Kaworu Watashiya – Kodomo no Jikan Ch.92

One left to go.

For chapter 86-92:

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  1. Shurik1048 says:

    Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you.
    Wait a moment, Rin??? whhhhaaaaatttt!!!!????

  3. donjuan says:

    That mega link was fast.

  4. kortaku says:

    Thank you.

  5. AkitaSaito says:

    Haha conclusion coming up next~
    Love the almost complete work guys.

  6. Phuji says:

    So sad to think that this amazing manga will be coming to an end next month after so many years.

    I can only hope that when this is finally done that the author will come out with another story that will be equally as good.

    If ever there was a manga character I’d want as a waifu, it would be Rin.

  7. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  8. Say41Plz says:

    I so fucking love you, Sayo. Marry me?

  9. Nakajitos says:

    Does anyone else get the feeling that they are setting this series up for a sequel series? I mean sure, Watashiya said it was finishing soon, but she never said she wasn’t going to start another story in the same setting.

    And the way this one ended, it feels more and more like that’s going to be the case.

  10. svines85 says:

    Very awesome, thanks a lot for the new chapter!!

  11. Anonymous says:


    Oh god, why Rin looks so young?
    Kaworu seems she really wanted to do a loli ending

  12. OboeOtaku says:


  13. mnmega says:

    To quote Kare Kano “She hasn’t aged at all, is she a fairy or something?”

  14. a nony mouse says:

    A sequel is nearer now…

  15. Anonymus says:

    In the last chapter, the author could make sure that there’s no sequel. Just have everyone getting a ride in the car as it goes over the cliff. Voila! A happy ending per the Governor of Tokyo’s wishes. And it will satisfy the conservatives too.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Aoki’s dreams has come true.

  17. Anon says:

    This is going to be an excruciating month.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Poor Rin.

    Even Mimi has grown, Now she’s the shortest.

  19. auriga says:

    Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  20. YukaKun says:

    Thanks a lot for the chapter!

    And what the hell… Why that look? WHY?!

    I hate forcing this type of things. There’s no reason for Rin to be “loli looking” at all.

    Aoki is not a lolicon and never will be inside the story. Besides, even in the specials she’s a perfectly normal young lady.

    Hell, even Kuroneko looks better than Rin!


    Hopefully it was just a Troll and there will be another Rin next chapter ~___~


  21. HIC says:

    I’m considering that Aoki recognizes Kokonoe, but sees her as a child at that moment. Could be the element that leads to the next chapter and her actually have grown. Just have to wait and see.

  22. a nony mouse says:

    *ahem* Be advised that the mangaka has a past history of stories (2 that I know of – Dame Yome Nikki and Chinamini) involving adult women with small, slim bodies.

    Now, the ending this month could indeed be a troll and Aoki will blink, shake his head and then see that Rin is really an Aki-style knockout in the making.

    But it also wouldn’t be too great of a departure for Kaworu Watashiya if what Aoki is seeing is the real Rin.

    And I think that situation could be made into a great setup for a new series :)

  23. Shinobu says:

    No, I don’t think so. Remember he was envisioning Rin like Aki. Even as a gal, or even a regular middle school girl. So when she appears the same as he left her, he’s just going, WTF?

  24. guy says:

    She probably dressed like that to be the girl she use to be for him. Put her in her highschool outfit or some more mature looking clothes and she’ll look older.

  25. Ehud says:

    Awesome. Many thanx Sayo and donors.

  26. LeviathanX says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Aw… almost finished :/
    Nice choice to make a timeskip… Fun to see how they now look like. I was more surprised seen Reiji living after all his plans he made.

    Well, I don’t think it was an entirely bad choice to “keep Rin as she was”… At least she’s grown a bit and people don’t necessarly change much during their adolescence… remember: you finally stop developing with around age 21…. (from there onwards you start degenerate more or less XD)

    I too have female friends who stopped growing with approx 1.50m and still buy most of their stuff in in the children area of a department store; though they are age 25 and above[..]

    Anyhow… I’m eager to see how the finale turns out!

