Kaworu Watashiya – Kodomo no Jikan Ch.91


For chapter 86-91:

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  1. auriga says:

    Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  2. Conkers says:


  3. svines85 says:

    Super awesome, thanks a lot for the new chapter!!!

  4. Phuji says:

    Oh no! Only 2 chapters left for my favorite manga! As always, an excellent chapter and a quick translation. Thanks to the SaHa crew.

  5. Geese1 says:

    Many thanks for the release!

  6. tingle says:

    Can’t wait to see who ends up with who.

    When this first started I joked that Kokonoe would be post pubescent before anyone banged her because of how long and drawn out the stories are. I was right. That was 6 years ago.

  7. Felttip says:

    if no freaking hiatuses this time in April we will be seeing the end to this manga. Really such a bitter sweet feeling.

  8. AkitaSaito says:

    Alright ending coming to a close. Thanks for the work guys haha ∩(︶▽︶)∩

  9. Waspire says:

    thanks sayo…. still sad that its ending… im hoping for another great series from this author.

    2 to go huh…

    sayo if she does another series will you be translating it?

  10. star says:

    seems daisuke really does love her. he wouldn’t of let that kiss get as deep as it did if he didn’t.

  11. Webbmaster62 says:

    I’m glad he kept it going with that kiss. Now I’m gonna expect a big time leap around next chapter or the last. i can’t see Kaworu not pairing up everyone with somebody.

  12. anon says:

    Thank you!

    Oh my god, only two chapters left. I will miss this. I will miss Rin. I will cry.

  13. Chase says:

    It been so many years now. Its sad to see this end. If there is a timeskip, I think it will be between this and next chapter. It’s usually how it goes.
    2nd to last gives a bit of whats happening now then transitions to what happened to everyone later, leading up to the leading role’s fate. Last chapter encompasses that.
    btw, I half laughed/cried at the “Kagami!-Virgin!”

  14. Daniel says:

    Yes, thank you as always!!

  15. Alwin says:

    Aoki is not wearing a tie in the same colour as his suit this time :D

    Thanks for the chapter. I’ll be pretty sad when KnJ is over (has it really been six years already? Time sure DOES fly) and I hope KW does have a new manga planned.

    Can’t wait to find out if everything ends how we’ve all hoped..

  16. Ehud says:

    Awesome. Many thanx.

  17. AdiktdToLoli says:

    T_T god damn sweat in my eyes.. it wont stop T_T

    Thank you sooo very much Saha™ T_T cry cry…. cant wait for the next chapter T_T ima go look for RAW’s Q_Q

  18. Plys says:

    Nooooooooo! It cant stop in just 2 more. It has to go on at least another year!

    This is by far my favorite Manga ever. Its gonna suck when it stops :(

  19. theodoric says:

    thank you for the ch Saha

    and that was a great chapt

    yeah it is sad that there are only two more ch’s left … but I would rather see that … than what has been done to some stories, dragging them out for 20+ years by endlessly reating the same old plots over and over and over and over and over again

    a story shoudl have a beginning … a middle … and an end

    this has been a wonderful story so far … and now I am looking forward to seeing how Watashia-san closes it out :-)

  20. Noire says:

    Thanks… soon it will be over… sadly…

  21. Chris says:

    Wow, it’s been six years already! Thank you for dedicating all this time translating my favorite manga.

    I’m gonna miss kokonoe ;_;

  22. altereggo says:

    Thanks for the great redraws in this chapter.

  23. Sxerks says:

    In some cases “two chapters remain before the end” could mean that there are 2 chapters and then an ending chapter.

    In TV they sometimes say “there are 2 episodes before the season finally”, which means 3 more of course.

    So, there could be 3 left, the 1st chapter was on 22 May 2005, or maybe not, just have to wait and see.

  24. A Person says:

    Oh fuck. No. Two more chapters.

    I’ve been reading this since I was in high school and am now past my own college graduation. I am honestly torn up inside about saying ‘goodbye’.

    Thanks, SaHa for all your work. I will find a way to support this project via some kind of donation in celebration when the final chapter is posted.

