop going to cram school. The only ones who cared about her besides her dad was, Kuro, Rin, aoki, and Reiji. Reiji went through similar things, a life without any true parental love (at least from his father). I think everybody needs somebody outside of their blood family to act as a support. A friend or more that is so close that you consider them family. The more the merrier, though quality over quantity. In Usa’s case, Rin and Kuro are like sisters, Aoki is like a father and Reiji is like a husband (or at least she wishes he was one).

          Anyways being a professional psychiatrist, or psychologist (or whatever kind of doctor) doesn’t automatically make them qualified. When I was younger, I was verbally abused by my step-father and had to live with my grandmother. During that time I went to a doctor for counseling. I went in a troubled, but happy child and came out a child with anger issues. They put me on medicine that took away most emotion except hate, and encouraged me to fuel rage. I didn’t like it so I quit going there, and refused to take the medicine. I preferred to deal with my problems at my own comfortable pace, with peace rather than anger. They disagreed, I just wanted to go home and play Super Mario World, not throw rocks and pillows around screaming like a maniac. And I hate medicine that dulls my emotions, to be like a zombie is no fun, and it doesn’t really get rid of the emotions, just delays them and then you get a big blast of them everyday so much you can’t deal with them.

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    @Iso: I agree, it is sad that they want to sweep it under the rug.

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    and of course Reiji cant comprehend that Aoki can not be with Rin every second, he DOES have other students to keep an eye on … and it doesnt help that Rin deliberately disobeyed Aoki because he figured she was going to do something stupid like that

    @ Iso … sadly it isnt just the Japanese who are like that … it is everywhere … even in religion … for example; look at how long the catholics have been hiding all their pedophile homo priests … and the same thing with the Boy Scouts hiding all their child molesting scout masters …………….

    • Raijinzrael says:

      You forgot to name the zealoty presbylutheran girl rapists, the muslim harems made with young girls harems, the goverment little scandals, many of them never published, the fact that probably this could be happening on your next door neighbor house, and you will never know.

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    And I can totally understand Reiji in this one; like Aoki said, he trusts him more than himself so that was a mixture of uncertainty and rage. If he can no longer trust him, I wonder if he’ll keep his old plan. Darn… What a turn of events XD


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    As for the coverup? Japan, happens all the time. It it happened in the US or Europe it would be on the evening news that day.

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