Kaworu Watashiya – Kodomo no Jikan Ch.93

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For chapter 86-93:

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  1. devnull says:

    am i the only one who’s really disappointed with the ending?

    what we got in terms of discourse was, liberally paraphrased:
    “you haven’t really grown”, “i was scared to meet you because expectations are intimidating”, “we both still feel the same way”..
    then FINALLY Aoki manages to make a move. why now? is it because Reiji gave his OK? because he feels Rin is ready? she doesn’t seem any different. it can’t be because it’s legal now can it? WE STILL DON’T KNOW – all we get to see is him struggling with this feelings of inadequacy.
    and it’s not until he’s actually fucking her that he manages for the FIRST TIME to openly admit that he loves her.

    any other two people – that would be fine. but not Rin and Aoki. i know we’ve been seeing lots of Rin’s sexual awakening in recent chapters, but she’s loved him since before she knew what that meant.
    a good ending for Aoki would have been him finally being able to admit his feelings openly – doing it during sex completely debases that. a good ending for Rin could perhaps have been – coming to terms with her fear of being left alone and discovering new happiness.

    this manga should have ended with Rin and Aoki talking into the night on their first date, kissing with mutual intent for the first time, and walking off into the sunset. the sex muddles the resolution and is just there for cheap controversy. for shame, Watashiya-sensei!

    • T5J8F8 says:

      Definitely agree that it felt abrupt. But, on my end, I think it was such for the viewer’s sensibilities. But, then, what all had they conversed in those three years, and how long had Aoki drifted away on his end?

    • It's over Johnny says:

      come on man, all KnJ really ever was was a wish fulfillment fantasy for paedos. You are trying to find “meaning” in cheap pop entertainment created for titillation where there is none.
      Actually the best part was Kuro professing her love for Shirai with her hand over Shirai’s, Shirai’s reaction and Oyajima unknowing interrupting them. That’s the angle if Watashiya should have gone after if she was really brave.
      Yeah it was cute, it was paedos and little girls who love them. Fap fawap fap, drool.

      • T5J8F8 says:

        Well, since I’ve squatted in these comments too long (sorry, all!), I’ll make this my final:

        - Considering the chapter started less than a quarter after noon and ended at five/seventeen, there might be conversational gaps that the pagecount doesn’t allow for. Or, if IoJohnny has it right, the last bit just lasted that long.

        - If things play out as we’d suspect, Mimi will become “Kokonoe” instead. Hegh…

        - Glasses should be removed that way more often.

        - Did we ever see Mimi’s dad?

      • Seles says:

        Cheap pop entertainment? A girl deeply hurt by the death of her mother, A rich girl ignored by her workaholic mother, and A really bright but meek girl going thru early puberty scarred by the previous teachers actions. Then there’s the one teacher that the main female lead learns she can trust. Seems almost like we were reading two different series. If all you saw was the fanservice then You were reading it a particular mindset anyways to start with if that was your conclusion. But such is an individuals opinion.

      • KojikanFan says:

        You completely missed the point. if anything, you’re a pervert.

    • Phantom man says:

      Well, the last two volumes were not exactly that good and they felt as if the author was doing them because the editorial wouldn’t let her end the story, so I can see and agree with pretty much all you said.

    • dawww says:

      I think you missed many of the points the author made before, foreshadowing Aoki’s struggle with falling in love with Rin. For Instance:

      His struggle thinking himself a lolicon for loving her.

      Bringing her flowers in a previous chapter, saying they were for her mother, in a previous chapter.

      His turning down of Houin sensei.

      Although i agree that the ending felt rushed, and perhaps redacted because of constraints on the author, I believe there were enough examples of Aoki’s struggle to come to term with his actual feelings.

      The truth is you dont know the pressure, perhaps constraints the author is facing in finishing this story. It is easy to judge a story you had no hand in creating.

    • KojikanFan says:

      I think it was a great ending and the only reason why Aoki did not openly admit he loved her is because he did and after all they’ve been through they just already knew their feelings so saying words aloud wasn’t exactly nessecary.

  2. Kelly says:

    Thank you very much for all your hard work!

    Otsukare sama deshita!

  3. Question says:

    At the end of this chapter, it mention about another chapter for conclusion or did I read that wrong?

  4. akirascare says:

    Aoki was willing to do her but she was to tiny to do… so theyll have to wait a little bit ;P

    • Ero_Yatsu says:

      Yeah, I can’t buy that she’s “too tiny” in the last chapter. She’s 15 by the time of the final chapter.

  5. Anony-nony-OH! says:

    Have been following this manga for a long time and I’d just like to thank SaHa for all their hard work. It been a fun ride.