  25. Dale3k21 says:

    Okay, after blowing my nose and wiping my eyes, I can finally post this.
    Sayo, thank you from the bottom of my heart for translating these. I’ve never had a manga series effect me this much emotionally before. I’m really sad to see it ending. Yes, as stated by theodoric, all things must have an end. I just wish they would continue this one a little longer. I would love to see what happens in Middle School and High School, see how everybody continues on. Again, I really want to thank you for translating this series.

  26. Shurik1048 says:

    Thank you!

  27. -HP says:

    Thank you so so so much Sayo, I’m so sad at this moment that my eyes actually watered up. It’s been a great manga and I appreciate to eternity all your work translating it. I really hope for a nice happy ending :). Btw, That kiss Aoki gave to Rin was awesome! :´)

  28. Ryu Hirakashi says:

    This chapter was so great. I was really shocked to see Kagami break down and hug Aoki. The kiss at the end of this chapter was what it really came down to. I’ve been waiting for these two finally share their feelings with each other openly. I was ready to cry. I first got into thise series for the fan service, but the story kept me coming back for more.

    Thank you for translating this wonderful manga. Now that this is done I’ll have to check out some of the other manga that is uploaded to this site.

  29. Oh, no, my favorite manga is ending. ;___; Thank you, Sayo.

  30. Anon says:

    Aw man how will I deal with this ending.
    I’ll have to find a new vanilla loli love story.

  31. Lily Bannel says:

    This is my first time commenting because well so much has happened. I was in college when I first started this series. First the anime and then the manga. I was drawn to the craziness surrounding people’s reactions and decided to give this series the benefit of the doubt and I am SO glad I did. This manga despite having lolicon imagery has been a rewarding read and insight into teachers, what they deal with, parenting, love, acceptance, and much more. Kodomo no Jikan may be riddled in infamy for non readers but screw it, this has been a fun ride and I am so thankful for the scanlators here for translating this series. Thank you for an enjoyable six years or more depending…not sure. Thank you and man two chapters left…:(.

  32. Anon says:

    Hi SahaDou,

    I haven’t got a response from you yet. So posting here as the FAQ suggested

  33. Raijinzrael says:

    For now i’m not going to say anything about until story ends, but if this was intented as the “end”, then means that in the end the “morally-correct” politics were the winners one time more, and Watashiya-sensei retracted on the last minute… Check that i’m not saying that this “end” is bad, but for the show that started the “explicit lolicon age” on wide commercial magazines, with more complex and explicit plots, this way to finish the story feels soo small…

    Rin and Aoki should had sex, not 6 years after, but NOW that she is sixth grader. Why? because on this story was supposed that with the powers of love you should be able to break the fucking “moral” rules in order to be with you beloved one, even if everyone is against your relationship. This started in such way that made everyone say “Fuck yeah, finally someone got the guts to troll the rotten society and their fucking rules”, and the story got so many fans, and doujins. But now…

    This made me feel the Usagi-drop bitter taste one time more… is the 2nd time that this happens to me.

    Lesson learned: We’re maggots, and they, the politics, the rotten society and their rules, are gods.

  34. Realist says:

    Keep jerking off to your doujins and stop searching for a way to justify pedophilia.

  35. Watashiya Sensei says:

    Prepare your anus for the sequel, Rotin no Jikan. Ch.1 – Rin grows a pube, Reiji stops being a sad cunt, and Aoki embraces the fact that hebephilia is a natural trait shared by all heterosexual males!

  36. Bobby says:

    *finally when you mean Finale
    *would of when you mean Would’ve = Would Have

  37. Alwin says:

    Wow, a whole week before we will see the next chapter? Oh well. Vacation time, Sayo? Please enjoy to the fullest!

    I really wonder if there will be a sequel to this series. I would seriously like it since I love Rin and the artwork of KW – but please don’t make us wait another six years before pairing them ;)

  38. Waspire says:

    they could always NTR troll us….

    nice chapter saha .. and again thanks for all your hard work.

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