  27. theodoric says:

    thank you very much for the ch Saha, and for the donators

    I like the way Watashia-San is ending the story … with the “fast forward” look at things :-)

    it will be a bit sad to see it end … but endings can be sweet and leave happy memories :-)

  28. Hitokiri says:

    Really thanks! :)

  29. Raijinzrael says:

    If you guys check carefully, Aoki hasn’t changed a bit up either.

    So everyone changed up but Aoki and Rin… The only thing that comes to my mind is that all this was meant to occur before the whole graduation thing. But sensei wasn’t allower to publish it on that way, so sensei just moved things around.

    Oh well, i’ll no say anything more until end comes the next month.

  30. Mandie says:

    I’m hoping he heard her voice and just saw her how she used to be. Just look at Aki and how quickly Rin was developing before this – it doesn’t make much sense for her to be the perpetual loli type. If anyone it would have been Kuro who could pull that off.

  31. Ugetsu says:

    I don’t know whether Rin looks the same or has developed — but I am starting to think that KW always wanted to show a Loli love scene between young Rin and Aoki, and this next chapter is her big chance. As mentioned above — the parallel would be Chinamini, which had a silly story (clothes shopping) leading to a Loli love scene with a Rin look alike.

  32. Tibu says:

    Once a loli, always a loli. As expected of Rin.
    Now I’m looking forward to the “Grand Finale”.

  33. XoXoXo says:

    Good news : our main loli heroine still a loli (VIVA LOLI !!!)
    Bad news : The story will end next month. *sob*

  34. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot guys. Anxiously looking forward to next chapter. I’ll probably be sad when it ends ;_;

    I was kinda upset that she did a timeskip, but I was thinking that it was gonna be really conservative (I.E. Rin turning into some 18+ tittymonster), so I was happy to see how Rin was. Keep up the great work Saha

  35. -HP says:

    Awesome!! Rin <3 So sad that the end is next month tho :(, thanks a lot for all the hard work to everyone involved!!

  36. Nakajitos says:

    I’m actually glad it’s going this route. I was worried that these last chapters would just be all somber and serious. I’m glad Watashiya looks to be ending it all on a comedic end.

    And if she plans to continue it in another series, I might be game for reading it too.

    • theodoric says:

      yeah … it would be fun to see how Watashia-san would continue the story in another series … maybe time jump a few years farther in the future, to when the girls are around 20 … and see what all has happened … did Rin and Aoki finally get married … is Reiji still alive, and is Mimi together with him … what happened to Kuro’s love of Rin … does she end up in an occasional 3-some with Rin & Aoki, or does she end up occasionally with Shirai ?

      so many possibilities :-D

  37. hachi says:

    I was so excited and emotional all through this latest chapter! So much “Oh my God they’ve grown up so much! Kuroooo! Mimiiii! You are all so tall!!!! Omg Shiro has a baby and she seems so easy going aawww. BOIN YOU GO BOIN. Aaww even Reiji is growing up. I’ve seen you all grown so much through the years I’m going to cry”
    and suddenly Kokonoe

    and I flipped every single table in the city.

  38. akirascare says:

    In case you people didn’t notice rin was a little bit bigger and her breast where a little bit bigger i got frienda that look that way and where d same age 20… (-_-) so yeah not surprising…
    Anyways how do we know if there will be a new manga by kawouro watashiya…. i hope i spelled her name right XD

  39. Alwin says:

    Just a few more days and it all ends…

    At least for KnJ. We can only hope for a second series. Or something new with another loli ;)

  40. Female-Reploid. says:

    Scans of the chapter have become Viral in the net……I’m glad to inform that Aoki and Rin finally…FINALLY reached third base in this chapter!

  41. Female Reploid says:


  42. Phantom man says:

    Ha, I know it wouldn’t happen but I would love to see Rin has a boyfriend with her and is just there to say get closure with Aoki.

    I would love that ending just to see the reaction here… yes, I’m that evil.

    • T5J8F8 says:

      That would’ve be a kick. Would Aoki go all secret-agent like Reiji did on him, regarding such a new contender?

  43. Female Reploid says:

    In the end Reiji and Mimi visit her mother….that means something for you Phantom? They are now in a relationship.

  44. Miki says:

    I’m anxious.


  45. Anonymous says:

    Can’t stop F5ing the main page.

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