  6. Female Reploid says:

    Aoki was always in love and fantazasing with Rin. The problem was that he always thought that the society would always see that with indecent eyes, and maybe the Laws too, since Rin was underage. But then, Rin grew (kinda, she still can continue to grow) and after openly admiting that he always felt the same way, no matter the time, he finally was defenseless, his heart was finally exposed, and Rin herself helped him to accept that burning desire that was consuming Aoki for three years, overcoming the fear, the negative thoughts about being a mayor deception to Rin. If he really didn’t wanted, he could have stopped her anytime during their sexual intercourse, but I can see that people still thinks that people age determines if what they’re doing is right or wrong. AGE IS JUST A DAMN NUMBER PEOPLE!. Even if this is a fiction, who can assure us that, somewhere here in this boring and horrid place we call “Real World”, where people are just as fakes beneath their masks,guiding themselves by something called sense of rigtheousness, a kid and a adult can’t fall in love each other in the purest way possible? Without being judged? I still have faith, faith that such couple can exist……somewhere.

    • T5J8F8 says:

      Okay, this’ll have to be my final comment: Despite historical variations in acceptable ages, the biology comes down to the brain not settling its development ’til the early 20s. Even if that’s the only biological factor in play, we do grow in our given societies, and are prepared, typically, at best for what’s expected of our age. And, for kids, that’s not inclusive of more adult ways of thinking. The laws, as I see ‘em, are in place to not only keep adults from taking advantage of those kids who aren’t ready for such relations (even past just the sexy times), but to keep such kids from going into something that’d severely affect their view of such relationships, possibly for much worse.

      I’m not really versed on any of what I claim above; it just seems sensible to me. I don’t want to debate, but wanted to put out a counter.

      If such a love sprouts between two such individuals, then, like here, they both can wait it out, avoiding any “wife husbandry” sorts of shenanigans in the meantime. (Think how Reiji was raising Rin before interventions.)

    • Phantom man says:

      Age is just a damn number?

      A man can seriously injure a girl if he has sex with her and severely traumatize her, same if a woman rapes a boy minus the physical injuries.

      Age can be just a damn number as long as the body of the people involved is at least developed enough for them to f*ck without hurting each other.

      • anon says:

        trauma in which way? if they are both willing how would any of them get traumatized by it? obviously both being capable or not but without hurting each other.
        You can also cause injuries in the grown ups’ first times if you are not careful too…..
        it’s not the age, nor the development what matters, what matters is being careful, whether you consummate or just have sexual play with each other….

        • Phantom man says:

          I really hope you were not serious with that. Romanticizing everything is nice and all but the development of a body and mind are things you don’t seem to be considering.

          Either way, that’s what you believe and that’s fine for you, peace.

      • Anon says:

        Toshiue No Hito hits on exactly such a subject in fact.

  7. What next? says:

    SaHa, thank you very much for all the hard work and the years you’ve put into this! Had a few questions: 1. Will you translate the special that’s apparently coming out next month? 2. Will you translate the tankouban when it comes out? and 3. Is there a final OVA planned? I personally haven’t heard any news for one, but since they’ve released one periodically, I thought that it would make sense to make one for the finale.

  8. YukaKun says:

    Bad End… That’s all I can think off 8(

    It really felt so RUSHED out it’s not even funny. A loli ending just for the sake of loli is stupid to say the least. Didn’t like the ending AT ALL. I’m glad for Mimi and Kuro though, but out of the three of them, Kuro had the best ending IMO.

    Anyway… Thanks for all the effort put in KnJ, SaHa!


  9. Zephy says:

    I remember back on Not4chan in 08 saying that this series was really just a simple slice of life ‘loli-moe’ themed story that wasn’t really going to tantamount to anything really significant in terms of a political statement.

    I remember been blasted for suggesting that, that I was wrong and this was a ‘deep’ story. I can safely say now that I think I was right in retrospective. It was a cute story that had plot lines that admittedly did touch on the cultural and political nature of school life in Japan, but ultimately it was a moe story about a spunky girl always tempting the teacher and eventually blossoming into a relationship.

    I think what I’m trying to say is that, imo, I don’t think there was a lot of meaning behind this series, it was just an enjoyable cute story. Still, it was one heck of a ride and I enjoyed most of it. Thanks for the translations SaHa.

  10. Phantom man says:

    Houin, queen of “forever alone” she ended up being so irrelevant that she didn’t even had a cameo in the last chapter. Not even Yamcha in Dragon Ball got it this bad.

    Then again Watashiya didn’t seem to find a good balance with her secondary characters, don’t believe me? Read on:

    She spent volumes developing Shirai into an interesting character only to have her marry the most undeveloped male character in the whole manga? And changed her from a strong female character into a docile doormat-wife combo? That’s character regression.

    Develops Houin for all the series just to give her the Simpsons’ “Poochie” treatment at the penultimate chapter?

