Medaka Kenichi – Naughty Yui-chan

Here’s another commission courtesy of SSoM/Fanservicefan. A big fat warning to some/many of you. This is what some refer to as “toddlercon”. Those of you who hate loli can run away screaming into the hills and those of you who love loli, but have limits can go join the aforementioned screaming lunatics. All the remaining lunatics can go ahead and give it a download.


  1. evil_bommel says:

    The conversation was kind of stupid even for pr0n, because it didn’t fit.
    I mean wtf; how could a kid possibly know the words like dick and pussy and talk like a naughty whore o.ô
    For the rest I laughed my ass off, the part with mister bunny was just epic win XD
    I guess you have to look at it more from the point of a comedy…

  2. Milkman Dan says:


  3. Amaru says:

    sex ed gets earlier and earlier these days :p

  4. whuzzat says:

    What an odd, unarousing concept. The only reason to read this is overwhelming curiosity

  5. johnas009 says:

    !Ruuuun to the hills!,!Ruuuuuun for your life!

  6. anon says:

    mmmmmmm toddlers

  7. anony_mouse says:

    That was amazing. Guess I’m so bored of normal loli that I find this genre more satisfying.

  8. gestaltaddicttd1a says:

    My God. What next, fetus complex?

  9. eromaniac says:

    ah the joys of baby sitting

  10. Anonymous says:

    Having limits doesn’t change the fact I’m not a moralist. There’s nothing wrong with toddlercon. Though it’s just too small for my tastes though :P

  11. Anon says:

    One one the weirder doujins out there. And I’ve seen quite a few doujins in my time.

  12. Pepe says:

    woah… that kids gona grow up to be super wang man

  13. aTaNoK says:

    /me ran away screaming into the hills

  14. newbie says:

    what do yah know… a baby hentai…. ^_^ what comes next???

  15. Uprising says:

    Curiosity got the better of me… and I just have to say “wtf?”.
    This is pretty messed up… I felt sick to my stomach after reading it.

  16. matt says:

    For those of you who think this is sick, and KNOW that to like this is to be a pedophile – what are you going to do about it huh? cos these guys, …and myself, we’re here to stay, and our population is growing without the slighest bit of discrimination. lolicon/toddlercon/babycon is definately my thing, but even i still have my doubts about this. i’d urge the ones who like it, to really think about what this will mean for society, and the ones that will suffer in the process, including yourselves.

    thanks. REALLY AROUSING pictures, and can anyone tell me where i can get more? i’m on a super ambitious sexul drive to find more and younger so please contact me my name is matthew jankowskyj you can find me on myspace and facebook. please if there is anyone there who is a pedo/nepiophile and likes girls and babys contact me.

  17. kireiangel says:

    BIIIIG difference between black n white comics and the real deal idiots, lol, if its fake its fine, and btw could someone re-upload this somewhere? all the links posted here rnt working anymore, PLEASE AND THANKU! *bows*

  18. Vern says:

    I think your a retard Matt. I beat off to this type of stuff but I would never do anything like it in real life, ever. People that don’t know the difference between fantasy and reality are the people that are creepy. Not the ones that just like cartoon porn.

  19. bloodangel says:

    Could you re-upload this,
    ’cause the direct download isn’t working and all the mirrors are down,

    Thanks in advance

  20. Sahadou says:

    DDL link has been fixed. It should be working now.

  21. links are dead says:

    links dead Q.Q

  22. somedude says:

    Uprising Says: Curiosity got the better of me… and I just have to say “wtf?”. This is pretty messed up… I felt sick to my stomach after reading it.

    ^What he said.

  23. ET says:

    DDl link’s dead again…

  24. juku says:

    fix links

  25. Anonymous says:

    fix links please

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