    Aoki, interestingly, did change somewhat and finally admitted he’s a pedo. Also, he must be the male character with the bluest balls in all manga.

    Rin started as a precocious horny brat with lots of mental issues and ended up… still being a precocious horny brat *but* with less mental issues. Not a lot of development for the main character if you think about it, even if it seemed otherwise.

    Surprisingly, Kuro and Mimi were very well developed from beginning to end, Kudos to the author on that.

    And Oyajima did not get any development whatsoever and got the best deal at the end: He got a hot, submissive wife whom he tamed with his dick so well that she isn’t a woman with high hopes for her career as a teacher anymore.

    The way all characters ended up is actually pretty hillarious now that I think of it.

    Anyway, lots of respect and many thanks to Sayo for translating this series from beginning to end. Thank you!

    • Kohii says:

      Oh wow. The poochie treatment for Houin. She truly was the better teacher, though. Going back to school at her age, in order to become closer and guide better the students. Definitely more noble than the guy who ended up fucking one of his students. That’s a crude way to put it, but it’s the truth.

  11. destroyer says:

    Thank you for all the hard work.
    I still remember that this manga once left out until SAHA pick it up.
    and i’m really grateful that SAHA working on it until the very end.
    i’m really happy when it’s continued by SAHA.
    and i’m really happy to see it to the very end.
    i really wish Sayo will do the tankoubon version, since i archive most of it (chapters & tankoubon) especially the one label with “there’re minor difference between the magazine version and the tankoubon version”
    But i won’t push my luck.
    It’s been responded in another post though.
    so i’ll just wait and hope for the great news.

    again many thanks and wish you all the best.

  12. Shiro says:

    This ending was great! Mimi’s ending was so unexpected! Rin and Aoki’s ending had been building for so long it’s great to finally see it! Kuro…. being Kuro!

    I’m really going to miss this manga and eagerly await Watashiya-sensei’s next project~

  13. theodoric says:

    thank you so much Saha and the contributors :-)

    it is very sad to see a wonderful story like this end … but it was very nice to see how Watashiya-sensei closed out the story :-)

    now we can look forward to the surprise she is going to include in the tankouban that comes out in July :-)

  14. Reboot says:

    Thanks a lot for all the hard work. I dropped KnJ about 3 years ago but I resumed it yesterday, when I read that the final chapter was out.

    Reaching the end I felt a hard nostalgic feeling.

    Again, thanks for the good work.

  15. NwbrnLion says:

    The ending kinda remind me of “The Sopranos” : Could have been mindblowing but stop befo-

    “End Credits : Thank you for Reading”

    Anyway, even with that dissapointing ending, still a good manga. Waiting for the bonus chapter to solve the problem… Or maybe Watashiya’s next manga will be about the future Rin/Aoki love relationship…after all, Kodomo no Jikan is about kids facing the adult world, but now that no one of them are kids anymore, maybe her next manga will tell the same story but years later, who know ? Beside, Rin’s character is one of the most impressive i’ve ever seen…letting her down will be really stupid (also, it’s thanks to Kodomo no Jikan if nowadays “Comics High!” is popular, so i really doubt that they let down Rin like dat, because… business is business and no one fuck with Rin-Montana (well except Aoki) :D


  16. Scrum says:

    Kinda sad to see it ending. Thanks for all the hard work.

  17. Fronzel says:

    This series ran out of ideas like two volumes ago. It was too popular to end so they let it fall into shambles instead.

  18. Hachi says:

    well, I do, too, think the ending was rushed and it lacked in a few aspects, but it wasn’t so bad (I found it cute and squealed a bit), however, I really did enjoy this whole manga, followed it for a long while, and hadn’t it been for SAHA I wouldn’t have finished it so thanks a bunch and great work!!!

  19. Dansama92 says:

    I have been reading this story since it came out and I want to thank you for all your work translating it. Although sadly I feel a little disappointed with the ending but it was still good ^_^

  20. akirascare says:

    so im watching the anime once again XD but i was wondering if aokis cat kontatsu has to do anything with one kaworus old mangas about the guy with the cat? maybe it gives more credit to a sequel of knj (´・_・`)

  21. anon says:

    meh, add another anon to the “it was rushed” train. not a whole extra chapter but at least should have had a few more pages…..to at least finish the development in a cleaner way and not in a mystic cloud of uncertainties.

    As for whether it touches or not moral, ethical, political issues….number are just number and yeah you can seriously injure a girl like Kokonoe But same applies for grown ups’ first times….I can’t stop from seeing how people just assume one would force oneself’s into her without even caring about whether she’s getting hurt or not…..by default……

    anyway, morally obligatory “thank you for you effort towards this project” to saha, will be waiting for that “present”, hope it’s an epilogue

  22. Sensei says:

    Thank you guys for all the hard work you put into translating this series. The ending may not be the best but if i see back on the last 5 or 6 years of chapters i really really really enjoyed reading the manga.

    Best of luck with your future projects!

  23. -HP says:

    Thank you soooo much!!!!

  24. Rin says:

    I prefer the ending should be romantic not sex…
    The whole story about true love was ruin by the end of story with sex…
    Ow.. So disappointed…. But thanks.. At last it’s ended.
    Any good love story Manga that can be recommend for me (^^,)

  25. Seles says:

    Lol nothing like the “end” of KnJ to bring out the comment huh? Thanks SaHa for bringing this to us (Bows)

  26. Red1 says:

    Add me to the pile of folks who feels the end was rushed, and that it was incredibly diminished for it. I mean, it’s great to see Aoki finally just admit it and roll with it, but idk. I s’pose with that simmering underneath for so long, it probably would be hard to go a “romantic route” with it once it’s admitted. Who knows.

    It was a good ride for the years it’s lasted, and I am glad to have found this place to provide good translation, many many thanks to SaHa and those involved in helping this all happen. Will be interesting to see what this “present” will be.

  27. Anon says:

    Thanks for all the hard work over these years, Sahadou.
    It was very fulfilling to see Rin growing up as I also did.
    I’m looking forward to read another good lolicon manga with you, guys.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The “surprise” is today, right?
    I wonder what could it be. I just ask saha to transalate whatever they publish

  29. Alwin says:

    Wallscrolls would be quite the disappointment.. I’d rather have a epilogue.

  30. Amanda says:

    The real surprise will come along the 13TH Tankoubon, it´s called “Afterschool”, an Aditional Tank that will include an Epilogue.

  31. Rebelgamer says:

    Both are listed on amazon with a release date of June 12

  32. Hatesu says:

    I would just like to thank SaHa for all the hard work with this series. I have been following this series since I came across it on the web. I love reading all the various opinions on the books regardless of the writers outlook. Personally I thought it was a good series and hope that SaHa will take the time to translate any further releases.

  33. Jude Hebert says:

    thank you very much saya for taking your time and translating this stuff. i love you forever!!!

  34. Alwin says:

    I will keep checking ebay then since I cannot order from Amazon with paypal (and credit cards are not really common here)

  35. akirascare says:

    can someone please post the link to the tankoubon… on amazon…. please and thnaks (^_^)

  36. Hotaru says:


    I hear that there will be an extra Tankoubonn called Houkagou or something, if that is true, will you consider it to translate it?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Will we be getting volume 13?
    Or 12, for that matter.

  38. Passha says:

    i cross fingers for Kojika: after school…

  39. Miyabi says:

    Please Sahadou, you have to translate after school TT TT!! I beg you!!

  40. Passha says:

    And ofcourse /bow for great work,i cant find enough words to thank you

  41. KojikanFan says:

    This was literally the best story I will ever read in my whole life. It’s very beautiful and rare to see such focus on the child characters in the series. It really did teach me a lot, and I will never forget them.

    For those who say Aoki is a pedophile, he is defenitly not. They’re are a lot of perverts who only look at the fanservice rather thatn the story, and if you’re one of those people, then you still don;t understand.

    The ending was beautiful and I honestly don’t think she could have put it any other way, sure the fact that Rin stayed the same physical age kinda bothered me at first but then I realized that doesn’t matter.

    • IchigoRadiance says:

      Of course, Aoki wasn’t a pedophile. Aoki fell in love with Rin the person, not Rin the body. Rin was precocious, and fairly wise. If not for her, he wouldn’t have been as good of a teacher. Even when he fell in love with Rin, it was only Rin. He wasn’t attracted to any of the other girls. And at the end, Rin was 16 before they became a couple. Those that know all the facts of their situation, if given enough time to think would logically come to the conclusion that a crime was not committed, nor were there wicked thoughts on Aoki’s part. It is only those that see the fanservice or hear the story out of context, or those that just don’t care and want something to bash so they can feel better about themselves, that would consider Aoki wrong or a pedophile.

  42. What next? says:

    SaHa, with it being the end of July, I wanted to ask if the final tankouban is finally out, and if you are going to translate it with the extras in it. If not, could I discuss with you what it would take to make that happen; also, what was that extra that came out afterward? And, is there any word on one final OVA? I’ve searched the english internet and can’t find anything. I’ll freely admit it’s a fanboy’s last wish, but I’m hoping! XD If you wish to talk actual prices, just email me.

  43. Groan says:

    I sent an email the 31/8 did you receive it?

  44. worldendDominator says:

    I want to ask, are you going to translate Kodomo no Jikan Houkago? Apparently it came out recently.

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